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Friday I posted my [ profile] kiwifandomsfest fic here.

I also read Rivers of London (also published as Midnight Riot I believe) by Ben Aaronovitch, which is a contemporary fantasy murder mystery set in London. I thought I knew where it was going, but it's a delightful romp and lots of fun, and then it took a right turn and ended up somewhere completely different. The copy I read was borrowed from a friend and I think I might have to buy my own. I'm also looking forward to reading the sequel Moon Over Soho and the third, Whispers Under Ground.

Yesterday, I went out to Indoorpendence, the Ultimate Frisbee development tournament at Te Raupraha Arena in Porirua with my league team, Dirty Creature. We won a couple of games, lost a few, and — importantly — mostly held together as a team for the day. I have no idea how well we did overall, but I understand that [ profile] rincewindtvd (one of our A-graders) got male MVP for the tournament, which is excellent. Well done to him!

I had to head off early, though. Unlike previous years, when my work mid-year has been the night before Indoorpendence, this year it was the same day. Different venue from last year too; we were at the Wharewaka this year, and it worked really well for our function, as the band and dancefloor were near the tables, so it was really easy to move back and forth between them.

Wine is one of the things that I have trouble pacing over an evening. I have a certain number of glasses and then it starts tasting funny, so I know I've had enough wine and shouldn't drink anymore of it that night. I hit that point probably around 10 - 10.30pm last night, about when the dancing started and switched to water. Function packed up about midnight, and thirteen or fifteen or so of us headed into town and ended up at the Library bar, where we had a couple of cocktails, and I got home about 2.30am. No hangover, however, due to the spacing of the drinks and the amount of water I drank.

When getting ready, I took one look at my stilettos and decided I couldn't face wearing that type of heel, rummaged in the back of my wardrobe and dug out a pair of old silver shoes with really solid heels that I haven't worn for nearly ten years. Apart from the soles being so slippery that I had to take them off to go up and down our stairs, I was fine. Didn't have to take them off all night, even.

Today I have also been productive. I sorted in date order and put away a pile of filing that I've been stacking up for about two years. Just in case you get the wrong idea, I had previously looked and dealt with it all but put it in a pile instead of putting it in the folders where it belongs. It did take a few hours though.

I also cooked dinner for the first time in about a week. I was home late most nights last week and either [ profile] tamarillow and [ profile] maudlinrose had cooked or we fended; I didn't have the energy to cook. Tonight, however, was a different story.

Dinner was a roast vegetable red curry that I make once or twice a year. For dessert, I decided to try one of [ profile] exiledinpn's favourites: tarte tatin. Like the last version he made, I used the Masterchef NZ recipe. Most of the reviews I read of the recipe indicated that they'd put it on the stove top for less time than recommended and it therefore wasn't as rich.

tarte tatin commentry )

Back to work tomorrow. Bother! How did I manage to put all my low-heeled shoes in for repairs at the same time?
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Back at work this week, thank goodness. I think I would be reaching the stir-crazypoint if I was still at home. On the other hand, that would probably mean that the bbq would be clean by now... People were quite pleased to see me back, and over the course of two days, I have mostly managed to clear the new files that came in last week.

I'm back on Happy Creature for the first time in about two years now for the C Grade Karori team. Of the ten people or so on the roster, five turned up, four in one car. It was a good game; a comfortable win against Sex Panthers 13-7. Discovered how much I've missed playing with some of these people, not just for the social reasons, but because their playing style is a very good fit with mine: much slower and deliberate than I've become used to. It was nice.

Of course, as soon as the game ended, I started trying to hack out my lungs, and this continued all the way home and through most of a very long shower. The lovely mushroom bruschetta (fancy mushrooms on toast, really, with bacon, garlic, lemon zest, parsley and soft cream cheese in addition to the mushrooms) appears to have set it off again. I was coughing earlier, and can still feel the tickle hovering in my windpipe.

[ profile] tamarillow found volumes V - VIII of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress Magazine in a secondhand shop for me at the weekend. This means that between I and XIX, I am now only missing XII. I've started to try and read them, and I think I may need to skip over her editorial notes. The style of feminism just grates. From memory, it gets better in the later voumes, but. (Also, the first few stories in V have not so far impressed me, which is sad.)

Finally, congratulations to Duke from Wellington, who came 17th out of 48 at
WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships
in Prague recently, beating their seeding by (I think) ten places.

