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I have spent most of my spare time for the last couple of weeks trying to install Alice, trying to upgrade Annabelle so that I can install Alice (possibly I need to upgrade my motherboard, dammit), reading books both physical and electronic, and editing metadata. I also woke up every workday morning over that time desperately wishing I didn't have to go to work. So I arranged to take today off.

I slept in, hung out in the lounge in the sun, was sat on a lot by Jemima (who was determined to sit on me even when she was grumpy about it), read some and finished editing H in Calibre. The book I spent most of the day reading is The Madness of Angels: Or the resurrection of Matthew Swift by Kate Griffin. I think N. K. Jemisin recommended her books at some point.

It's interesting — quite disjointed in places and for a while I wasn't sure if some of the disjointedness, particularly in terms of spacing on the page was due to coding or if it was intentional. Having read most of the book now, I think it's intentional, but I would be interested in seeing a hardcopy for comparision. Main character slips between I and We a lot, even in the same sentence, and the grammar changes depending on where he's using I or We, and this is also where the spacing tends to change. Urban fantasy and a sorta a classic one man alone against the night, but not, and in a completely different way from Rivers of London — for one thing, it's his own death that Matthew is looking into.

I need to go to sleep before 3am tonight. I bet that will help.

Boosting the signal received from [ profile] sraun: the fourth book of Diane Duane's Tales of the Five.

AKA The Door into Starlight, the fourth in the series starting The Door into Fire and continuing in The Door into Shadow and The Door into Sunset - go read Diane's post on it. And then pass along the word.

Also, she just released a newly updated e-book version of the omnibus here.
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We had a picnic dinner on parliament ground this evening. There were lots of cicadas (but not as many as there are at home). Groceries are done, coffee is made for the morning, lunch is made for tomorrow, and I have just had hot chocolate.

Work is still pretty quiet (boring) so I am trying to enthuse myself enough to catch up on things from last year. It's sorta working.

Elizabeth Marvelly's new album comes out on Monday and she is touring in mid-April. I'm planning to go to the concert; if you're also interested, drop me a comment and we can organise something.

I am currently tired so might work on the going to bed when tired (and hopefully sleeping) thing.
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I am sort of desperately looking forward to this weekend. Easter has been subsumed into my desire to sleep as long as I need, and attempt to break my coffee addiction (which may require naps). There will be nine of us Saturday night for cocktails and girly movies, which is going to be awesomely fun. On Sunday [ profile] tamarillow and I are on pre-service coffee at church, and then I believe there are plans for helping people pack. Monday is the usual gaming, only earlier in the day.

In the meantime, this week I've been counting off the days. Today being the last day of the month is billing, and I am also handling the majority of three settlements tomorrow. The latter is still new and fairly novel for me, and two of them are trickier than I've usually had to do (the one I've been doing all the way through looks like it should be smooth-as). I've not had lunch with anyone so I can be flexible when I go, and also with the being antisocial.

So very tired, and I've been tired all week. I'm looking forward to daylight savings being over, because I am tired of it being dark at 7.20am, but it's been hard going to sleep because a) my brain isn't wanting to shut up and b) the moon is fairly full and shines in.

Catch up

Feb. 25th, 2010 07:39 pm
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Have been up and down with tiredness and energy and was completely distracted for a bit by Settlers 6. Did three half days last week and am paying for it this week by being insanely busy. This wasn't helped by our fridge dying on Monday night.

Tuesday (already a busy day at work) was thus compounded by all my breaks being related to the purchase of a replacement fridge, which meant that I played all of two or three points of Ultimate before crashing.

Wednesday, having overdone it the previous day, passed in a haze of exhaustion, occasional stupid questions to my lawyers, being ridiculously busy at work, and being called at 8.50am by the fridge delivery people saying the fridge would arrive between 9.30 and 10.00am. My protests that I'd requested an afternoon delivery and 2 hours notice were not headed. [ profile] maudlinrose and I dropped everything, were home for about ten minutes by the time the delivery people arrived, and were out of the house by 9.50am. I was annoyed enough by this that I called up the store we bought the fridge from, complained and they have refunded the home delivery fee.

The new fridge now has our old magnets and the magnetic erotic poetry set that [ profile] purplesparkler and [Unknown site tag] gave us for Christmas over it. There is now NSFW paragraphs over it. My mother is visiting in a month - it might need to be rearranged before then.

