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The Background: I am going on trip to New Zealand imminently, and rather than pack many many hardcopy books, I am stocking up my kindle with things I want to read. I asked my friends on some social media for genre recommendations, noting that I had a particular interest in diversity, namely race or gender.

The Realisation: The majority of recommendations came in and were mostly for books written by middle-aged white men (or women). I realised that amongst the people who responded, I probably read more diversely than many of them (or at the very least recommend more diversely).

The Resolution: to do a series of posts/reviews over the year for books that fit my very broad criteria. I plan to be relatively realistic, given time and energy, and write one per month. If there are books you'd like me to recommend or there's something you'd find useful for me to consider in a review, do let me know.

My criteria for a book to review currently is:

  1. is not written by a white male;
  2. has a protagonist that either is a person of colour or is non-heteronormative or is disabled or is part of a minority that I have not specifically named here;
  3. preferably not by a really well-known author;
  4. ideally was published within the last three years; and
  5. only one book per author per calendar year.

I recognise that this is very broad but I want to be inclusive rather than exclusive. In practice this means I will probably not review Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan or Sharing Knife series, nor anything by Octavia Butler (although both are excellent authors whom I enjoy reading and whose books fit the criteria above) but instead plan to focus on authors like N.K. Jemison, Aliette de Boddard, Wesley Chu, Lauren Beukes, Nnedi Okorafor and others. Conveniently, N.K. Jemison and Aliette de Boddard both have books coming out later this year.

Just to note: I read and enjoy many books written by middle-aged white men and will continue to do so—but those books are not the point of this review series. Instead, I want to share some of the recent books with that focus on diversity I mentioned that I have read and enjoyed with others in the hope that you might also enjoy them.

Expect the first review shortly: Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor.


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