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Over the course of this last week, I have concluded that what I had last weekend was probably a minor bout of the 'flu rather than a cold. Mostly because while my nose pretty much stopped running on Monday, I still had to come home from work around half eleven and spend the rest of the day in bed, and it took 'til Friday before I felt that I didn't need a lie down after work. Plus, I looked at flu symptoms on the Ministry of Health website and could tick most of them off (not, interestingly, the cough nor the body aches).

Gaming on Thursday night was lots of fun. GM's non-sentient characterisation of the week was a grandfather-clock. Still not as entertaining as the time he broke the game being an oak tree. Ended on a cliff-hanger, of course ('most everyone back in England and my coke-addict seventeen-year old changeling who grew up in the fantasy world back in England and apparently pregnant) and now I am really looking forward to next week's game.

Last night, having managed to drag myself away from the internet, I went to bed and reread Fate by Mary Corran. I last read it back when I was in high school and I had completely forgotten just how rampantly feminist it is - reminded me quite strongly of some of the Darkover books. [ profile] tamarillow is discarding it, but I don't think I will keep it either - I doubt it meets my reread once in five years criteria. Besides, I always liked Imperial Light more.

Today was sunny and warm enough that I opened the deck doors in the morning. Didn't see many birds, but heard a lot, particularly tuis singing and the kererū flying. I swear kererū are the only birds I know of that sound like their wings are rusty! Got my summer cotton sheets mostly dry outside, too.

[ profile] maudlinrose and I wandered into town where I bought a sports bra that will do (the underwire on the bra I was using having poked through) and she bought other stuff. Caught the Wilton and walked home from there rather than catch the Mairangi (25 minutes instead of 10) and that was lovely; air was crisp and cool, but there wasn't any breeze and we got home about an hour before sunset.

Now, unsurprisingly, I am sitting on the couch in the lounge, catching up on Bujold ML emails, editing metadata and reading fic, and it is warm enough in here that I don't need a jersey and we are cooking kumara in the fireplace for dinner.
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I've been a bit distracted with non-internet things the last week or so. Last weekend, after going to play Settlers VI again, I had the bright idea to find, download and start playing Settlers II.

I never got past level 4 of the Roman campaign when I played it as a kid, and I wanted to see if I could manage it now. Sadly, once you get past how pixilated the graphics are, it's proving to be just as addictive as ever. And I have now made it to level 5, so I have already done better than I did the last time I played it. [ profile] maudlinrose was going to start playing it, but it is too old for Windows 7 (and I have to fudge a little to play it on XP).

This is pretty much all I did yesterday, aside from doing laundry and cooking dinner. Salmon fillets were on special last week, so we got some when grocery shopping and I cooked it as Mum did at Christmas (did the same salad, too - chickpeas, onion, roasted kumara and potato, wilted spinach, raisins and other stuff). I still really enjoyed it but it could have probably done with five more minutes in the oven. I don't get salmon to play with very often, so next time it will be something else.

For dessert I made [ profile] papersky's spiced peach tarts that are based off the description Bujold gives in A Civil Campaign - something else I've been wanting to try. They weren't as spiced as I imagine they should be, and I always envisage tarts as being more flan-like than cake like, but they were still good.

More sweet things today: [ profile] purplesparkler came around and made her amazing cinnamon scones that are cooked in butter and sugar. We also had comrademojo and his girl up for a bit this afternoon, too. They didn't stay for dinner though.

Tonight, since [ profile] purplesparkler requested something with cheese, I made a family friend's sloppy chicken enchilada recipe— this is essentially a chicken lasagna. It was as excellent as ever (and the taco sauce I improvised worked out well enough too). I remain disturbed by how gluggy creme of chicken and creme of mushroom soups are when taken out of the tin—the creme of chicken soup retains the shape of the tin until squashed.

The other thing that distracted me for a couple of days is now rather funny, but at the time was rather painful. Gaming was at [ profile] stephanie_pegg's on Thursday and [ profile] purplesparkler and I went over for dinner. I must've shifted back a little far in the second-hand wooden chair, the glue broke on one of the legs, the other leg on that side of the chair snapped off and next thing I know I'm on the floor having banged my head quite hard against the wall and with a sore arm.