Today has been much better, despite not getting enough sleep last night. I keep forgetting I tend to cope slightly better on some sleep deprivation...

Anyway, on Tuesday night while I was watching my team play as I sat exhausted on the sideline, I was taking photos. I actually got a good action one...

Assorted photos, not just frisbee> <a href= )
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The sound of the birds' wings as they flutter around in the pohutukawa by the deck occasionlly drowns out the music on the stereo. My cat is quite interested in this.

Next door are getting new pipes put in and I guess ours connects to them or something, because our plumbing has been disconnected too. It's getting to the point where I want to start cooking dinner, but I really don't want to cook until the water is running again.

Work is rather busy at the moment. It's good. I have a few bits and pieces I have to get done by the end of next Wednesday, but I think I will.

I want it to be the end of next Thursday already. Time is both dragging and racing and I'm not enjoying the anticipation.
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So last night after I got home, I decided to try making a vodka sidecar cocktail for the three of us, before I fired up the bbq, and it tasted pretty good. I wandered in to [ profile] maudlinrose's room to ask her what she thought of it, and we kinda looked at each other and impulsively decided that it would be an awesome idea to get drunk last night. This was around eight pm or so.

Fast forward four hours, and we've just settled in for the serious drinking. Fast forward another four hours and we're stumbling to bed. It was good. Lots of good-natured affirmation of how we feel about each other.

[ profile] tamarrilow declined to join us and went to bed instead. Awesomely, she put on bread this morning and I'm waiting for it to finish so I can have bacon butties for breakfast. I'm starving. Woke up around 10.30am with a bit of a hangover, drank water, took painkillers, put on music, opened my curtains and watched the trees out my window, and dozed for the next couple of hours. Now I'm up and cheerful and the painkillers are working, and generally life is good. of the things I like about drink vodka and drinking with [ profile] maudlinrose is that we are cheerful drunks, and on vodka that cheer carries over.

I do plan to get out to [ profile] geeknz's housewarming today, but it might be later than planned, what with the not having been up that long.
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Don't quite feel like sleeping yet, but I do feel very floppy and relaxed. Had a work thing out in Kapiti tonight and when I got home, I soaked in the bath for an hour and a half or so. I took the strapping off my leg too, and the knee cap didn't automatically start hurting, which is a good sign. It does ache a little, though.
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Exams are over. Assuming I passed everything (and I think I've either passed comfortably or failed completely), that is it. I am done. I find out if this is true the week before Christmas.

Actually, the main drafting section of the exam (25 marks) was quite fun - perusing and making amendments (with those dammed reasons) on an Agreement for Sale and Purchase of a Business which was of such quality that the only place all the names were correct was the last page of the document (which is not part of the contract but there for everyone's convenience as to contacts). Our lecturer got us to do one of these earlier in the year and I'm really glad he did.

Exams were on Monday and Thursday, so the OOS has not been aggravated.

It's been so hard to look past today that I really don't know what to do with myself. Getting through October to Labour Weekend and through exams has been the focus for so long that there's now a giant gaping hole which my life is supposed to fill. I don't recall this from last year, although I think we were starting flat hunting at that point, so the search would have filled the gap, I guess.

The last time I really remember being like this this clearly was coming out of Bursary (2000 - so long ago) and at that point I only had a few days between end of exams and going to the US for a month - hardly any time at all to anticipate it, but I just could not look past those exams to do so. At least this time I have four whole days to myself before I go back to work. least the weather was suitable for my denim jacket. I wore fingerless gloves for the first half, too. Easier on the hands.
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So [ profile] get_together was excellent. However, one thing I learned from the weekend is to take the Monday after off work. Even if I'm not completely peopled out by Sunday night, I'm not going to want to see anyone on Monday. I woke up today in much the same state, so called in. I will have to go out - I have a lecture at 5.30pm and we should get our results back from the terms test two weeks ago.

cut for those who weren't there )

Right. Time to go. Hopefully, I didn't fail.

EDIT: Yay, I did not fail. I got 82.5% (I need to work on the basic criminal law aspect) and skipped out early because we were covering conflicts of interest and fiducary duties. Although these are intersting topics, I discovered that staying home from work today was the correct choice because thinking was a challenge.
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I have spent five hours over the last two days watching Torchwood: Children of Earth and quite enjoyed it. Men in green silk rooms, indeed. Terrifying decisions made swiftly and where is the line drawn between the end justifying the means and the means cannot possibly be worth the end? I've come out of it without a huge desire to go back and watch the rest of the first two? three? seasons, but would appreciate some good fic recs.

