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My week at work is going to be a tad nuts: end of month (always busy); end of local authority financial year (always busy); and the lawyer I do the most work for is recovering from unexpected surgery on Sunday night and one of the juniors and I are picking up what we can. Lawyer is recovering well and appears to be permanently attached to her blackberry, but we are trying to encourage her to rest and not work on her sick leave.

At least there aren't any settlements this week.

Another one of my lawyers who is currently on parental leave dropped by today to fill out some forms and supply us with baking[1]. She will be coming back to work after she's sorted out day care. It was good to see her—but I feel wuite bad that I haven't had time to finish sorting out her office after the shuffle. There isn't even a working computer on her desk; it's on the floor.

I have also managed to be very productive with my evenings this week (after doing hardly anything at the weekend). Yesterday, I cleaned the bbq to go away for the winter. It hasn't been used since Easter. I also tightened all the bolts, so it should feel much less wobbly now. Today I glued the wobbly dining room chair; made a very plain poster to go up in Wargames Supplies advertising for GMs for Confusion 9/2011; advertised Confusion 9/2011 at [ profile] wellingtonrpg; and I went to my last German class for this term. Three weeks' holiday, and I really must do more practice than I have for the last few weeks!

Tomorrow, I have to write my [ profile] kiwifandomsfest fic because it's due on Thursday. I have been thinking about it, but haven't put fingers to keyboard for it yet. And having just checked, I see that practically all the copies of the source book are on loan at the library... oh well, I didn't want to imitiate Mahy's style anyway, and not having the source will help with that.

Thursday is gaming and Friday night is currently free, but it needs to be early because Saturday is Indoorpendence and Saturday night is my work mid-year. Alice: The Madness Returns will have to wait until Sunday.

Plus I keep forgetting the dates of the rugby world cup and keep running into events/prices/timetables that are affected by it. Dammit.

Oh, and it's shark week. Joy.

[1] a very familiar recipe to me: Diana's chocolate-caramel brownie.
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