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My week at work is going to be a tad nuts: end of month (always busy); end of local authority financial year (always busy); and the lawyer I do the most work for is recovering from unexpected surgery on Sunday night and one of the juniors and I are picking up what we can. Lawyer is recovering well and appears to be permanently attached to her blackberry, but we are trying to encourage her to rest and not work on her sick leave.

At least there aren't any settlements this week.

Another one of my lawyers who is currently on parental leave dropped by today to fill out some forms and supply us with baking[1]. She will be coming back to work after she's sorted out day care. It was good to see her—but I feel wuite bad that I haven't had time to finish sorting out her office after the shuffle. There isn't even a working computer on her desk; it's on the floor.

I have also managed to be very productive with my evenings this week (after doing hardly anything at the weekend). Yesterday, I cleaned the bbq to go away for the winter. It hasn't been used since Easter. I also tightened all the bolts, so it should feel much less wobbly now. Today I glued the wobbly dining room chair; made a very plain poster to go up in Wargames Supplies advertising for GMs for Confusion 9/2011; advertised Confusion 9/2011 at [ profile] wellingtonrpg; and I went to my last German class for this term. Three weeks' holiday, and I really must do more practice than I have for the last few weeks!

Tomorrow, I have to write my [ profile] kiwifandomsfest fic because it's due on Thursday. I have been thinking about it, but haven't put fingers to keyboard for it yet. And having just checked, I see that practically all the copies of the source book are on loan at the library... oh well, I didn't want to imitiate Mahy's style anyway, and not having the source will help with that.

Thursday is gaming and Friday night is currently free, but it needs to be early because Saturday is Indoorpendence and Saturday night is my work mid-year. Alice: The Madness Returns will have to wait until Sunday.

Plus I keep forgetting the dates of the rugby world cup and keep running into events/prices/timetables that are affected by it. Dammit.

Oh, and it's shark week. Joy.

[1] a very familiar recipe to me: Diana's chocolate-caramel brownie.
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It being ten to one in the morning and me having to get up in six hours for work tomorrow, I am very sensibly not starting any of the tail-pieces to the 185,000 word Vorkosigan fanfic I just finished reading. Because goodness knows how long they are, but they all have at least four parts.

Sometimes my life choices are better than others.

EDIT: And now with fic link Forward Momentum.

I should perhaps note that although the author catches some of Bujold's style, there were a few too many "dear"s that dropped me out of it and plotwise, it ties up a number of loose ends, but there's never quite that moment of character growth or triumph over despair (or a giant armada or something) that characterises Bujold's writing. Things went a bit too smoothly for the characters. On the other hand, interesting concept and good execution.

Vorkosigan fics I'd actually rec (all much shorter) are The Mutant Bridgegroom, Playground Rhymes, and Vorbarra's Terrier (a Pratchett crossover). These have all been tagged on my delicious (so had Forward Momentum for that matter), so you may well have seen them before.
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I have spent five hours over the last two days watching Torchwood: Children of Earth and quite enjoyed it. Men in green silk rooms, indeed. Terrifying decisions made swiftly and where is the line drawn between the end justifying the means and the means cannot possibly be worth the end? I've come out of it without a huge desire to go back and watch the rest of the first two? three? seasons, but would appreciate some good fic recs.

Church social weekend for me, but that makes for a nice change - we don't hang out all that often and tend to fail at the having of an organised group where we talk about God and faith and so on. Instead it tends to be more a sporadic social thing. One of the cell group members gets his New Zealand citizenship tomorrow, which is awesome.

Failed at doing homework, but that's not a surprise. I really must start doing some soon. In the meantime, I have clean sheets and a freshly made bed, and I should pack my gym bag, make lunch and get ready for bed (which includes turning off the computer). My life, so mundane. I enjoy it anyway.
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For all that I managed to rouse myself around noon today, I have been amazingly productive in the kitchen this afternoon. I have made:

  1. Chai tea with a russian caravan base;
  2. Sesame seed coffee cake;
  3. Asian flavoured meatballs for dinner;
  4. Salad and noodles for the rest of dinner; and
  5. Kaffir lime pie (including sweet shortcrust pastry from scratch).