Banging my head against the wall meant I had a headache for a couple of days, and the sore arm actually meant I'd caught the underside of my upper left arm on the chair and I now have a bruise the size of my closed hand there. It's all rather dramatic and looks far worse than it actually feels. I figured that all this would be amusing after the headache went away and it is. Accidents happen, I bruise dramatically and it's not like I got concussion or anything from it (and if I had, there's ACC).

The entertaining part is that I can't see the giant bruise unless I'm both raising my arm and looking in a mirror. But I raise my arms to stretch in many other places and the reactions I've been getting...
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I am currently grumpy with the New Zealand government for making Coldril (with an "i" - that's important) only available by prescription. According to the government, drug-manufacturers were buying up Coldril in large enough quantities to make substantial amounts of P, so making Coldril prescription only is going to prevent such unsavoury individuals getting hold of the ingredients that they need. I'm sure making it prescription only is going to be a huge help to breaking that particular drug trade.

I don't want to have to go to the doctor again; I just want to be able to buy a nice cold drug over the counter that will deal with the headache and shoulder aches, and most importantly, dry up my nose on a temporary basis. But no, what I can now buy over the counter is Coldral, which claims to do all the same things as Coldril does, but has the significant failing of not managing to dry up my nose.

Accordingly, I've been measuring the progress of this illness by how good lempsip or the panadol equivalent tastes. Generally I think the fake-lemon, fake-sweetner, medicinal tasting powder sachet mixed with hot water tastes incredibly foul. I would usually rather suffer than drink it. Of course, as it does actually manage to dry up my nose, since I no longer have access to coldril, I've been drinking it. Was somewhat astonished the other day to find that it actually tasted good. Since then, it has progressed from good to the cup I'm currently drinking being merely bad.

I think I have to stop being outside late at night until this has completely gone - and probably not play frisbee, either; the first time I was out that late after the work do (which was followed by an all-day frisbee tournament), I ended up sounding terrible and having three days off work. The second time, last Saturday night/Sunday morning, was following by playing frisbee in the evening, and this appears to have triggered this bloody cold again. Had yesterday off work, and today, and wouldn't be surprised if I'm going to have tomorrow off as well. At least the slight fever I was running appears to have broken!

Still, of days to have off, today's not so bad. Don't remember much about yesterday - I struggled up after one, napped for a couple of hours around four, and was asleep again by eleven - but from my vantage spot on one of the couches in the lounge, all I can see out the window beyond the deck railing are green pohutukawa leaves and white. I have slightly more energy today. All this actually means is that I got up a few hours earlier, might light the fire soon, and am actually taking in some of what I'm reading...

Hopefully this will be the last of it.
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I thought I'd learned my lesson about not pushing myself when I have a migraine and going home to sleep it off. Apparently not. What with being really busy at work yesterday, I failed to leave work before light and sound actively hurt, ended up taking a taxi home and going to bed at one. Woke up around five, as usual, but it wasn't slept off by then, and I had a sandwich, more painkillers and went back to sleep. Woke up around eight with it more or less slept off, was back in bed (to read) by nine-thirty, and asleep a bit after eleven. I remember waking up during the night, as well.

I have the corresponding migraine hangover today. It goes particularly well with the black eye from Friday (the colours are finally showing).

Despite all this, I managed to take two pairs of shoes in to be repaired and mail my sister-in-law her birthday present (her birthday is today, but what does that matter?). She knows its on its way.

Time for bed, I think. I've had enough of today. why am I still up?
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Went back to work this afternoon for a half day. I had a follow up appointment written down for 4.35pm Wednesday 19 February, so I would have to leave early anyway.

Was a bit shaky by the time I got there, pleased to take my painkillers, and very glad that I'd decided on a half day. I have a fair amount to catch up on, so I would have never managed to leave at lunchtime if I'd come in in the morning.

Got through some work, required a sugar/caffeine fix around 3.30pm because I was starting to flag and was all organised to leave (apart from having looked up the dental surgeon's address) at 4.15pm as planned.

4.17pm as I was shutting down my computer, the fire alarm went off. Instead of the leisurely trip down in the lift and easy walk to the surgeon's, I found myself walking down 23 flights of stairs, getting the address from a nearby pharmacy, and hurrying to the surgeon's with my cellphone in my hand because I was running late.

Got there and discovered that the hospital had written the appointment down wrong - it's for 4.35pm Friday 19 February. At least I know where it is now. Planned to catch the bus over to Arty Bees, where I was meeting the flatmates prior to grocery shopping, but got tired of waiting. Went down to Lambton Quay where (theoretically) there would be more buses and discovered it had been cordoned off due to the aforesaid fire alarm. Apparently it was a bomb scare.