Catch up

Feb. 25th, 2010 07:39 pm
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Have been up and down with tiredness and energy and was completely distracted for a bit by Settlers 6. Did three half days last week and am paying for it this week by being insanely busy. This wasn't helped by our fridge dying on Monday night.

Tuesday (already a busy day at work) was thus compounded by all my breaks being related to the purchase of a replacement fridge, which meant that I played all of two or three points of Ultimate before crashing.

Wednesday, having overdone it the previous day, passed in a haze of exhaustion, occasional stupid questions to my lawyers, being ridiculously busy at work, and being called at 8.50am by the fridge delivery people saying the fridge would arrive between 9.30 and 10.00am. My protests that I'd requested an afternoon delivery and 2 hours notice were not headed. [ profile] maudlinrose and I dropped everything, were home for about ten minutes by the time the delivery people arrived, and were out of the house by 9.50am. I was annoyed enough by this that I called up the store we bought the fridge from, complained and they have refunded the home delivery fee.

The new fridge now has our old magnets and the magnetic erotic poetry set that [ profile] purplesparkler and [Unknown site tag] gave us for Christmas over it. There is now NSFW paragraphs over it. My mother is visiting in a month - it might need to be rearranged before then.

Today has been much better, despite not getting enough sleep last night. I keep forgetting I tend to cope slightly better on some sleep deprivation...

Anyway, on Tuesday night while I was watching my team play as I sat exhausted on the sideline, I was taking photos. I actually got a good action one...

Assorted photos, not just frisbee> <a href= )
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I went back to the physio today. My ankle is feeling much better - there has been a noticeable improvement in stability and pain levels since I was last there. The swelling has also gone down a lot on both my ankle and my knee.

This meant that she could look at my knee and work out what I actually did to it. Turns out I have ruptured the ligaments on the outside of my left knee. Fortunately, it seems that I didn't do the internal ones, which means no reconstructive knee surgery for me. I have more exercises to do, another visit on Friday, instructions to keep icing it, and the expectation of increased pain when the swelling in the knee goes down more. Oh, joy.

I am going to be out of frisbee for the next two weeks for certain. No running practice for me. I might manage to make it down for throwing/catching practice, but it will be hard to resist running, so maybe not. It'll be another two to four weeks after that before I'll be allowed to play again, depending on how things heal. If I was playing a sport that wasn't as injury-ridden as frisbee, I'd be allowed back sooner, but as it is, no frisbee for [ profile] nishatalitha

[ profile] maudlinrose has this fanvid by Seah and Margie to a song called Handlebars by The Flobots. It's a very clever meta look at the powers that the Doctor has and what he does with them. It's disturbing and slightly depressing and in the end, he's always alone. And somewhat crazy. Dr Who: The Water of Mars reminded me a lot of that vid, only it's an hour instead of a few seconds.

The Doctor has always been a bit crazy; I think that's a prerequisite for who he is. And Christopher Eccleston did the quietly going crazy PTSD Doctor very well. David Tenant does an excellent version of the pieces visibly falling apart in a sort of manic hysterical way. At this point, I'm starting to think that the most merciful thing for him would be to either take him to a nice quiet place where people live long lives and leave him there for fifty years or so, or to end it permanently. But neither of those make for good television.

And time has Fixed Points and if the Doctor can change one of those, what else can he change? What else will he change.

So, just as at the end of the Easter special, the Doctor is alone: Sarah Jane has her son and her own life; Jack is either with Torchwood or wandering the universe for a bit; Martha is a capable and respected member of UNIT (and possibly Torchwood) and has a much loved fiancee; Rose is in some sort of alternate dimension with a human version of the Doctor; and Donna is not allowed to remember. They have all chosen, or had chosen for them, lives without him. Being the last of your species would suck.

I was very impressed with the actor playing Adelaide Brooke, and with the character. Now there is a woman with a spine of steel. I liked her much more than I liked Dr River Song (although not as much as I like Donna). At some point, I may watch it again for her. I wanted to cry at the end, because she was right and she made things right.