Felt like cooking and figured I may as well get my entire list done while I was in there. It also meant that I ended up dragging the tape deck in there and listening to my favourite mix tape from high school. I'm now trying to recreate this as a playlist on itunes, but lack essential songs such as:

  • J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers - Last Kiss;
  • Russell Morris - Rachel's Coming Home;
  • Herman's Hermits - Silhouettes on the Shade; and
  • Gerry & The Pacemakers - Girl on a Swing.

I'm probably missing others, but those are the ones missing from the side I've listened to again in my room in order to put this together. I also listened my way through Amy Grant's The Collection, which I need to get hold of on CD so I can then listen to it on itunes. I forsee a trip to the library sometime soon.

The not being at my computer for most of the day has defintely helped with the headache. That being said, I'm quite glad I have an eye test tomorrow. I'm getting tired of my eyes hurting all the time.

I hate getting into a new big fandom. It takes so long to read everything that's good - even when just working from recs lists and delicious. And it means that my delicious page is hardly representative of my reading for the past year, let alone for as long as I've been reading fic.
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There is a lovely review of The Sharing Knife: Beguilement to be found here. I'm looking forward to Legacy coming out.

My poor Jemima is having much more trouble adjusting to having a cat around than seven-week old Tobias. Tobias is nervous of her, but I rather think that's because Jemima growls or hisses when she sees him. We make them spend time together (like a minute under strict supervision) and then Jemima retreats to my room and spends the next two hours calming down. Poor kitty.

I have been trolling Saiyuki fanfiction. This being anime, unlike bandslash (which I don't really read), a hooker AU is not actually that AU and there's a reasonable amount of hooker fic, although I don't tend to read it so much; it's a bit angsty for my tastes. On the other hand, there's a lot of reincarnation fic and I do read that.

My fingers are cold while typing. It must be getting closer to winter.

Oh, and I start Jenny Craig's tomorrow.
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I am so incredibly tired. It's partially my own fault - I really shouldn't have read a short book after I stopped watching [ profile] maudlinrose playing Civ III at midnight. But I wasn't tired, and normally reading for a little while I have my hot chocolate in bed helps me to relax enough to sleep.

Only, last night it didn't. If there was a clock in my room which struck the hour (which there never will be because any ticking keeps me awake), I would have heard it strike 1am. And half past that hour. Sometime after then, after wandering around the house and annoying the cat a little (but not too much because the last set of nasty scratches I got are still healing, since they got infected), I feel asleep.

Normally, this would be fine. I would sleep peacefully and wake up in the morning feeling much more refreshed. Only, this morning, as I sometimes do, I dreamt. And I knew I was dreaming, and that there was the possibility of lucid dreaming, only I was convinced I was dreaming about something that had really happened. I dreamt that for some reason, perhaps even accidentally, I had resigned from my job with no plan or job to go to. And even in the dream, my workmates couldn't understand why I would quit after two months, and I certainly couldn't explain why, because as I kept telling them, I like my job and my team mates, and I don't want to leave. I know I burst into tears at one point in the dream (although my face was dry when I woke). For some reason, when I left, I had to pay work back for my new glasses, and I was all stressed about money and the like. I think that was when I started crying. And then there was something about schedules. Because schedules often turn up in my dreams. Work didn't even pay for my glasses, except in the sense of, you know, paying me for doing my job.

So I woke weary, and had my cup of tea before work, and did some work while trying not to fall asleep, and had a cup of coffee at morning break, and did some more work (same as before), and had a bottle of V at lunch, and did more work (different work) and had a cup of coffee at afternoon tea. Which doesn't sound too bad, comparatively, but I tend to have a cup of tea before work, and at morning and afternoon tea, and nothing at lunch, so I've been either going up onto or coming down from a caffeine high all day, which sucks.

Had a cup of tea this evening, which helped.