Walked to Arty Bees instead.

Ate dinner.

Waited a little for a bus, but I was decidedly flagging by then, so I got a taxi home and [ profile] maudlinrose and [ profile] tamarillow went grocery shopping.

I'll go into work tomorrow, but for the same sort of hours.


Feb. 13th, 2010 06:42 pm
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Came through surgery just fine. [ profile] deepbluemermaid got me home safely and I spent the rest of the day either napping upright on the couch or asleep in bed. Broken sleep, but that's to be expected when on codeine and changing the ice in the pretty halo headband every three hours or so.

Yesterday, I managed to be awake and relatively alert for two hours at the longest. Spent the rest of the day napping in bed. Eventually had longer gaps between using/refilling the pretty ice halo headband as one of the sides leaked noticably more than the other. One less codeine to sleep than Thursday night.

Today I was awake for the morning; up bright and early around 8.00am, even. Read a book (which I am going to have to reread because my concentration is shot), and have been dozing for most of the afternoon. The bits when I am awake I've been watching my way through season four of M*A*S*H.

I've been mostly eating KFC's potato & gravy and (and, not with) scrambled eggs. Definitely don't want to be eating anything more solid yet. The potat & gravy is finished, but there are plenty of eggs left and cans of tomato soup...

That just about does it for being awake, I think.
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Right. Time to go get my wisdom teeth out.

This is the first time I've ever had a general anaesthetic without actually being in pain beforehand - last time, my hot water bottle was so hot, and clutched to me so tightly, that the nurse who was helping me get ready was quite concerned about the red marks...

The last time my teeth tried to come through was November, which means they're probably due again, but that'll never happen again.

A Favour

Jan. 31st, 2010 09:27 pm
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Is there anyone who would be willing and able to pick me up from Boulcott Hospital in Lower Hutt at 5.00pm on Thursday 11 February and drive me back to my place?

I am getting my wisdom teeth out under general anaesthetic and it is recommended that I don't get public transport home. I will get a taxi home if I need to, but would prefer to avoid the expense.

I will provide cookies or other baking. Let me know your favourite.
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[ profile] thesane and her fiancee are visiting us for the weekend, so it the improvement in weather was just in time for lots of walking around the city, although [ profile] thesane may have preferred rain, as there is not proper rain in Christchurch. After a relaxing morning and sleeping in, we ventured out to shop. Well, look at things anyway. Bello, the men's shoe store, the bead shop, the wool store, sherazad... nothing was purchased. We bought lunch and an ice cream, and that was about it. Later, [ profile] thesane bought a bag. However, we identified some shiny raised sequiny things that I can use on the sampler instead of importing pailettes from the US, and found crystals the right shade of peach/pink for the dress, although [ profile] thesane has to work out how many she needs first.

My knee kinda aches now. I soaked it off Thursday evening, and found that although the strapping was a bit tight and very annoying, it was also helping and taking it off hurt in the same way (but not to the same extent) as taking the strapping off my hand that time when I broke it. The physio is quite pleased with how it's healing. The strapping has been replaced, somewhat looser this time, and it will stay on until next Thursday when I go back.

I also go to see the oral surgeon next week. Went to the dentist last week and was told that of my four wisdom teeth, only one of them is in a condition to keep and since there's no room in my mouth for its pair to come through, there's no point. I will get them out sometime next year; I don't have time before Christmas.

We had our team Christmas function yesterday. It involved going to the house of one of the partners, eating lots of food and general relaxing. Secret Santa happened and my person (people, since one of my lawyers emailed me from Sydney to say please buy his for him) seemed quite happy with their present. My Secret Santa gave me an incredibly trashy looking Mills&Boon by Emma Darcy (her 100th Mills&Boon book!), which was the cause of much teasing about it being too steamy for me. Having read it - and it really is terrible - I think I am going to take it into work and hand it to someone, saying it was a bit too much for me. Unless one of you lot want it, of course, in which case, feel free.

