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I have spent most of my spare time for the last couple of weeks trying to install Alice, trying to upgrade Annabelle so that I can install Alice (possibly I need to upgrade my motherboard, dammit), reading books both physical and electronic, and editing metadata. I also woke up every workday morning over that time desperately wishing I didn't have to go to work. So I arranged to take today off.

I slept in, hung out in the lounge in the sun, was sat on a lot by Jemima (who was determined to sit on me even when she was grumpy about it), read some and finished editing H in Calibre. The book I spent most of the day reading is The Madness of Angels: Or the resurrection of Matthew Swift by Kate Griffin. I think N. K. Jemisin recommended her books at some point.

It's interesting — quite disjointed in places and for a while I wasn't sure if some of the disjointedness, particularly in terms of spacing on the page was due to coding or if it was intentional. Having read most of the book now, I think it's intentional, but I would be interested in seeing a hardcopy for comparision. Main character slips between I and We a lot, even in the same sentence, and the grammar changes depending on where he's using I or We, and this is also where the spacing tends to change. Urban fantasy and a sorta a classic one man alone against the night, but not, and in a completely different way from Rivers of London — for one thing, it's his own death that Matthew is looking into.

I need to go to sleep before 3am tonight. I bet that will help.

Boosting the signal received from [ profile] sraun: the fourth book of Diane Duane's Tales of the Five.

AKA The Door into Starlight, the fourth in the series starting The Door into Fire and continuing in The Door into Shadow and The Door into Sunset - go read Diane's post on it. And then pass along the word.

Also, she just released a newly updated e-book version of the omnibus here.
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