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Had a very good evening out on Friday at Fangirl Friday (which ended with [ profile] ariadne83 and I talking til midnight over several bottles of riesling) and learned that I should not have affrogato at 8.30 or 9.00pm or whenever it actually was, because the coffee in it does make a difference to how I sleep.

This, and the cold that promptly hit, meant that despite the wine I slept appallingly and was awake by 8.30am yesterday—much earlier than I prefer to be at the weekend. It was cold, so I lit the fire, and pretty much spent the day in the lounge, drinking lemon, honey & ginger, then graduating onto the lemsip max stuff. I think I igored the recommendations about how much you should drink, but I'm not sure. Felt pretty miserable all day and went to bed early.

I did make chicken noodle soup though, which was exactly what I wanted by the time it was done, and there are leftovers for lunch today.

Today is shaping up to be worse. So far, it's not as cold outside, but at the moment, that's about all it has going for it.

Before I started this meta data project, I hadn't realised just quite how many books there are in a series whose title ends in "Death" (I'm not even talkking about J.D. Robb either).

I think it might be time for a cup of coffee—I strongly suspect at least some of my headache is due to caffeine deprivation—and possibly then a nap. [ profile] maudlinrose has promised to bring in more firewood later today.

EDIT: so it turns out that I am addicted to caffeine and felt much better after having a cup of coffee. Yeah. Still feel tired and miserable, but at least I am clean, dressed and have eaten lunch.
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