Wedding sampler has been started; the motorbike has been sold; the sun is shining; the days are long, but the work is not hard. Not at the weekend, anyway.
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cut for my life is hard moaning )

I am going to make lunch for tomorrow, a hot drink, my bed, and take to my bed with Pania, possibly Jemima, said cup of tea, ignore the book to be read and reread Embers (which is the most awesome Avatar: The Last Airbender fic I have read. When I wake up, the week will be closer to being over.
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So it turns out that chewing on a clove actually does manage to numb toothache. Awesome; I shall alternate between it and ora sed jel, and I will make an appointment at [ profile] maudlinrose's dentist. I'm hoping that my wisdom teeth are going to co-operate, but given that I get mouth ulcers whenever they try to come through, they may not...

Me going to the dentist will make for four out of the five members of my team at work going to the dentist in the last two weeks. SYB even has to have a week off in a couple of weeks to get his wisdom teeth removed.

I have officially started my Christmas present shopping. I have my mother's, and I have something that I will give to my father (if I can't come up with a better idea). Ideas have been given to me for my siblings.

We are also fairly organised for our Christmas meal planning. Just about everything that can go in the freezer or cupboard for storage has been purchased. That leaves the ham, fresh vegetables, dairy products and a few other bits and pieces.
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I went back to the physio today. My ankle is feeling much better - there has been a noticeable improvement in stability and pain levels since I was last there. The swelling has also gone down a lot on both my ankle and my knee.

This meant that she could look at my knee and work out what I actually did to it. Turns out I have ruptured the ligaments on the outside of my left knee. Fortunately, it seems that I didn't do the internal ones, which means no reconstructive knee surgery for me. I have more exercises to do, another visit on Friday, instructions to keep icing it, and the expectation of increased pain when the swelling in the knee goes down more. Oh, joy.

I am going to be out of frisbee for the next two weeks for certain. No running practice for me. I might manage to make it down for throwing/catching practice, but it will be hard to resist running, so maybe not. It'll be another two to four weeks after that before I'll be allowed to play again, depending on how things heal. If I was playing a sport that wasn't as injury-ridden as frisbee, I'd be allowed back sooner, but as it is, no frisbee for [ profile] nishatalitha

[ profile] maudlinrose has this fanvid by Seah and Margie to a song called Handlebars by The Flobots. It's a very clever meta look at the powers that the Doctor has and what he does with them. It's disturbing and slightly depressing and in the end, he's always alone. And somewhat crazy. Dr Who: The Water of Mars reminded me a lot of that vid, only it's an hour instead of a few seconds.

The Doctor has always been a bit crazy; I think that's a prerequisite for who he is. And Christopher Eccleston did the quietly going crazy PTSD Doctor very well. David Tenant does an excellent version of the pieces visibly falling apart in a sort of manic hysterical way. At this point, I'm starting to think that the most merciful thing for him would be to either take him to a nice quiet place where people live long lives and leave him there for fifty years or so, or to end it permanently. But neither of those make for good television.

And time has Fixed Points and if the Doctor can change one of those, what else can he change? What else will he change.

So, just as at the end of the Easter special, the Doctor is alone: Sarah Jane has her son and her own life; Jack is either with Torchwood or wandering the universe for a bit; Martha is a capable and respected member of UNIT (and possibly Torchwood) and has a much loved fiancee; Rose is in some sort of alternate dimension with a human version of the Doctor; and Donna is not allowed to remember. They have all chosen, or had chosen for them, lives without him. Being the last of your species would suck.

I was very impressed with the actor playing Adelaide Brooke, and with the character. Now there is a woman with a spine of steel. I liked her much more than I liked Dr River Song (although not as much as I like Donna). At some point, I may watch it again for her. I wanted to cry at the end, because she was right and she made things right.

I also read an interesting novella called Purple and Black by K J Parker today. It reminded me of The Prince and of Roman history - Vespasian and Hadrian. Ignore the timing issues; they're not important. And for all of the book's overt political and military focus, it's really a book about friendship and ideals. Once you have power, how do you give it up? It's not a happy-squee-joyful book; heartbreaking comes closer to the truth. I want a copy and will be looking out for other books by this author.
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Went to the physio today. My knee will be fine - the ligaments that connect the kneecap to the femur are inflamed and once that goes down, the numbness should go away. I'm quite relived. The ankle is sprained. Not badly, which is good.

I have exercises to do, am off frisbee until informed otherwise and am supposed to keep icing it on a regular basis to help with the swelling and the healing.

It could be much worse.

Have spent the evening reading on the internets and watching episode three of White Collar. I <3 that show. It's implausible, certainly. But it's also clever, witty and fun. And it hasn't made me cringe yet.

