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Jul. 27th, 2014 10:02 pm
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Some months ago, my livejournal account was going to be renewed and thanks to my bank being overprotective, the payment was declined. I decided not to renew my paid LJ account and have finally set up one at Dreamwidth instead. I will still read in both places.

Haven't posted since May, but oh, well. In the intervening time, we have booked flights to New Zealand for January and done some of the booking for our travels around too. We still need to book accommodation for a night in Fox or Franz Josef, decide whether we are staying an extra night in Queenstown (and if so, book accommodation for that night) and also book flights back up north afterwards. It is in pretty good shape.

Since I have voting rights, I have dutifully been reading my way through all the Hugo nominations. There are some outstanding entries and some that left me cold. I will vote this week - I think it closes on Thursday! My bonus came through so I have also picked up a few new ebooks, including The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison which I have been resisting because it's 9GBP for the e-book! Also a couple of new James Hetley books - [personal profile] tamarillow you may be interested in checking them out (same universe as Dragon Eyes etc).

We came back from a week away with friends in Somerset on Friday and it is back to work tomorrow. I am not quite ready to be going back to work tomorrow—there is so much to do in the next two weeks! The week away was lovely; glorious weather, I cooked dinner for 21 once, ate and drank to my heart's content (and body's occasional displeasure) and swam daily. Also did lots of crosstitch and am making good progress on the wedding present for May.

In a couple of weeks there are two science fiction and fantasy geekery conventions: Nine Worlds and LonCon3. I feel more prepared to face them now (but have still not brought myself to look at the programme).
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My parents had to go to my cousin's wedding today - apparently it was very nice - I've seen the pictures that Dad took and the bride looked lovely. There are also some neat shots of the groom, my brother and the other groomsman mucking around on the jetty and a trailer and the like.

Accordingly, I had the house to myself so spent much of the day catching up on livejournal(new [ profile] bb_shousetsu and the new chapter of Embers (the Avatar: The Last Airbender fic I am eagerly following), before making dinner and flicking between an episode of Dr Who I've seen before (and didn't particularly care for), Bend It Like Beckham and Time Team. Didn't do much embroidery and realised that the last of the little I did needs to be unpicked.

I have managed to swim yesterday and today. Yesterday was really hot and I was trying to find the cool spots in the water (the rest of it felt like the salt hot water pool, only it can't have been that warm), and today I was finding the warm spots in the water. Didn't stay in particularly long, either. Didn't have to dodge the kite-surfers today, either.

Tomorrow, we head off to Raglan. We are to be at the bus stop at 7.45am and will get into Hamilton shortly after 11.00am. My sister and her husband have kindly volunteered to give us a ride out to Raglan - Mum says they're finally getting over their self-centered perspective of the world.

I'm still not entirely sure what to talk about with my sister now - we have such different lives and interests, but we're working on finding things in commmon. I think that I should give her a hardcopy of The Curse of Chalion (if I haven't already - must check - I know she has it in e-book) so we can talk about it. I think she'd enjoy it - and it's better than Eddings, whom she is currently rediscovering.

...I think I'm starting to reach the point where I feel that yes, I'm on holiday. And I don't have to be doing anything.
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I am packed (except for what I am wearing and Pania) and have a taxi booked for 8.00am tomorrow morning, so I will be in plenty of time for the bus.

Tabitha is loaded up with a few podcasts (Girl Genius radio plays and A Very Long Summer - thank you for the suggestion, [ profile] tamarillow) and whatever music took my fancy as I scrolled through itunes. Pania has been loaded up with assorted Yuletide fics saved as html and my entire e-book collection. I have packed [ profile] thesane's wedding sampler and the Maidens of the Seasons to do in way of handwork. I have even remembered to pack my ipod cable and cellphone charger.

I keep thinking I've forgotten something, but I'm not sure what.

There will possibly still be an unsecured network somewhere around my parents place that I can pick up. There might be something in Raglan, but failing that Gran has broadband, so I will at least be able to check my email. Won't be online much, though.

Most of the leftovers from Christmas have been used up. Still to go are assorted mince-meat pies (and I still have about a jar of the mince-meat to go), half the ham, and an entire cheesecake. I couldn't face any cheesecake until today, so [ profile] tamarillow has an entire one to herself and whoever she chooses to share it with. I don't think it will freeze well.

