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Over the course of this last week, I have concluded that what I had last weekend was probably a minor bout of the 'flu rather than a cold. Mostly because while my nose pretty much stopped running on Monday, I still had to come home from work around half eleven and spend the rest of the day in bed, and it took 'til Friday before I felt that I didn't need a lie down after work. Plus, I looked at flu symptoms on the Ministry of Health website and could tick most of them off (not, interestingly, the cough nor the body aches).

Gaming on Thursday night was lots of fun. GM's non-sentient characterisation of the week was a grandfather-clock. Still not as entertaining as the time he broke the game being an oak tree. Ended on a cliff-hanger, of course ('most everyone back in England and my coke-addict seventeen-year old changeling who grew up in the fantasy world back in England and apparently pregnant) and now I am really looking forward to next week's game.

Last night, having managed to drag myself away from the internet, I went to bed and reread Fate by Mary Corran. I last read it back when I was in high school and I had completely forgotten just how rampantly feminist it is - reminded me quite strongly of some of the Darkover books. [ profile] tamarillow is discarding it, but I don't think I will keep it either - I doubt it meets my reread once in five years criteria. Besides, I always liked Imperial Light more.

Today was sunny and warm enough that I opened the deck doors in the morning. Didn't see many birds, but heard a lot, particularly tuis singing and the kererū flying. I swear kererū are the only birds I know of that sound like their wings are rusty! Got my summer cotton sheets mostly dry outside, too.

[ profile] maudlinrose and I wandered into town where I bought a sports bra that will do (the underwire on the bra I was using having poked through) and she bought other stuff. Caught the Wilton and walked home from there rather than catch the Mairangi (25 minutes instead of 10) and that was lovely; air was crisp and cool, but there wasn't any breeze and we got home about an hour before sunset.

Now, unsurprisingly, I am sitting on the couch in the lounge, catching up on Bujold ML emails, editing metadata and reading fic, and it is warm enough in here that I don't need a jersey and we are cooking kumara in the fireplace for dinner.
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So, given that I've had the last few to myself, I ended up doing things instead. On Saturday, I filled in for the Cyberpunk LARP—the Ch'akta Peace Accords.

I was Moriah Beau, a xenobiologist... )

Then a group of us went out afterward (I totally bought into [ profile] purplesparkler's assertion that Sunday is a day of rest from Lent and after midnight totally counted as Sunday), which mean after I got home at 2am and to sleep around 3am and then got up again around 8am for church since I was helping out, I kinda regretted it. Not enough that I wouldn't do it again, but I did feel somewhat delicate and had two cups of coffee and a cup of tea before lunch...

Had lunch with some of my age group from church, which was nice; I haven't seen most of them for ages, and it was good to catch up.

Then it was out to the Kilbirnie Festival, since I'd said that I would help out collecting for the Red Cross' Christchurch Appeal. [ profile] rincewindtvd was there too, and F drove us back to Northland. We went in for a cup of tea and stayed for a bbq after S & S invited us up for dinner. Got home around 8.30, had a shower and more or less collapsed for the night.

Tonight was the regular social grade frisbee game. It was rather windy tonight, which meant for a very low-scoring game. We played Ultimowarriors (I think—Ultimo something, anyway), who are mostly new players. I swear one of the points took half the game. It was fun though, and I was happier with how I played than I have been for a while.
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I am still in the middle of writing my post-Kapcon report (it looks like this year's is going to be quite wordy) and keep getting distracted by other reports and the discussion about next year's LARP... I'm up to fourth round, so am making progress.

Managed to twist my ankle at lunchtime today. I stepped on some uneven cobbles, not actively watching my footing, my ankle rolled and I went flying downhill. I'm not badly damaged, fortunately - grazed knee and palms, sore ankle, but I'm wondering what the bruising will end up like, since I actually managed to ice it promptly and put it up. It didn't walk off, which is unusual for that level of rolling for me. Oh well.