I also read an interesting novella called Purple and Black by K J Parker today. It reminded me of The Prince and of Roman history - Vespasian and Hadrian. Ignore the timing issues; they're not important. And for all of the book's overt political and military focus, it's really a book about friendship and ideals. Once you have power, how do you give it up? It's not a happy-squee-joyful book; heartbreaking comes closer to the truth. I want a copy and will be looking out for other books by this author.
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This winter has been cold, grey and miserable so far. Where are Wellington's wild winds and glorious storms? It's nearly a month since midwinter and I only just noticed that it's starting to get lighter earlier and darker later. The only vaguely sunny days seem to be midweek and by the time the day ends, it's raining again. I haven't dried washing outside for months and everything is constantly damp. I might as well be back in the 'tron!

I did go outside for half an hour at lunchtime today, wandered around the waterfront, took a few photos and it conveniently started raining again just as I was about to head back to work. Most of the photos didn't quite come out like I intended (and to get the shot I want for one of them, I really need to be either half a foot taller or stand on a box), but a couple are okay, even if not what I was after.

Photos under cut )

I get to play frisbee tonight, since it's still school holidays. Hopefully someone has a spare Dreaming Creature/light blue shirt, or I will be playing in either my white Lone Creature shirt or my old Planet Hollywood t-shirt. The real trick is going to be not to let my fingers get too cold to play.
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I'm going to die tomorrow. I signed up to play in Indoorpendence, a development frisbee tournament way back when I felt fine and wasn't tired all the time. I haven't played frisbee since classes started again back in February. I'm pretty sure I still have my old indoor shoes...

Not only that, but my work mid-year is tonight. It's at Dockside, so the food and the drink should be pretty good. Not that I really plan on drinking, because I had a glass of wine at work drinks last night and no sooner finished it than I crashed - enough so that I needed a nap at home before going on with the rest of my evening.

I slept in this morning and have just got up from a nap. A short one this afternoon, because I had a cup of coffee with lunch and was (am) listening to My Chemical Romance, neither of which are particularly condusive to napping. I'm enjoying the music more than I expected and am painting finger and toe nails idly while reading on the internet.

Shortly I will wander into [ profile] maudlinrose's room and get her to straighten my hair.

I'm so tired.
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I really wish my Tuesday night lecturer would remember that the reason we skip the ten minute break is so we finish ten minutes earlier, which coincidentally means that I will probably make the 7.15pm bus home. If I don't, I'll have to either catch the 7.53 Wilton, which means a twenty minute walk (something I do not want to be doing in July or August) or wait around in town for an hour and get home around 9.00pm, which is too late on a Tuesday night.

I've bowed out of playing frisbee for the year, or at least until October and after my exams. I'm willing to sub in the school breaks, assuming time, health and lifts, but that is not much compartively.

On the other hand, it means I now have my Saturdays free, what with practice having shifted to Sunday morning and me having church. As our flatwarming was the last thing booked, having my Saturdays free is still a novelty.

Nonetheless, they seem to be filling up. Slowly at the moment, but study will take over spare time and then there will be other events. Currently coming up:

1. Visiting Alessan this coming Saturday;
2. Possibly The Last Great Snail Chase movie screening at the NZ Film Archive next Friday or Saturday (currently undecided);
3. I think I have something on on the 5th, but don't know what;
4. Easter: dinner party ([ profile] darthsappho, [ profile] clockworkflight, [ profile] deepbluemermaid and flatmates, we need to get on and organise this);
5. My parents, brother and sister-in-law are visiting the weekend after Easter and we will hopefully get to the Monet exhibition. I have agreed to meet my brother and his wife at the airport and they get in at 9.25am;
6. May 10 - after church the cellgroup is going for a tramp in the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary and we will see how far we get before it gets dark/we have to turn back to make it out before dark. We aim to get past the second dam at the very least.

The last is weather dependent.

The cellgroup met up at Expressoholic (which is not closing, I told, but moving to where Dorothy's was) and spent a few hours talking about things which ranged from mocking Arise services to Lovecraftian mythos, conservation, food, books, computer games and so on. I have to say that it is very nice that [ profile] tamarillow and I are no longer the geeky ones in the group. We are not alone. There are tentative plans for dessert at Strawberry Faire in April, but I baggsed not organising that one.
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Last year I had to make the difficult decision of choosing between playing frisbee one night a week or roleplaying in a campaign. Frisbee won and I just played in random short games and guested in a couple of campaigns for a session.