Mmmm, food

Nov. 8th, 2009 09:20 pm
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I have burninated food for the first time this season. It was good. Dinner was pork marinaded in bought orange and saffron aeoli, shrimp lightly marinaded in thai coriander and chilli dressing, chargrilled orange capsicum, baked potato and garlic bread. It was good.

Ankle and knee are doing much better. I definitely got the nerve somewhere in my knee - there's a patch where the skin in numb. Bruising is showing up on the ankle, but for all the damage and pain, there's remarkably little to show for it. Is this what it's like to not bruise easily?

I spent most of my day sitting on the couch in the lounge marathoning the end of season three Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was pretty good. Now for fic.

We have started planning our menu for Christmas, trying desperately not to overcater. We're not very good at not overcatering. There are so many good ideas for food... I will be making my Gran's cheesecake again, because that cheesecake is a thing of glory.

[ profile] maudlinrose made fudge this evening. It is good.
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[ profile] tamarillow and I went up the hill into the town belt to watch the fireworks tonight. I had a post composed which said: "Sometimes, the best art is ephemeral" and used my things go boom icon.

That was before I missed a ledge cunningly hidden in long grass, slipped down the last part of the hill, landed on the hardpacked ground, getting the nerve in my left ankle and directly on my left knee.

The ankle isn't badly damaged - I've rolled the right one much worse and it normally sorts itself out in a day or two. That will be fine.

The knee, on the other hand... It's not as dramatic as the time when I slipped down the stairs when I lived at Harbour View, and certainly not as bad as the time I sprained my right ankle, but it's impressive nonetheless. It's rather swollen and turning an odd shade of red/brown (which will then go blue...). Have iced it on and off for the last hour or so, taken painkillers and anti-inflammatories and hopefully more RICE will sort it out.

I am taking tomorrow off work, since I'm not sure I will be able to walk. I very much doubt I will be at frisbee practice on Saturday, either.

EDIT: and then there's the bit where I hsve to go in to work tomorrow, since my lawyers are out of town and ther's a settlement and I'm the one who knows the file... dammit. I was starting to look forward to a day of sitting and reading. At least work will pay for a taxi.
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Had a lovely crazy fannish evening with more to follow for the rest of the weekend. The part where we got home around 10.45pm and then talked for another hour or so (variously on why my parents gift giving currently fails, how they do not understand me, why food is awesome, how we are becoming increasingly open about periods and the effects thereof in public, and the joys of controlling the panadol at work) was perhaps not so bright. Especially since I have a bit of a headache (probably dehydration)

The next two days are going to be very social - I'm not going to be at frisbee practice tomorrow morning - and we have to leave the house, at, like, 8.40am. It's going to be awesome.

Also, I have now offically passed my refresher first aid course, so if you get injured around me, the next couple of weeks would be the best time for that to happen. Of course, if I'm the one who gets injured, all bets are off, because I'm a stubborn fool who dislikes going to A&E.

...the part when you're the person who has had the most random injuries in the room and there are others on the course play contact sports is kinda embarassing. Of course, it could be that I just talk about mine more. I'll choose to believe that.

Which reminds me - can people nag me to do balancing exercises on my right ankle again? It's been dickier than usual recently and I should do some work on that before frisbee starts again.
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I've been quoting bits of Curse of Chalion to myself this week, so I decided it was time for a reread. I think it's only the second or third time this year. I don't read it nearly as much as I did the first couple of years, which I think was once a month or more.

Dragonbreath by Ursula Vernon arrived in the latest lot of new books. It's quite adorable. Very much primary school level, but still lots of fun. And the pictures are very cute.

My eyes are finally settling down again, which means the headaches are not as constant. They're still achy by the end of day, but I'm kinda used to that now and it just makes me very tired. New lenses are maybe a week away - I had my eye test Monday week ago, and she said it would take two weeks to make them.

The good news: the short-sightedness in one eye is .25 better. The astigmatism and the short-sightedness in the other eye hasn't changed.

The bad news: The astigmatism in one eye is .5 worse. The long-sightedness in both eyes is worse. My focus points for near distance (reading) and mid-distance (computer monitor) are different. New lenses are $500.00 and there will be 6 prescriptions in the pair. I won't be able to get away with two pairs of glasses anymore, so they will be progressive lenses.