I'm seriously considering taking German night-classes this year in preparation for travelling. The ones I'm looking at are at Wellington High on Tuesday evenings. Has anyone heard anything about them, or have others that they would recommend?

Due to various reasons (three-quarters of them my own fault) I didn't get to run The Millers' Children at Kapcon. It's a four player game - are there four people out there who would be interested in playing it once so I've run tabletop at least once? This weekend won't work, but the following would probably be fine. Let me know if you're interested or if you know of someone who might be. A suitable time can then be worked out.

It's a Little Fears game. In the Little Fears world, all the supersititions, all the monsters, everything you've heard of from fairytales and folktales, all this is true. Black cats are unlucky. Breaking a mirror will gain you seven years bad luck. If you say that you wish the goblins will take your siblings away three times... well, that will happen, too. Your mother, Mrs Miller, has gone out for the evening and you have a friend around to stay overnight for your sister's birthday. It's all fine - nothing will happen, right?
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I eventually crashed out about 4.00am, but seemed to be okay on the two-and-a-half hours of sleep that I managed. Last night I got nearly seven, so while I have the larp-hangover this morning, I'm not too bad otherwise. Think I will go in earlier, have McDonalds for breakfast and be at the con on good time. We have a 9.45am start today, which feels less generous than it has in other years.

There are spoilers for all the games under the cuts, although the games on demand ones won't actually matter...

Round One: Dead Man's Chest )

Read more... )

Round Three: The Yellow Peril )

The Al-Shimir LARP )

Round Four: The Frog Princess )

I was pretty shattered at the end of all this, and so while I went to the after thing, when my ride wanted to leave early, I was more than happy to go. Lesson learned: seven rounds of gaming (including the LARP) is too many; take one off and stick to six.
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That is, with me lying in bed and typing this post like some kind of crazy person because my brain won't shut up. Everything else, pretty much as planned: work, work drinks, pre-Kapcon drinks, home, read for a bit, pack stuff for tomorrow, read until tired enough to sleep. I thought I was tired enough to sleep, but clearly not. The cat is sound asleep by my feet, however.

Currently, it's skipping between thinking about costuming for the first game tomorrow (I'm the cabin boy in a small pirate larp), visualising potential scenes from the game I'm running on Sunday (first ever time running tabletop, oh God), the possibility of writing some sort of Silmarilion-based game and potential scenes or plot lines for that*, etc etc. No sooner do I switch away from one, than another starts up.

It's very bright outside, what with the size of the moon and the moreporks won't shut up.

I bought awesome workshoes this week, but they're leave-at-work shoes and I keep forgetting to take a photo, so no picture, sorry. They're patent leather, bright red, strappy, with a closed toe and a decent heel. They're comfortable, too.

Work this week was not nearly as busy as expected. I even got some filing done from late last year (not the biling filing, but random bits of paper). I think the latest I got to before getting bored was about 4.00pm; the earliest around 2.00pm. The latter occured more than the former.

I should have another go at sleeping. I have to be up again in four hours or so.

*I blame [ profile] idiot_savant who compared the possbility of running a Vorkosigan game with its complete-feeling universe to LOTR and then when I said the Similarion would be better, said yes please. No promises, mind. But setting a game at the fall of the hidden city with the captains Glorfindel and Ecthelion could be kinda cool.
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So, I wrote up what happened in the game last night in some detail for [ profile] purplesparkler (who I think was expecting a paragraph). Instead, she got this:

And we're staying in Devon )

Oh, and does anyone know if Guy Fawkes Night was celebrated in the wilds of Devon during World War II, what with the blackout and all? I suspect not, but if someone could confirm it, that would be awesome.
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So a wee while ago, [ profile] tamarillow picked me up some of the volumes of Marion Zimmer Bradley Presents Sword and Sorceress and I'm currently reading Volume VIII for the first time. This has the short story 'Wings of Fire' by Mercedes Lackey in it, and features, along with Tarma and Kethry, a k'Shenya mage named Stormwind.