This year it looks like the decision has been forced the other way - I'll have to reassess when the indoor season starts - but as there is no longer a Monday night Creature team and half the point of me playing frisbee is the social aspect and I can't play Tuesday nights from February due to my Litigation Law and Practice lecture being from 5.30 - 7.30pm on that day, I think I will give frisbee a break for the second half of the outdoor season.

I'm still willing to sub if I don't have a lecture (think I said I would play for Zesty this Tuesday), but I'm not going to be on a team roster.

On the other hand, this means I get to join the Big Honking Spaceship game at [ profile] stephanie_pegg's on Monday nights and that can't possibly be a bad thing - I played in it last Monday and that was lots of fun. I'm quite looking forward to roleplaying on a regular basis again. I have missed being part of a long campaign - going into a short game knowing that it's a short game isn't the same thing.

I'm also looking forward to Kapcon - my LARP character sheet came through finally, so I need to spend a bit more time reading and thinking about Laura and how I want to finish the costuming. Won't be at the drinks on the Friday night though; I have a friend's birthday thing.

And after Kapcon, I go back to work, but I have an entire week until I have to think about that. *gloats*
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I don't know how many of you watched The Sentinel or read fanfiction for it, but I had a Blair Sandburg moment the other day.

We were discussing the books we were currently reading and I said I was currently reading a trashy romance and the biograhy of Richard Burton, which I pickedp up cheap at the bookfair and had been waiting until after the tests to start.

"Oh," said my workmates. "That must be very interesting, especially the years he was married to Elizabeth Taylor."

Blink. "Huh? Oh, no, not that one. The nineteenth century explorer, the one who first translated 1001 Arabian Nights among other things."

"Never heard of him."

Practice this morning was fun. There were only eight of us there for most of it, so during the fun game bit, I got much more of a runaround than usual. It was good.

Looks like this summer, due to girl constraints and lecture clashes, I'm going to be playing Monday nights seven a side for Heavenly Creature. Well, I was wanting a challenge - either B grade or seven a side, so it should be interesting. Character building. I'm sure it'll be good for me.

Our internets is currently being stupid - it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting all by itself. Noit sure why, but it's quite frustrating. I didn't think I was addicted to the internet...
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Almost fell asleep in the more interesting of my two lectures today. Not that I was particularly tired, but that we were doing Statements of Assets and Liabilities and Distribution Statements which are part of administering an estate, and I loathe, positively loathe, doing trust account statements, which the latter essentially are. They're just so boring.

Property, on the other hand, we're onto mortgages and while that's not particularly interesting, it is something that I don't know anything about (finally!), so it's a bit easier to stay awake. The crossstitch helps, too.

Speaking of crossstitch, I have ordered the last threads I need for Winter - some hideously expensive $9 a skein of a furry white. Apparently it has mohair in it. It's for the fur border on her cloak and I need three skeins for it. Evidently, Nora Corbett has gone all out with some interesting threads on Winter: Needlepaints and this Wisper thread.

Played frisbee tonight, which was lots of fun once I warmed up. It always seems to take us the first ten minutes or so to start working as a team properly, but once we finally relax and play to our strengths, we do a lot better. We lost 13-11 to Young & Beautiful. Comrade Mojo got some marvellous D's in the zone and [ profile] alwaysoutofink was cutting nicely through the zone. Apparently I'm to stick more to handling and short passes, sensible throws being something I'm decent at. I'll try to remember.

I kept thinking today was Wednesday, mostly because I want to be paid, I think. But I was always disappointed and it's actually tomorrow.

Been rereading Fullmetal Alchemist for the first time in ages. I'd forgotten how thoughtful it gets, particularly after it and the anime split off from each other around volume 7 or 8. I need to rewatch the anime as well.
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You know you're sick when the husband of one of your lawyers calls her and after you've put the phone through to her and they've talked, she comes and tells you that her husband thinks you sound like you should be at home in bed. If I feel this bad next week, I'm going to the doctor.

I was really busy today and I only remembered a couple of hours after I got home that one of the other LAs had volunteered to help me if I got overwhelmed. As it is, I could have easily stayed for another hour tonight to get caught up a bit, but didn't feel up to it.

Don't know if I'll get to practice tomorrow morning. I want to - I need to practice my curving throws because I've been shocking at them the last couple of games, but I don't want to do any of the running around. Considering my alarm clock is dying, I think I'll see what time I wake up on my own.

