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I work on level 23 of a 26 story office building near the waterfront. Because there's another road parallel to the one my building is on that is a good seven stories or more above road level by my building, I rarely notice how high I am. Except when I see seagulls gliding below my window. One day I'll get a photo.

Cooked lots over the weekend (I forget what we had for dinner on Saturday night but also boiled a chicken for stock that day, gumbo using some of the stock and shredded chicken for dinner on Sunday), and cooked again tonight. I made this, but forgot to add the parmesan and butter to the polenta, so it wasn't as creamy and was a bit more lemony than I really prefer (I used half a cup of stock and some lemon juice and some water to make the polenta). Oh, and I used pork mince instead of lamb mince.

These things aside, it wasn't too bad. If the polenta was creamier, I think I would have liked it more. The flatmates seemed to like it though.

Note to self: do not leave prepared ingredients by the coffee-maker. You'll forget them.

Last weekend was the annual DCM bookfair. Normally, it's early September, but they had to shift it this year due to the Rugby World Cup and not being able to get a big enough venue during that time period. Worst weather we've ever had for it, I think. It was absolutely freezing. [profile] purplesparkler joined us for her inaugural trip down and we ran into [profile] darthsappho there. Both of them joined us for lunch at Leuven. I managed to get a small pile of Pratchett (for the first time ever) and Pegasus in Space which I was actually looking for, and picked up Connie Willis' To Say Nothing of the Dog, Paul Gallico's The Lovel of Seven Dolls" (which is creepier than I rememebered - and that's saying something!).

Work hasn't been too bad lately. I am gathering all the information I need to give to my responsible partner for my legal exec registration. But somehow it keeps getting put aside so I can do chargable work...

Am still having trouble installing Alice: The Madness Returns on Annabelle. I eventually worked out that I needed to upgrade my system, and figured I'd just go straight to Windows 7, but no, that didn't work. Have finally got XP Service Pack 3 installed (which it should work on) and am still having issues. I'll try again this weekend.

This week I have read two thirds of (and finished) The Bonehunters by Steven Erickson. Reading the Tor commentary is helping me pick out more aspects, although they're a couple of books behind — they've just started House of Chains. I also read Deceiver by C J Cherryh today - big contrast in writing styles!
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1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next three sentences in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't dig for your favourite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.
6. Tag five other people to do the same.
(Do it if you want)

I have three books about the same distance from me, but Ally by Karen Traviss is the only one without stuff on top of it, so here goes.

Humans, her late husband used to tell her, were prone to desend into anarchy in wartime.

We are getting a kitten. He is fluffy and black with tiny patches of white. When he grows up, he will be bigger than Jemima, if his mother's size is any indication. He is, joy of joys, actually toilet trained, so all we need to do is get him spayed and vaccinated. Does anyone have any good local vet recommendations?

Oh, and his name will be Syntax B. Jones. Jones for [ profile] maudlinrose, B. (Benjamin) for [ profile] tamarillow and Syntax for me.

I now have Heroes of Might & Magic III on my computer. I've played this game twice before and decided at that time, having managed to stay up until dawn playing it, that it was highly addictive and I should avoid it. As I have a list of things to do, I am planning to put off doing it for a while.

Alessan came around, sorted out [ profile] tamaraillow's computer, fixed Excel on mine (by reinstalling Office), worked out how to network us properly and managed to disable the adblock on [ profile] adrexia's livejournal, all of which is good and much apapreciated. In return, we fed him a roast pork dinner in which I didn't quite fail at making crackling. Hopefully the next attempt will go better.

It appears, however, that making beetroot relish may have to be put off for a while.

[ profile] alwaysoutofink came around on Friday night and we eventually did some work on the larp. It's not Amber anymore, which is good, but it's going to be lots of fun and I'm looking forward to doing more on it. I have to type up the notes at some point and forward them onto G.
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I'm currently unsure whether I should be peeved at Firefox or Gmail or both at the moment. Currently, gmail won't open in a Firefox tab. It will, however, open just fine in an IE window. I haven't used IE for ages. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it?

I haven't been to bed before 1.00am for the last five nights or so and it's starting to catch up with me. Goal is to be in bed in the next thirty-five minutes (in bed, light still on, not asleep), but I'll see how well I do with that.

Watched NCIS and Outrageous Fortune last night. NCIS was as good as ever, but Outrageous Fortune was brilliant! Van and Munter and the gate! I was so pleased! Van and Munter and Sheryl are the reasons I keep watching the show, even if I don't make it all the way through an episode. The courtroom one - that was too tense for me.
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My parents and both sets of grandparents are all lovely people, and gave me money for my birthday. With this and some of my own money, I bought a new hard drive on Thursday - 320G, which gives me a ridiculous amount of space, compared to my 40G one that I came with this computer, is a couple of years old, and had about 32MG free space left. Unsurprisingly, this was causing some problems.

The machine still needs a lot of work and over time, I shall invest in it further. Next thing, I believe, will be to buy around 1G of RAM and apparently, that will do a lot to the running speed. At some point in the future after this, I'll need to get a new CPU thing, a new motherboard and a new graphics/video card. Sometime around then (or maybe before), I'll probably want a CD/DVD writer. And then we'll see what happens.

I was most impressed with myself on Thursday night - I more or less managed to install the harddrive without and didn't even mess it up too badly. I even managed not to sacrifice anything to the computer gods!

But I have space now, and it feels really strange. I'm used to being conservative with my hard drive's memory, and I don't have to do that anymore. I have space enough to download what I want, and watch it. Hmmm. I wonder if I can get all of FMA on it.

Alessan came around last night, tidied it up for me, and gave me his entire music collection - all 40 gigs worth! I already had some of it, and deleted that and Tangerine Dream, which just doesn't appeal, but it does mean that (before I've properly sorted out all the duplicates) I have about 50 gigs of music active in iTunes - 9697 songs, which is about a year and a quarter! This also feels very luxurious.

I think I might go and have some lunch now. I'm kinda hungry.
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So for some reason my monitor has decided to go a lurid greeny yellow colour with more than a slight resemblence to a fluro combination of both the above. There's something else I could compare it to, but I don't think I will.

I've had this before with a previous monitor (it went purple), and it's really really annoying. The purple was easier on the eyes, and this is just disturbing.

Does anyone have any idea what might fix it? I swear the only thing I've done to this machine recently has been uninstall and reinstall blutooth, which shouldn't have done a damn thing.


Apr. 30th, 2006 01:06 am
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I'm having trouble accessing my gmail account. Does anyone know if this is a site wide thing, or if it's just me? It started going funny after I changed my firewall last night, and then re-downloaded a picture from an old email of mine, and now I can't get into anything.

Any suggestions, advice, or ideas on how to get back into it would be extremely welcome. It's my primary email account, and I miss it.


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