Church social weekend for me, but that makes for a nice change - we don't hang out all that often and tend to fail at the having of an organised group where we talk about God and faith and so on. Instead it tends to be more a sporadic social thing. One of the cell group members gets his New Zealand citizenship tomorrow, which is awesome.

Failed at doing homework, but that's not a surprise. I really must start doing some soon. In the meantime, I have clean sheets and a freshly made bed, and I should pack my gym bag, make lunch and get ready for bed (which includes turning off the computer). My life, so mundane. I enjoy it anyway.
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My natural body clock is rather frustrating at times. The hours I prefer to be awake are from around nine or ten in the morning to midnight or one o'clock the following morning. This doesn't work so well when working an eight or eight-thirty to five job five days a week. If I have longer than a weekend off work, I fall back into that pattern incredibly easily.

Sometimes I miss being able to set my own hours (more or less) like at university... Not that university was actually like that, of course, but I can pretend it was.

That being said, I managed to walk into work this morning and be at my desk by eight. I stayed until five-thirty this evening, which means (with the half hour lunch break) that I've made up one and a half of my two and a half hours to make up this week. A good start.

I plan to walk in tomorrow.

Have been dreaming about pirates lately; I really should stop reading Pirates of the Caribbean fic...
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Managed to get some things done this weekend that I planned to, but not all. Made the decision on Friday night that I would be better off sleeping in on Saturday morning and thus didn't go to the dawn service or the wreath laying ceremony at the Carillon. Felt better fror the extra sleep, but still required a nap (after a cup of coffee, even!) once [ profile] maudlinrose and I returned from our expedition into town to the Briscoes ANZAC Day sale and bought a set of cotton sheets for my bed for $36.00 down from $89.00, which I'm quite pleased about. Also got milk, as for once ours expired before anyone drank it.

Met up with Comrademojo and got a lift out to his brother's place for the housewarming. Lovely place; caught up with a few frisbee people that I haven't seen for ages, what with the not playing frisbee at the moment, but was falling asleep by 10.30pm and [ profile] knightclubbing and [ profile] queneva very kindly delivered me to my door, rather than to town as I'd asked.

Finally climbed out of bed around 11.00am on this grey, wet and windy Wellington day, fed the cats and then occupied an armchair for another hour and a half with the black fuzzy one curled up on my knee for the greater proportion of that while I read a book.

Eventually, I bestirred myself enough to make experimental!brownie (online dairy-free recipe for tomorrow night), chai tea from scratch and the beginnings of leek and potato soup (have boiled and mashed the potatoes).

It's been a lovely relaxing day. I'm finally starting to feel almost well. Have failed spectacularly at getting my homework done for the school holidays, though. I should do that tonight.
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Yesterday morning I saw a morepork on my way to catch the bus so I could go to the gym before work. I could have reached out and touched it if I wanted a bleeding hand. After a bit, I said "Hello." and a bit after that, it silently flew away. It didn't seem afraid of me at all. That was rather cool.

I have recently obtained a game called American McGee's Alice and it's just my sort of creepy. It's based off Alice in Wonderland, which I reread recently to see if I liked it now because I didn't when I was a kid (I don't). The game, on the other hand, is lots of fun. Challenging, because it's been a very long time since I played any game that requires both hands and use of the mouse and the keyboard at the same time. There are coordination issues. It's rather macabre, but I like it.

Also on the Wonderland theme, I recently found a fic I've been after for a couple of years in which Giles ends up in Looking Glass Land. It's not as macabre as the game, but it's certainly more lethal than Through the Looking Glass. And there are cats. The formatting is a pain, but it's All Mimsy Were The Borogoves should you wish to read it.
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Back to work today for the first time in nearly a month. I did a lot of filing, was tired from about 11.00am onwards and bored enough at the end of the day to Not Care and troll Tenancy Tribunal Orders.

Wellington Anniversary Weekend was the usual sugar/caffeine high people overdose gaming weekend. I probably didn't have enough caffeine or sugar over the weekend. Next year, I think I'll buy a four pack of bottles of V, not cans.

Kapcon Games )

Did nothing yesterday until I was due at [ profile] stephanie_pegg's for the BHS game which I've now joined on a permanent basis. I'm in the process of coming up with a long term character. It should be fun.