There are Early Cheer in a vase on my desk. I can't currently smell them except when I lean in close, but I know if I could smell stuff, I'd be able to smell them and that would be nice.

Bed soon.
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I am delightfully clean and warm and sweet-scented, a vast change from twenty or thirty minutes ago when I was hot and sticky and disgusting after our game against Dirty Creature. We drew with them, which was lovey - I thought they would win easily - and the game flowed much more smoothly for us this week. We were really trying to work as a team and structure ourselves on court more, which helped. Sure, there are still instances of girl-blindness and throwing the disc too soon or being too focused on the zone, but the Creatures as a whole have trained other people out of that (particularly the last two), so I'm sure we can manage again.

I have made the first towards something that I've always wanted to do today - I booked a ticket for Phantom of the Opera in Auckland for 1 November; All-Souls day. I'll book flights closer to the time, stay with [ profile] jessikast and [ profile] laputain and not visit my relatives.

I promised myself years ago that when Phantom next came to New Zealand I would go and see it - I think I've wanted to since I learned to play Music of the Night on the piano and subsequently bought the soundtrack. If I could only ever see one Andrew Lloyd Weber musical in my life, it would be Phantom of the Opera and now I'm going to!

This is AWESOME!!!
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I had a fantastic weekend, sadly let down by a cold hitting at the end of it. I probably shouldn't have played frisbee. I almost had a panic attack at one point when I had the disc and was being marked. Don't feel quite so shaky now. I had felt better this morning.

Havemercy by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett arrived today. Haven't read it yet, but am looking forward to. Now that I've caught up on emails and livejournal, I think I'll go to bed and read.
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My parents sent me a CD of the photos they took while at Brass Monkey. I've gone through them and noted about 20 or so of the 200 plus that are neat for one reason or another. Frequently they're neat because people are so blurry they're invisible! I'll post those ones when I have time. However, if people want to look through all of them or get a copy made of the CD, let me know. I need a frisbee icon.

I thought today was Friday for some of the day. I thought yesterday was Friday for some of the day. Both days I've been disappointed. Tomorrow, however, I won't be. There's just stuff on this weekend and I want it to be weekend now!

Saturday we plan to go out to the church to see [ profile] bl9_knt and [ profile] purplesparkler blessed and on Sunday Alessan is coming around to do computer things.

I've been reading David Eddings recently - Belgarath the Sorcerer and now Polgara the Sorceress. Belgarath is probably my favourite Eddings book. But I had an interesting discussion with [ profile] tamarillow about Polgara the other day, which has changed how I look at the character somewhat.

See, I don't like Polgara very much. I don't get why all the characters think she's so wonderful. To me she's always seemed cold, controlling and condescending. Oh, she's exceedingly competent, for sure, and if I was travelling with her, that would make up for a lot. But after the battle is done and the travelling is over, I wouldn't want to hang out with her. I don't like how she treats her father - despite all the character's protestations that its a form of affection, there's an edge to it on her part, which isn't. I also don't like how she treats her successions of nephews. I don't get why one of the boys didn't want to run away from her control and have a life and get married to someone who is not foreordained for him!

Tamarillow said something that made me stop and reassess all this. It went something like this: "If we look at her from a feminist perspective, we can see that the author is essentially rewarding her for being chaste and obedient. No female in Eddings' books gets to have sex before marriage and live happily ever after." - correct me if I got that wrong, will you?

I'm still reassessing how I feel about Polgara. I still don't like her very much, but I think I'm starting to feel sorry for her now.

...I have this urge to reread the entire series - Belgarath, Polgara, The Belgariad, The Mallorean and all.
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I really should get an icon with bandages or some other indication of an injury. It seems I'd need to use it enough. And playing Ultimate has given me a whole lot of new experiences. [ profile] tamarillow says she is quite put off playing by my injuries, but seriously, I'm just clumsy.

This week is shaping up to be much better than last week. I'm not stressed, overtired, overbusy (I think at this stage) or studying for an exam. Or doing settlement statements. Not doing settlement statements always puts me in a better mood.

Test was on Monday and was disturbingly easy. I don't like it when tests are easy - it makes me think I got something wrong. I did get Limited as to Titles and Limited as to Parcels mixed up, but I fixed that before the end of the exam, so that's okay. Most of it was a series of questions on one historical search and then drafting a sale & purchase agreement in relation to the same matter.