My head is buzzing at the back of my skull, and my eyes feel dry, and I think my brain feels like the my icon, especially at the back of my head, and I can really tell how tired I am by the fact that I'm both babbling and using lots of run on sentences with 'and' as the conjoining word, which I prefer not to use, because I think it sounds repetitive and silly. I'm typing faster than I think for the most part, but that's okay, because I usually do that.

[ profile] quoth_the_ravyn I think it's going to be at least tomorrow before I even look at your drabbles. I shall try and write a character or two for the Hindenburg tomorrow night, too. I'm going to go to bed and die shortly.
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It's ten past eleven, and I haven't updated for about two weeks, so I shall ramble. There will be much on roleplaying; read or do not read as you please.

Lace & Steel and other roleplaying thoughts )

I think a random dude tried to pick me up at the busstop after work drinks on Friday night. I have to admit, this was when I was waiting for the 8.20pm bus, and I was more than slightly inebriated, thanks to the above work drinks, and quite a few glasses of a very nice sav. So he introduced himself, and I introduced myself, and because I was didn't feel like reading on the bus, we chatted until he got off at Kelburn. I mentioned roleplaying as a deterrant see-what-you-make-of-this kinda thing, and he said he used to roleplay, so I mentioned Kapcon and NZRag, and talked a lot about writing LARPS. I think I scared the crazy downstairs neighbour lady who was sitting behind me on the bus, though. For some reason, I can't bring myself to care.

I have Pear, Cardamon and Sultana cake in the oven. It is my entry for the Bake-Off at work, and while I'm sure it will turn out really well, and look great, and all that, I'm also starting to angst about whether or not it will turn out well enough, and maybe I should have tried doing minature fruit pies instead or mocha cupcakes instead or something. It should be cooked soon, then I glaze it with honey, wait twenty minutes, take it out of the tin, set it to cool, and then I can go to bed.

When I've been home today, until I finished it, I've been reading Two Household IV by MadMartha, a Harry/Ron novel length fic. It's very good, very well written, not very smutty, but the main thing I really like about this series is the way that she expands on wizarding culture in a way that I don't know if JK would like, but that kinda fits in with what I understand of social history in the upper classes, and from what I understand of general wizarding behaviour. It's beautifully written, and most of the traditions make sense, and not always in a these-wizards-are-crazy sort of way.

When it comes to reading fic, I talk a lot about the slash, and about the smut, and the porn, and yet, those things aren't what I primarily read fic for. I read a lot of fic for the same things that I seek in published novels - good editing, writing, good plot, length. Perferably in that combination. I've just found, and this is probably thanks to HP being my first major fandom, that it's a lot harder to find all of the above in het fics. You have to search through a lot more dross to get something mildly entertaining. And dammit, if I've read through a characters torturous relationship, then I want to get the smut payout at the end. I'm a sucker for angst with a happy ending. I like happily ever afters, even if they're completely unrealistic.

...I might go and reread The God-Eaters, which isn't fanfiction, but is really really good, and I read it for the plot and the writing more than anything. One day, I might get it printed out and bound.

What's up

Aug. 11th, 2006 10:07 pm
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I have been incredibly tired this week - Wednesday night I was even asleep before 11pm, and I'm considering going to bed very shortly even now, except for the fact that I doubt my brain would shut up.

Lace & Steel ended dramatically with three PCs unconscious and one having a bubble-bath. Surprisingly, Isthian is not the one bathing. Earthdawn is also much fun, although another PC and I accidentally blew up something we weren't supposed to blow up, and now the other PC is mad at us. We feel rather guilty.

Work today and yesterday has been rather busy and interesting. My trainer, the team secretary has been away, and so I've been doing what I can of her work, and organising files and stuff. I think I've managed, although everyone's critical lists were weird today, including mine, only of course, I didn't realise this. Oh well, I'm sure those files were done no harm by being looked at again.

Another author and I are judging the bake off on Monday. I'm looking forward to my turn to bake, actually. Judging - meh - I get to try everything anyway. But I want to bake, and I have ideas for what to do if I get through my round.