The thing I want to know: where else does Stormwind turn up?

A brief skim through of some of the relevant books fails to turn up the name and I can't be bothered getting the laptop out to search the ebooks at the moment, and I don't really want to reread the entire series (which I'm more likely to end up doing than searching the ebooks, seeing as its been a while since I read them all).

To give it its due, Volume VIII is a vast improvement on Volume VII (which has the most awful Cthulu rip-off that I've ever read and I can't believe she published it).

We have three more people joining the brightly coloured fantasy roleplaying game, which is awesome (particularly since [ profile] purplesparkler is one of them). First game with them is tomorrow night. It should be awesome.

And Confusion went well. I finally got around to typing up all the notes I talk when I spoke to artmeis at the beginning of the year, so now I have a file which I can pass onto whoever runs it after me.
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I am stubbornly resisting the urge to read the eARC of Cyroburn, Lois McMaster Bujold's latest Vorkosigan book. This is mostly because I dislike ARCs in general, and particularly eARCs. I was fine with waiting until November until the eARC was released recently and my flist (and the Bujold ML) just exploded. Also, I've had enough of reading not-completely finished books, as I've been doing some editing for friends recently.

...I still haven't read the five sample chapters available at Baen. Bujold has also noted that in preparation for Cyroburn's release, The Warrior's Apprentice has been moved to the Baen Free Library. For those of you who have not yet been sucked into the world(s) of Miles Naismith Vorkosigan, I can highly recommend it. In the meantime, I'm going to try to wait until November for the hardback. I have the suspicion that this means I'm going to back-collect all the Vorkosigan books in hardback, to accompany my paperbacks.

Work went well today. It took me the entire week, but I managed to complete three tasks that I wanted to get done: settlement yesterday (which was easy, part purchase so all I needed to do was organise the the money to be paid over); settlement today (which would have been easy, except the money didn't come in overnight, which meant I got to sort that out, my supervisor being in Auckland the last three days for a conference - this was actually fun); and filing the printing for one file since 19 July (the stack of paper was about 10cm high).

Tomorrow, of course, is Confusion. People appear to be looking forward to it, which is great. By dint of some chasing around assorted GMs, I mostly have blurbs, player numbers, and a rough timetable.
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See the shiny flyer I made:

A casual one-day roleplaying and board-gaming convention. Come along, give it a go.

WHERE: Turnbull House
WHEN: Saturday 7 August
TIME: 9.00am - late
COST: WARGS Members: $5
GMs/Other Clubs by negotiation: $10
Roleplayer/boardgamer (whole day, non of the above): $15
Per session: $5

There will be one room in which will have boardgaming, hanging out, and for those of you who want to, handcrafts. I will be there all day. Come say hi.
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Crossposted anywhere I can think of:

Hi everyone,

I have taken over running Confusion from artemis.

This year it is the first Saturday of August so the 8th. It is held at Turnbull House, on Bowen Street, just opposite the Beehive, and near all sorts of conveniently open bakeries and mini-supermarkets/Star Marts...

For those who havn't attended before it is a fantastic day of gaming involving 3 rounds of roleplaying and a whole lot of boardgaming.

It is a fun and relaxed gaming convention with tea and coffee provided.


9.00 - 9.30am: Registrations
9:30 - 12:30pm: Round 1

12.30 - 1.30pm: Lunch break

1:30 - 4:30pm: Round 2

4.30 - 5.30pm: Dinner Break

5:30 - 9:30pmish: Round 3


WARGS Members: $5
GMs/Other Clubs by negotiation $10
Roleplayer/boardgamer (whole day, non of the above): $15

So please come along and join the rest of us having a great day of gaming.

I am now looking for wonderful people to volunteer to GM (I already have one), so if you are interested, please either email me at the specially set up email address:, or comment here.

Boardgamers: if there are any of you out there who would like to bring a collection (or partial collection) of boardgames along for people to play, please contact me as above.