We've been doing asset planning in Estates recently. It also disturbs me to realise that in another year or so, I'm going to be qualified to give people advice on what to do with their assets when planning for their retirement. However, I strongly recommend changing a will if you separate or change marital status, because intestacy looks like it would be a pain to sort out.

Put my shoulder out during the game tonight. I think I moved my arm the wrong way and it came partly out - apparently the disc also hit me in the shoulder, but I don't remember that bit. My mind has always tended to block out the moment of impact. Fortunately, after a few minutes of relatively intense pain (although not as bad as my back Monday night a week ago), it slipped back in. Arm aches steadily shoulder to elbow. But I didn't have to go to hospital to get it put back in and that's a good thing and when I was on the sideline with my arm straight along my side because I couldn't move it above the elbow, I seriously thought I would have to, so anything is a bonus on that.
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Just had an absolutely awesome game of Ultimate against Vic Samuri Pizza Cats. They'd brought along a whole lot of newbies and we had one sub, so it was suggested that we borrow a couple of their players and then everyone would get a reasonable amount of game time. We had a girl and a guy from their beginners group - had played for about a month or so, they said. Great disc handling skills and the guy had pretty good cutting skills as well.

And it was fun! This is what Ultimate is about for me - the joy of the game, with the running, the catching and throwing and the working together as a team.

I'm back at work this week and am madly busy catching up from when I was away and preparing for DMH to go away at the end of this week on Outward Bound - the same course on which [ profile] knightclubbing got the shingles. Fortunately, PJS (my most labour intensive author) is in Auckland yesterday and today for the PL NZLS conference, so that made things a little easier.

Jack suffered a catastrophic failure to the C Drive, the systems harddrive - something that would have been a lot worse if I didn't also have the D Drive where all my data is stored. So I had Alessan around on Sunday afternoon and after a number of attempts at accessing the drive (including inserting it into the case of a portable harddrive and trying to read it off a laptop) and long after I'd given up any hope of regaining the information on it, the C Drive was wiped and rebuilt - Windows and everything reinstalled. So everything feels shiny and new, even though it's still Jack. Took six or seven hours and poor Alessan was exhausted and headachy by the time he went home, but his efforts are muchly appreciated.

I'm still wired, but am working on getting to bed before midnight again. Have managed every night this week so far and would like to complete the set. Got to the gym yesterday and today, too. Not planning to go tomorrow, but Thursday/Friday instead.
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Might also be somewhat mistyped drunken ramblings as well, seeing as the middle and ring fingers of my right hand are currently strapped together, courtesy of a frisbee to my ring fingertip and some bruising. Found that a finger tube of gause helped make it much more comfortable than the strapping directly on the fingers.

...brushing my teeth is more painful than throwing backhand. Teeth got a cursory go-over just now.

I'm still somewhat surprised that not only did I volunteer to go and play in the Brass Monkey tournament (I'm even looking forward to it), but that I'm actually prepared to do the extra practice leading up to it.

Another thing that surprised me recently was how pleased having my BA on my new business cards made me. [ profile] nishatalitha BA and the various other details of how to contact me and the firms details on the back. I have my own business cards! Isn't that awesome?

And I got to tell the story of Donaghue and Stevenson, which is the first major Tort of Negligence case which establishes Duty of Care and Proximity between a manufacturer of foods (but Lord Atkin, who wrote the judgement, didn't see why it couldn't be extended to other things), regardless of whether or not the consumer had actually purchased it. It's not something we think about now, yet it's integral to our knowledge that when we're given something (because if we're the purchaser, there are other remedies) or use something, that if there's a problem with the goods or edibles, that we can complain and take it back and expect to be recompensed for it. Which is one reason I like this case. Also, Lord Atkin's judgement is awesome.

I should really go to bed now.
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I had an insanely busy day at work, what with billing and partners disappearing before they could sign the bills. My lawyers were lovely and bought me a bunch of flowers for Professional Administrator's Day, which was today, apparently, so I have some tulips to bring home later in the week. But very busy.

We went to Chameleon for dinner and did three courses. Expensive, compared to our usual range ($83.80 each with the Entertainment Book discount), but the food was glorious. Then there was grocery shopping, but I was and still am full and relaxed, only now I am wearing fuzzy socks and flannel pyjamas. And we have fresh vegetables!