Confusion IV tomorrow. The Kapcon VI cast list also premieres then, and I'll be interested to see who gets picked first. I really need to start doing my research, as I've only done the very basics.

Been working on my sister's wedding sampler a bit lately. I only have the last of the crossstitch, the beadwork and the cutwork to go, but the next month and a half is going to be very busy, and I want to have it done by then, and I'm supposed to only do the cutwork in good natural light, so that massively cuts into my time for embroidery. Still, I'm looking forward to getting it done, and then I think I'll go back to my dragon and do some nice normal complicated crossstitch again.

Been reading a lot of crappy fic lately. I want to read some good long happily-ending romance fic that has angst in it which I haven't read before - and seriously, people, that last qualification is the hardest one to fufill.
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Occasionally, over the past few years, I've wished in the vaguest of ways that I was more heavily involved in fandom. However, I've had that desire completely knocked out of me, and I am quite happy that the only fandom I am involved in as fandom is Lois McMaster Bujold, and that primarily in the form of a mailing list. I have never been so glad as I am now that I was only ever involved in fandom for the fic and the slash. And it's all because of this. I only caught the very beginning; the first Cassandra Claire plargarism debacle and the move to Fiction Alley and Schnoogle. I had no idea all this was going on, and it's scarily fascinating and disturbing.

I had the delightful experience yesterday of finding that my workmate F. not only knows but likes Era, the group I keep mentioning here, with each comment on them falling into the black hole of the internet. I've invited her over for dinner on Saturday, and since she mentioned liking Emma Shapplin, whom I am also rather fond of as an artist, amd Sarah Brightman (I like her in Phantom of the Opera), I thought she might appreciate some music videos I have of them. I said: "Era." She said: "Ameno?"*

Have been cleaning, both in preparation for F's visit, and to make it easier to tidy when my parents are down in three weeks. If I sweep the ceilings and dust thoroughly now, there'll be less to do then.

Must go start dinner soon, or at least finish defrosting the meat, since [ profile] maudlinrose and I are going to Serenity tonight. The tickets are sitting on my desk. I also need to rescue my necklaces from behind my dressing table, since the nifty display I just made fell down. Something stronger than bluetac should work... EDIT: Ended up using a strip of gold satin I had lying around and drawing pins. It's not stretchy, so the effect is much the same. And then I did the same for my solid bracelets on a different piece of fabric.

*One of their tracks for which I have the music video.
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I had a surprise when I came home yesterday after Lace& Steel. The house was hazy with smoke, as though someone had left something smouldering on the element. Turns out flatmate S. had burnt the toast. He must have burned it really badly to get that particular effect.

Oh, and at Lace & Steel, Isthian fixed up Sebastian, got Ines to the tailor for her final costume fitting, and went to the Prahov ball with the rest of the party. And there, Lord Robert, the man Isthian has been pining over since they first met in the first year of her marriage, requested her permission to court her. She said yes, of course, which means I now have to research eighteenth century courtship rituals for a respectable widow.

I was woken at 7.45am this morning by the phone, from an interesting dream. The phone was my boss, asking if I could come in and work today (yes, but only until two). The dream had nothing to do with work.

Dream )


*bounces* We have a flat! It's the Pembroke Rd one. It's absolutely lovely, and I can feel a post coming on about how good it is. Signed the lease today, bond will go out tomorrow, so I'm going to be completely and utterly broke until I'm next paid. I may have to get some money off my parents. It also means I will have no money on my cellphone for the forseeable future.

Met up with the parents and a couple of the Oggs, and went out for dinner to Instanbul, and had coffee at Expressaholic afterwards. It was absolutely delicious, and I've more or less convinced Dad to help me bring some boxes up to the Harbour View flat, which will help with the packing, and I have to do things like call Telecom, and call Contact, and I'm not sure who is calling the movers, and there is so much to do. I've packed 7 boxes of books so far; most of the mass market paperbacks, A - Z + Anthologies.