Does anyone have a good guacamole recipe? Avocadoes were cheap at the supermarket last night and the guacamole I made wasn't particularly brilliant, but it's something I could try making again with a better recipe.
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For all that I managed to rouse myself around noon today, I have been amazingly productive in the kitchen this afternoon. I have made:

  1. Chai tea with a russian caravan base;
  2. Sesame seed coffee cake;
  3. Asian flavoured meatballs for dinner;
  4. Salad and noodles for the rest of dinner; and
  5. Kaffir lime pie (including sweet shortcrust pastry from scratch).

Felt like cooking and figured I may as well get my entire list done while I was in there. It also meant that I ended up dragging the tape deck in there and listening to my favourite mix tape from high school. I'm now trying to recreate this as a playlist on itunes, but lack essential songs such as:

  • J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers - Last Kiss;
  • Russell Morris - Rachel's Coming Home;
  • Herman's Hermits - Silhouettes on the Shade; and
  • Gerry & The Pacemakers - Girl on a Swing.

I'm probably missing others, but those are the ones missing from the side I've listened to again in my room in order to put this together. I also listened my way through Amy Grant's The Collection, which I need to get hold of on CD so I can then listen to it on itunes. I forsee a trip to the library sometime soon.

The not being at my computer for most of the day has defintely helped with the headache. That being said, I'm quite glad I have an eye test tomorrow. I'm getting tired of my eyes hurting all the time.

I hate getting into a new big fandom. It takes so long to read everything that's good - even when just working from recs lists and delicious. And it means that my delicious page is hardly representative of my reading for the past year, let alone for as long as I've been reading fic.
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My cat just came in my room and investigated the spot where she woke me by eating a rat's head at 1am this morning. I dumped the rat in a bag in the kitchen bin, kicked the cat out of my room and went back to bed. Nearly twenty-four hours later, you would think she would know it's not there anymore.

Miserable day today: I still have a headache, my eyes still hurt, still really tired and my shoulders have started aching. Also, lunch with a friend turned into lunch listening to said friend rant about how angry he is with his life and it actually sounded like things were starting to go right for him a bit. He is often entertaining like this, but today I just couldn't deal.

One more day of work, lunch with ComradeMojo and (hopefully) skipping off work early to see Dad, since he's here. Then the weekend, and I can sleep as much as I need.

Oooh, I can take more panadol now.

I seriously felt like crying in the work bathrooms at 4.00pm today, which is both hilarious and sad. I didn't though - read the work things on how to manage swine flu and crossed off how many on the list of symptoms that I fitted.
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My brother and I have now discussed things and I now know what is expected of me in relation to my sister-in-law's birthday (a phone call, by preference and a card/gift if not or for special occasions). I still have to speak to my sister and find out if the same applies to my brother-in-law, given that I haven't exactly done anything for the last two or three years... Frankly, I think their wedding anniversary is more important, but I didn't say that to him.

Ended up coming home from work early on Monday with a nasty headache; took yesterday off for the same reason. Back at work today, but my eyes still hurt and my head generally aches. I'm eating panadol on the four hours. Given that the last time this happened, I started getting migraines and ended up needing glasses, I have made an appointment with the optomitrist on Monday.

Already tired of having sore eyes.

Bought the pattern for Dad's Christmas present (or possibly birthday present next year) today - Transportation Classics for Counted Crossstitch. I'm only going to use the good pattern of a Sopwith Camel and the only one of a Fokker Triplane. They look pretty easy and I'll probably do them on blue remaining from the Maidens of the Seasons, when they're done... that means it may be Christmas next year. Oh well.

I passed my Business terms test with 81%, which is acceptable. I lost two marks in the drafting by deliberately not putting in something because that's not how we do it at work. It's fine losing the marks in the terms tests for that, but I suppose I should do it by the book in the final exam in October, that being what really counts.

Part A of Litigation terms tests marks have been adjusted to range from 1.75 - 14 out of 20. I got 12.5, which is a pass at least. I didn't go to class last night, but I imagine my lecturer was not happy with us. I'm not happy with me for that. Hope the drafting was a lot better.

The GURPS Vorkosigan pdf is out finally and the hardback comes in October. I am currently debating whether I have enough time (and mental energy) to be in an online fortnightly or so game. Not sure about the mental energy - it looks like it would be a fun game - but I'm fairly certain the time zones and availability won't work out.

Also, [ profile] purplesparkler, you should get [ profile] bl9_knt to look at this.


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