Had frisbee last night. We played Pornocake. It was an awesome game. At the end of the first twenty minutes, the score was 2:2. They ended up winning by one point scored in the last two seconds of the game. I got a heat headache and took a while to cool off, but it was a great game.

The rain pours down outside, but I am warm and comfortable. My cat dozes on my bed and I am going to lie down and read there soon.
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Well, the wedding present is finished, barring two french knots and assuming that all the names are correct. The corners are all relatively tidy and I'm quite pleased how it turned out. I will be carting it around with me to show off for the next couple of weeks and hopefully get photos and then I shall wander on up to Walrus Gallery and ask about framing and lacing. I think I will try lacing this one myself. Although it might have to wait until May, so I can take it up north with me for Dad's 50th to show off, but that might be cutting timing a bit fine.

So, as I planned, I am back to the nice uncomplicated counted crossstitch, Mirabila's Maidens of the Seasons (Autumn and Winter) only to find that during my break from it, or in the period since I last had to buy the main framing colour, that they've changed the dye run slightly. I don't want to have to undo everything I've done so far, but I might have to. I'll certainly have to undo the entire section that the new colour is directly next to. The more I work on this, the more I am convinced that when I bought the linen, I was given the area I asked for, but not in the proportions I wanted. I feel like I have nearly a foot extra at the ends and that it's tight at the top and the bottom. Still very pleased with the blue of the background.

Dirty Creature had a bye tonight for the last game of the season, but I came along anyway, wanting a run around and ended up playing for Hammerhands (Dirty Hands) against Happy Creature. I had fun. I played in my Kathmandu work shirt and was actually cooler in it than I am in my cotton creature t-shirt. Maybe I should investigate this sports fabric thing. I also purchased my first disc, one of the Ultimate Creature ones, which makes me happy.

Then I came home, had dinner, and watched Dancing With the Stars, where the true entertainment is hanging out with my flatmates and laughing, not the show itself. We all have a weakness for dancing shows. But the costumes!

No class this week, so I get to start at 8.30am and have hour long lunch breaks. This is so strange that I have no idea what to do with them. Maybe I'll go to the library tomorrow - I was reading an interesting article on Bette Davis at the gym this morning and her biography or autobiography could be quite interesting, and I keep meaning to try Liz Williams Snake Agent series - a few people have generally recommended it to me.

Does anyone in Wellington have any suggestions where to get massage oil from other than the Body Shop? They're out of bergamot and I don't like the other scents they have.
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Once again, my life looks like it's going to be busy from February to October, with breaks of less-business when there are breaks from classes. We plan to move this year as well, which will make the month before we move (and probably the month after) even busier. Mum reckons I just like being busy, which is kinda, but not entirely true: I like spending time with people, but I also like having the time to relax and read on the internet and do nothing. I'm better at doing nothing if I have someone to do nothing with or I have something in my hands to fiddle with. Which reminds me, I have dice to roll.

Played frisbee last night. I was very pleased with how Dirty Creature played - it was a tight game and pressure was kept on by both sides. There was nothing particularly impressive about my playing - it was solid until the bruise on my hip, which actually hurt (I think I stood up into a table) affected my running and then stopped concentrating quite so much. Once, one of my goals was for my playing to be solid and consistent; to be a dependable player who is (mostly) in the right places at the right times, with reasonable disc handling skills. I've reached that, or I like to think so. Now I think I should be better than that. I think not going to practice on Saturday showed - certainly I noticed it in my disc handling skills. Next week, I shall be there. Poor [ profile] house_monkey is going to come in for some teasing unless I stop banging into things. Considering the number of times I walked into my desk at work today, that's a long shot.

Grocery shopping tonight. I finally remembered to buy a replacement battery for my smoke alarm, but I think I should test it. The testing button didn't work. However, holding a candle up under it did, so it's all fine.

Class has started. Property Law and Practice promises to be as useful and as boring as I expected, what with having the lecturer who put me to sleep last year. One of my workmates is also taking this class, so I shall hold off with the handwork until I actually start to fall asleep in class. Estates Law and Practice looks to be fun and interesting. I already miss starting at 8.30am and my hour long lunch breaks.

Doctor on Monday and then at some point, the optomitrist. Now that I've noticed my eyes aching and things being fuzzy, I notice it most of the time.


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