Occasionally, I check my Wraithbait account, and see if I have any reviews for my one story that I posted there. I have 15 so far, and the following was the latest one, anonymous, of course:

I dont understand why are you making John and Rodney Gay Lovers ?????? When they are clearly not......

I wrote a polite response, but really, I'm not sure why the question. If they don't want to read John and Rodney being gay lovers, then they probably shouldn't have read something clearly marked McKay/Sheppard. And if they're curious about why I write or read it, then there are far better places to find out that information.

So, yay, Isthian! Yay, flat!
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I want to write a gushing entry about chapter five of A Deeper Season, the Vorkosigan fic I mentioned a couple of days ago. However, I really need to go to bed, because I have work tomorrow. Suffice to say that it is intense, brilliantly written, and wonderfully in character. It felt like Herself's writing, on first read, and still does in many ways, upon a second reading, and a third. I'm looking forward to the next chapter tomorrow.

Read Wolf Who Rules today, the sequal to Tinker by Wen Spencer, kindly supplied to me by [ profile] lyraethe. It's quite good. I don't think it's quite as good as Tinker, but it's still very enjoyable, so it was a nice way to spend a couple of hours.

Went for a walk through Bolton St. cemetary today with [ profile] jessikast and [ profile] maudlinrose. It was rather interesting, although slightly odd to be walking through an area for pleasure that I usually only use as a thoroughfare.

I can't find my sellotape.
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Have spent most of the afternoon reading - well, evening really. I had lunch and hung out with Paul at his shop this afternoon since there wasn't very many people there, and we had a really interesting discussion on religion and the church(es) and spirituality and that sort of stuff. It was all about the church dying out as an institution, and what we should do about it. He's the outsider, why doesn't he say what would appeal to him about church? I must remember to ask him that.

Caught the bus home from Lambton Quay because I was feeling lazy, and wanted to read my book (Foreign Legions, a collection of short stories based off a concept by David Drake), having ordered Paladin of Souls by Lois McMaster Bujold from Whitcoulls, and found Carmel on the bus already. This is the second time in three days. You'd think she was stalking me or something. Anyways, invited her here for tea (drink not dinner), which was very pleasant, and we chatted about books a lot. Loaned her all my Kay Hooper trashy romances, because they're fun.

Since then, I've been reading too much, rather than doing any essay work. So, I finish Cerulean Sins (which I liked better than Narcisuss in Chains - it was gentler or something) and have just come online and discovered that I've lost my course handouts for both 304 and 310. This is deeply disturbing, since a) I've never done this before and b) I'm going to have to admit to the lecturers that I lost them, since I need the handouts to do the essays. Unless, of course, I just photocopy peoples... It's a shame that jessikast isn't doing Epic.

Other than that, I'm okay. For some reason my elbows and my knees keep on hurting. I slept well last night, so my back is feeling better. I am currently assuming all this is from moving. My eyes aren't really bothering me, so I'm in less of a hurry to get them checked out. That can wait until the break. Which will not be too much of a break, however. maudlinrose comes down (unless that's changed, and I haven't been notified yet), Greek essay to write, job hunting to do, spend lots of time with P. and that's just before we go up to Hamilton...

I am assuming the fact that my bed now feels like it slopes towards the center of the room is due to the fact that I now have the other side against the wall, and the wall is on the wrong side, and it's been the other way around for about a year. However, sleeping in it still feels precarious, since I feel like I'm going to fall out.

I should go to bed. Before I do this, I am going to blackboard. Myabe Myth has the essay questions there...
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I'm talking with maudlinrose and cohr at the moment. It's nice to be talking to both at once. I am also avoiding doing readings for my history essay, which I will get down to at some stage.

Had a nice talk with maudlinrose last night. We were both a bit silly, and tired, so we made sense to each other, but I doubt it would now. Everything seemed to be sparkly or shiny. Much fun was involved.

I also found the Star Trek: Enterprise fic that I was looking for. It's het, and stuff, but it's also the only Enterprise fic that I have read - and I think it's the only one I want to. I don't like Enterprise that much.