Thank you!
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We (Rosie Monday, Ted, Dana and Albere) got our families and some other people (about twenty people) down to the surface of the planet, since staying on the Pericles was untenable, and the people weren't seeing us or our families. Cap'n Pi (the alien drive engine and the ship's computer) was eating everyone (turning them into some sort of hive mind), and we needed off. Managed to land near a resistance group led by Eleanour of Acquitane (Astrid Lawson, Jeremy Lawson's grandmother), and joined her group at the Sherwood Forest while awaiting the arrival of King Richard back from the crusades (collecting the anti-viral from a different group of aliens).

King Richard came back from the crusades with his retainers (Jeremey Lawson and the group who went to find the computer anti-viral), but was caught by evil Prince John (Cap'n Pi) and taken to the Tower of London in France, but before some of his loyal retainers were caught, they managed to hide a treasure chest (laptop with anti-viral on it) which we needed to ultimately defeat Prince John and Cap'n Pi.

Robin Hood and his Merry Men (the four kids) rescued him and his retainers from the Tower of London, but Albere was trapped as we were leaving and later eaten. We broke King Richard out of the Tower of London by pretending to be troubadours and entering through the Entertainer's Gate, finding King Richard by singing "Greensleeves", putting the guards to sleep with a lullaby, and then doing a musical number to "I'd like to teach the world to sing" to get them out, while Rosie danced with Cap'n Pi as a distraction. The GM uttered the immortal words of "fuck, this is actually going to work", and "this is even sillier than the one with the hat".

We then got Dana's mum to fly Albere's space yacht (a cargo shuttle) up to the Pericles, where we fought our way to Anne Bonny's cove and Cap'n Pi's ship the Imaginary Magnitude,, whereupon Dana held off Cap'n Pi for long enough for Rosie and Ted to get to Cap'n Pi's cabin, where he keeps his heart, and give him the treasure chest (the anti-viral). Rosie told Cap'n Pi that it was the best gift of her love that she could give him, and he took the treasure chest and started taking the treasure out of it and got obsessed with the treasure, and it kept spreading and, eventually sank the ship.

With the ships computer taken out, the Pericles started failing, as did everything else networked to it (every other computer on the planet and in many other systems). And the Pericles, which was the children's homes their entire lives (except for the year spent on Esolin due to the Pericles having been taken over by Cap'n Pi), is gone. We managed to escape in emergency escape pods, and could see our home go dark and the lights on the planet go out as we started heading towards the planet.

And that's where the game ended., this isn't supposed to make sense to anyone else. This was a stranger game than usual, but not by too much. We're debriefing tomorrow. I think that will be helpful.

Confusion 8

Apr. 6th, 2010 07:32 pm
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Confusion 8 will be on 7 August 2010.

If you would like to GM or run a small larp or anything on the day (or indeed, have any other questions, comments or answers), please either leave a comment here or drop me an email at

Unless there is a vast outcry for things to be done otherwise, I will be keep times and pricing much the same.
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I have volunteered to take over the organisation of Confusion this year. Confusion is traditionally the first Saturday in August, but as there are several cons on in August/September (Confusion/Au Contraire/Chimera/Aussiecon 4), I think more than two weeks between Confusion and Chimera and Au Contraire (which are on the same weekend) would be a good idea.

Chimera and Au Contraire are both on the weekend of 27/29 July. Worldcon is 2-6 September.

There is a poll on NZRag for those who want to fill it out there.

For those of you who are not members, but are interested in going to a day of roleplaying/board games in Wellington, there is a poll here:

[Poll #1539586]
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Electric sheep otherwise known as extreme sheepherding

Link passed on by someone on the Bujold ML. It's awesome.

As promised, I called in sick to work today (emailed in last night) and am considering the same for tomorrow. Felt considerably better today than yesterday, but still not well, and am getting very tired of my ears being blocked.

My impulsively offered suggestion for running Vorkosigan GURPS next Kapcon seems to have triggered some enthusiasm. I think I know the source books well enough - now to read the player manual and come up with a suffiently fiendish plot.
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Kapcon 19 was really good.

