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We had our housewarming party last Friday night, which was properly celebratory. We feel in and settled now (although I do get occasional moments of wow, we own this place). Took Saturday off to recover and ended up pruning our embarassing front hedge on Sunday, it being a nice morning.

Interestingly, some things that seemed really important when we moved in feel less so and we've been doing a bit of prioritisation. Replacing our external doors is still highest on the list becuase then we will have a cat door and can get cats... Also, both doors let in drafts and sound, so upgrading them is a good plan.

We went to Tenerife in early February, which was a week away at just the time we needed. It was really relaxing and we both read loads of books, lazed around, swam, drank, ate good food and so on. It was a bit of a shock coming back to the UK and the dregs of winter. Photos to follow as I've been rubbish at uploading any. Just haven't had the time.

It's March, so we're coming into Spring. We have a hyacinth in our front garden and a few small daffodils in the back. I'm looking forward to doing things with both spaces later this year.
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Daylight savings ended last weekend, much to my relief. The extra three weeks either side that were tacked on were a bit much and the mornings have suddenly become a lot easier. Evenings are harder though - it's almost 10.00pm and it feels like I should be in bed (heading there soon, promise). It was dark when I got home today after my 5.30pm lecture.

We need to get firewood from somewhere before winter really hits: some split pine and split hardwood. There's a place in Petone (I think) that does the pine; the hardwood will probably hit us with heavy cartege fees as the closest place I've found is in Upper Hutt. If anyone has suggestions (beyond trademe), I'd appreciate them.

I'm looking forward to storm watching from our house, and having the contrast of being warm and comfortable inside. Additional heating tends to involve extra layers - for example I wear a merino singlet all winter - and blankets, rather than heaters.

That being said, we have a heat pump in the lounge, which may get some use and I had a call today from an insulation person who said our property manager wanted a quote from him on ceiling insulation. That would be fantastic if it actually happened.

Mostly, I'm looking forward to Easter. Two short weeks and four days off work will really help. Even though I'm making up less time at work this year, I'm having to think more about my lectures and I seem to be tired a lot more. Of course, the general malaise could have something to do with the time of day I'm posting. I am currently in my flannel pjyamas, dressing gown and slippers and they seem like good things to be wearing.

I've started walking to work in the mornings on a semi-regular basis. While this didn't particularly wake me up today, I'm finding it's a good way to start the day. Whether this continues into the middle of winter I have no idea...


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