Not really reading that much. I'm mainly transfering emails from my main account to another one. This is giving me much more room in the account, which is a good thing. I'm also vaguely trying to get back to my CourtPolitics! fic, but I don't really feel like writing smut just now.

Almost finished my mum's birthday present - I'm now doing the bottom border edge. That will leave the centres of the flowers, a few random stitches that I accidentally missed out (well, one) and the pretty things on the inside of the border corners. I'm looking forward to having it done. It is very pretty.
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Because I can. And because I’ve been reading Good Omens and assorted associated fic. Let’s see how badly I can write the characters, shall I?
Read more... )
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I've been reading a mixture of LOTR and God Omens fic. No crossovers, alas... or actually. I don't think I really want to know what Crowley and Aziraphale would do to the good citizens of Minas Tirth or Rivendell or wherever the author happened to place them. Although what they would do to the entire religious structure of Middle Earth would be interesting. The Elves wouldn't know what hit them in the face.

Good Omens is a good book, and there's not nearly enough slash around based on it. Until tonight, when maudlinrose gave me a link to a Dogma/Good Omens crossover, I only knew of two fics. One of them is by Khirsah and Ailei, and those of you whom have read any of their work can probably imagine how good it is. Unfortunately, the link I have to it (and to any of their home pages) isn't working. I think I need to reread Good Omens.

Stuff about books I've been reading lately.

Read more... )

I'm considering entering the mopfic challenge. I'm not sure who's going to judge it, or whether I can write badly enough. I don't like writing badly that much. For me, it feels like a waste, like it's not going to be of any use when I go to write something that is important to me. I'm not trying to put down writing badly - when done well, it's quite funny - it's just that I don't feel it's something I do well, and it's not really how I want to write. But then, I always have had a preference for long and complicated.

I've started another fic. Saved title is CourtPolitics! and it'll probably fit somewhere in the universe that Jessikast and I talked about on the train up to Auckland for the convention. I still haven't managed to mention the complicated way of finding out rank, kin, and other assorted information by the way that a string of leather or ribbon is tied around one's arm. I am going to give away the plot of everything I've written in it right now, so if you want to wait and read the story, skip over the next bit and come back when I'm writing about something else.

Read more... )

Hmmm. Have I anything else to babble about. Sabbac is fun. It is a game with no rules, apparently.

I am glad that I've about stopped PMS-ing. Doing that annoys me, and the pain isn't any fun either. I managed to avoid taking any painkillers beside the anti-inflammatories that I'm supposed to be taking. I'm kinda pleased with that. Yes, I know it's stupid to not take painkillers when you're in pain, but for some reason I felt rather violently opposed to the idea of taking any. It was helped by the fact that the only time that I was tempted to give in, I couldn't find the panadol. And my hot water bottle hasn't gotten that much use, either. Cuddling is good, if not particularly effective. Going out in company, where one has to assume the mask of being pain-free, even if one is not, can be effective, but doesn't really stop the pain. At least it isn't the full moon.

I should go to bed. I probably won't, because I'm like that, and I'm awake at the moment, but I should go. I might go and see if I can find any more Good Omens fic because I like it.

Did you all see the snow on the other side of the harbour? Other side to me, Jessikast, not you. It was most pretty, and there was a fair amount of it. It'll probably all be gone by the end of tomorrow, but it's lasted a few days, which is nice. I took a couple of photos because I could. It was down way below 200m. I finally got around to putting masking tape over all the cracks in my window frames. Room is much warmer now, and not as loud when it's really windy. I figure I'll just take the tape off come summer, when I actually want to open the windows. I left tape off the two windows that I actually open. I did the lounge too, and the same goes for there. I didn't do all of the lounge, since some of the wood that I was trying to attach tape to was too wet to stick, so I'll have to do that another time. But it's working well enough. People can take it off themselves if they want to open a window, and frankly, if paint peels off when they take it off, no one is going to notice.
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Sorry about the delay, everyone. Hope it was worth the wait. darth_sappho, your turn now.


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