Round one was a horror game set in the 1940s called Diminishing Regrets, which was the third in the "Children of the Blitz" series (you didn't need to play in the first two to know what was going on). It was fantastic and I was delighted to find out at the end that the GM was running the other two at this Kapcon as well - for the last time. I could only play in one other (round four Sunday morning), but it was also excellent.

Round two was a game called American Gothix in which you played a group of teenage goths in the 80s on a road trip to a nearby city where The Cure were playing in a concert. The only problem was the bratty 13 year old sibling of one of the goths had to come along, or they couldn't use the car. I played the bratty sibling and it was really easy to think back to going on long car journeys with my siblings. Lots of fun and I highly recommend it.

Round three I played in a Shadowrun 4th ed game in which we were a bunch of shadowrunners hired to ensure that a visiting celebrity had a really good time at a club in Seattle. Highjinks ensued, we got the job done, and were payed double - but a week late.

The LARP was Saturday night. It was the most amazing and immersive set I have ever played in. It would certainly beat some BBC productions for set design! There wasn't as much space as usual - not all the rooms were used - and there was a giant machine in the centre. My character was from a very insular faction, and as such, I spoke mostly to my own people, and one other group. Got home about midnight, had a shower, and spent the next couple of hours reading until I couldn't stay awake anymore, even if my brain didn't want to shut up.

Fourth round Sunday morning was the aforementioned horror game, this one called Fear of Dreaming. Six kids on a trip through a NPC's disturbed unconsious. We thought we were dead for most of the time, but kept going nonetheless - what else were we to do? I played the slow kid, and seriously, I find it so much harder to tone things down to that level. It was a nice way to start off the day.

Fifth round I played Steampunk! With Zombies! We were members of a super-secret organisation who had to retrieve a sarcophagai from Greece for the British museum, and once we got it back to London, hijinks ensued. Also, the GM provided cake.

Sixth round I was going to try a fourth ed D&D game called Undead Hunt. Unfortunately, there weren't enough players for it to run, but by that stage I was hitting the wall, and my incipant cold was starting to be felt. Played a small card game of Evil Overlord before fading out to read for a bit. Was asked to be door warden, and did that before most people wandered over to N's for post-Kapcon wind down.

Got home about 1.15am, thanks to [ profile] mashugenah, and promptly crashed. Woke up shortly after 11am this morning, and have spent most of the day in bed, generally feeling ill. Can't taste anything, my ears are generally blocked, and I've spent a fair amount of time dozing. Feeling slightly brighter now, but not enough for anything involving much concetration or many of the higher brain functions. Thinking about calling in sick tomorrow morning, but will see how I feel. Now, if only my shoulders would stop aching.

I have volunteered to run a game second round next year and to take over running Confusion, so artemist can have a break.

Thanks also to Vic who gave me a ride there both days and Ruth, who gave me a ride home on Saturday night.
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So I had my first exam for this year today. This is exam five out of six over three years and the one I'm most concerned about. I don't do any litigation work at work, so I have no practical experience in the field. However, I didn't have any omg I have no idea what that is moments, which is only kinda reassuring. I was also writing very very close to time and I probably lost some marks on the drafting for lack of neatness (and yes, they can and do do that, despite it all being done by word processing nowadays). One more to go. I really hope I pass this one - it would be incredibly embarassing and shameful if I failed. I even studied!

Then I came home and since one of the players was away, we did a flashback episode to the black ice planet on which we found an alien archive. I managed to roll minus 4 (a critical failure) that delighted the GM and saw my script-immune character dumped completely under in a pool of black goo (very technical term for an alien liquid of interesting chemical composition). Then I voluntarily put myself in the hands of the alien archive and allowed it to reconfigure my brain on the fly so I could try and save the other two people who had also fallen into the substance, but not managed to get out.