Lectures start on 9 February, so I'll be playing frisbee Tuesday nights until then. Life is already starting to get busy.
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In Tauranga now, flew up after work. Flight relatively good, although delayed at the airport waiting for new luggage to be loaded. And I not only got confused by the new self checkin kiosks (I'm used to the old ones, okay?), but got complimented by the baggage watcher for putting it on the conveyer belt correctly (wheels at the back).

It's currently raining and my parents decided to make room for me in the storage room rather than put the tent up in the wet. While making a bed on the mattress on the floor for me, water was discovered dripping down the inside of the back wall and from there onto such important items as pillows and packed boxes of books - including the Biggles first editions, carefully wrapped in tissue paper by the movers. The Biggles books are fine, other books got a bit damaged. I'm not sure if I'm sleeping in there or on the couch tonight. Either is fine.

Work was insanely busy today, but I managed to finish at 5.00pm (only the WCC billing letters got sent out today, the rest can wait until late January) and do two settlements, including my second edealing. Edealing is awesome, except when it's a complex dealing and one has to wait for LINZ to check it and then email you a week or so later to say the transfer has been successfully completed. Still, good to do. And PJS did the running around bits so I could type up narrations. Next year, he will be more organised with narrations!

Have ended up with a sore ankle, since at some point today the tip of the heel on one of my sandals came off, so I've been walking around unevenly all day. I'll either take the other heel tip off or get rid of them, not sure which yet.

Didn't bring up much reading material - Beginning Operations by James White, which is the first three Sector General books; the November and December issues of NZ Lawyer; and the November issue of the Property Law Section bulletin, which I read on the plane. Getting odd looks about the latter items, but I've been looking forward to reading them, haven't had time at work and while I might argue that it's professional development, it's actually that they're interesting. Good thing there are now lots of books lying around though.

Had to install MSN on my parents new computer, which runs Vista and the latest version of internet explorer. Having tabs is good, the rest a bit odd and I'm not sure I like it. Do like the wireless keyboard and mouse, though.

(no subject)

18 Dec. 6th, 2008 12:21 am
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has marked as possibly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. )


Nov. 29th, 2008 06:27 pm
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The trademe ad for our house went up today and not long after we had a call from a couple who asked to come up and view it. They seemed nice and we will pdf their application form off on Monday. We also had a couple come through on their way back from a do at the British High Commission in Karori. They were pleasant enough and took an application form away with them, but our place will not be classy enough for them.

I think we're packing as though we're moving this Thursday, rather than the one after.

I like my new haircut.


18 Nov. 13th, 2008 10:40 pm
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has marked as possibly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. )
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I have had a lazily productive day. Didn't manage to get to practice as I slept in instead. Am still quite tired, as I have been all week. Did manage to get lots of laundry done, vaccum, make foccacia bread to take out tonight and even do some study. Also booked my flight up for Christmas. Not a hugely good special, but into Tauranga after work on the 23rd and not going via Auckland. So that is good.

My mother agreed to send me the receipt for the pair of Weight watchers bathroom scales that they got me for my birthday so I can exchange it here and not have to take the unopened box up with me at Christmas (which realistically is what would have to happen otherwise). My mind still boggles that they got me scales for my birthday; even if I didn't already have a perfectly good set of electronic bathroom scales, scales for a present is just - words fail me. I told her I wanted to get a DVD player instead and she said that was fine.

Quite tired still. Don't know why.
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I don't know how many of you watched The Sentinel or read fanfiction for it, but I had a Blair Sandburg moment the other day.

We were discussing the books we were currently reading and I said I was currently reading a trashy romance and the biograhy of Richard Burton, which I pickedp up cheap at the bookfair and had been waiting until after the tests to start.

"Oh," said my workmates. "That must be very interesting, especially the years he was married to Elizabeth Taylor."

Blink. "Huh? Oh, no, not that one. The nineteenth century explorer, the one who first translated 1001 Arabian Nights among other things."

"Never heard of him."

Practice this morning was fun. There were only eight of us there for most of it, so during the fun game bit, I got much more of a runaround than usual. It was good.

Looks like this summer, due to girl constraints and lecture clashes, I'm going to be playing Monday nights seven a side for Heavenly Creature. Well, I was wanting a challenge - either B grade or seven a side, so it should be interesting. Character building. I'm sure it'll be good for me.

Our internets is currently being stupid - it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting all by itself. Noit sure why, but it's quite frustrating. I didn't think I was addicted to the internet...


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