...I note this was acceptable for me to do so because I volunteered to do so, with full knowledge that this was an untried and untested experiment by an alien on myself. Informed consent was more or less in place. It's not like we can have the alien archive up on charges for undue influence.

Had to jettison some of the alien archive which had contaminants in it (humans) and that will probably end up in one of the undersea volcanos. That hurt because I was still tied into the system at the time...
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Oooops. We all forgot that our GM doesn't get cellphone reception out at his place, that he scarcely looks at his phone when he is in range or at work, and that he wouldn't get the game-not-on messages tonight...

He declined the offer of dinner.
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I think I'm in shock.

We just blew up the Solon, one of the three big honking spaceships in the universe. They're run by alien drive technology. Some of our adult characters were having suspicions about how the alien tech affected people mentally (higher incidences of schitzophrenia, for example). But this was a kids game - we're a group of ten year olds, all born aboard the Pericles - and Captain O'Shea reckoned that the best way to find a bunch of missing seven year olds aboard the Solon would be to set our lot loose.

Well, we broke into the drive relatively quickly. Dana fought the Man With Fingers (who killed her father) and lost. Once we rescued Arthur from his chains (an information booth), we headed into the bowels of the ship, followed the tracks of the three-legged space dinosaur named Cecil who had kidnapped the Prince and Princesses. We broke some things so the bumbling detectives would know where to find us. Captain Pi joined us and swore the highest oath possible that he would show us were the kids were. We fought robots and Cecil and found the Prince and Princesses being kept in an enchanted sleep in control of some Zenobians.

Only they weren't the normal Zenobians. They were kinda gooey and tentacley and were black and transparent with pinky-grey veins under the surface. But we fought them off and Ted used some of the electrical equipment to drive them back so we could rescuse everyone.

There was this long rumbling tearing groaning sound and minor electical explosions as we were fleeing. Then the decompression alarms went off, so we followed the drills. Ship was evacuated, children were rescued. All good, right?

An hour or two later, the Solon was in many many pieces in orbit above Esolin.
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Back to work today for the first time in nearly a month. I did a lot of filing, was tired from about 11.00am onwards and bored enough at the end of the day to Not Care and troll Tenancy Tribunal Orders.

Wellington Anniversary Weekend was the usual sugar/caffeine high people overdose gaming weekend. I probably didn't have enough caffeine or sugar over the weekend. Next year, I think I'll buy a four pack of bottles of V, not cans.

Kapcon Games )

Did nothing yesterday until I was due at [ profile] stephanie_pegg's for the BHS game which I've now joined on a permanent basis. I'm in the process of coming up with a long term character. It should be fun.

Lectures start on 9 February, so I'll be playing frisbee Tuesday nights until then. Life is already starting to get busy.
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Last year I had to make the difficult decision of choosing between playing frisbee one night a week or roleplaying in a campaign. Frisbee won and I just played in random short games and guested in a couple of campaigns for a session.

This year it looks like the decision has been forced the other way - I'll have to reassess when the indoor season starts - but as there is no longer a Monday night Creature team and half the point of me playing frisbee is the social aspect and I can't play Tuesday nights from February due to my Litigation Law and Practice lecture being from 5.30 - 7.30pm on that day, I think I will give frisbee a break for the second half of the outdoor season.

I'm still willing to sub if I don't have a lecture (think I said I would play for Zesty this Tuesday), but I'm not going to be on a team roster.

On the other hand, this means I get to join the Big Honking Spaceship game at [ profile] stephanie_pegg's on Monday nights and that can't possibly be a bad thing - I played in it last Monday and that was lots of fun. I'm quite looking forward to roleplaying on a regular basis again. I have missed being part of a long campaign - going into a short game knowing that it's a short game isn't the same thing.

I'm also looking forward to Kapcon - my LARP character sheet came through finally, so I need to spend a bit more time reading and thinking about Laura and how I want to finish the costuming. Won't be at the drinks on the Friday night though; I have a friend's birthday thing.

And after Kapcon, I go back to work, but I have an entire week until I have to think about that. *gloats*


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