Spent a couple of hours in town today. Bought another set of summer sheets, a new nightie, and a couple of pillowcases, all of which were planned, and a set of cocktail glasses, so when we experiment with cocktails we use something other than tumblers or sherry glasses. Town wasn't too busy, but it was ridiculously muggy, so I gave up trying on clothes and got the other stuff instead.
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Finally signed up and paid for Aussiecon4 next year. W00t.

Also: two more days left of work. It's nearly time for summer holidays.
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It is the most glorious evening tonight. After a stressful day at the office (bloody partners not around to sign things) and work drinks, I came home and sat outside on the deck reading Essie Summers Mills&Boon romances from the late 60s and 70s in the cool of the evening.

All the deck doors were wide open to the pohutukawas and the tuis called occasionally and as I went to go inside, having cooled down enough, there was the whirr of a kererū's wings overhead and off into the valley.

It's a still night tonight; my windows are wide open and the deck doors haven't been closed yet. I am discovering that while I can touch type, I'm not nearly so good at it when my monitor is the only light in the room and moths are leaving grubby marks on it. Getting the hang of it again.

I think I like the view from our deck more than I like the view from any of the terraces. One feels more immediately in the midst of things on the deck, whereas you overlook our roof from the terrace. But the deck has the pohutukawas surrounding it, softening the view over the valley lights away and below.
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For dinner tonight:

barbequed prawns marinaded in a thai coriander and lime dressing
barbequed ham, pineapple, mushroom, capsicum and avocado kebabs
refriend kumra and corn mush
green salad

It was excellent, especially the prawns and avocado.

It has been a very hot day today. Fortunately, there was a bit of a breeze, so we opened all the deck doors and the ranch slider and most of the windows and made the lounge door stay open as to create a bit of a crossbreeze, which has been lovely. The windchimes occasionally sound, but not enough to be annoying.

The cats quite enjoy coming into my room, jumping out the window, going round and doing it all again. Or jumping in the window occasionally, in Tobias' case.

There is a bus that goes between Karori and Queensgate via J'ville every day until around 2.00pm or so - a shopping bus. I think there is a fairly early bus stop, otherwise it's around the entrance to Otari Wilton bush, and then it's a relatively easy walk up Warwick St and home. Not so good for going to visit [ profile] clockworkflight and [ profile] darth_sappho, but excellent for overnight. Wish it ran later, but it's pretty good. Certainly faster than going into town and catching another bus home again. Cheaper, too, and it's a Go!Wellington bus, so takes snapper cards.

Have stitched a fair amount on Spring over the weekend; I'm just starting the second sweep of her dress. Making sure I get the flowers right is probably the trickiest thing at the moment, especially as one of the colours is a bead and that's just annoying. It's coming out much whiter on the blue fabric than I expected, but maybe that will change as I stitch more.

Summer Days

Feb. 7th, 2007 10:47 pm
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First day back at work since 19 January 2007. I hadn't forgotten a surprising amount, but it feels very strange to be kneeling on my chair all day and be back at work. I do feel well rested - the three days at Matarangi, when I just did nothing really made a difference, as did yesterday, whereupon I did nothing until I left to go to Ultimate. It was Happy vs. Dirty. We lost, btw.

I am really enjoying the warmth and sunshine of summer. I've been sleeping with my windows open for the last week I've been here (except Thursday because it was too cold). I'm too awake to sleep, although finishing David Weber's latest (which C. purchased) Off Armageddon Reef might solve that problem. Also too hot at the moment, but my room is slowly cooling down and I'll open my curtains when I turn my light out and the computer off.

Sometimes in my flat, we just lose at life. We went grocery shopping this evening but decided that instead of doing the pile of rinsed dishes on the bench afterwards, we would watch Eureka 1.8, which was good and sad and funny at the same time.

I caught the 6.35 Wilton into town this morning as a kinda test run to see what's the earliest I can get to the gym (there being no earlier bus) and what sort of time I'll need to allow in the future to shower, dress, get to work and eat breakfast. Despite my dislike for it, I may end up having to eat breakfast before I leave, since I'm really not going to have that much time when I start starting at 8.00am.

Still have that pile of books on my floor to amend in my catalogue and still need to vaccum. Hopefully, I'll get to the latter tomorrow. The former can wait until. Um. Friday? Sunday? Saturday is completely booked.

Argh! I start study again in a couple of weeks! Why am I doing this?

Bright eyes

Dec. 3rd, 2006 10:51 pm
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Sometimes, when we remember, we watch Choose 40 on C4. Tonight's show was the Worse Music Videos ever. I have to admit, I'm rather fond of some of the videos and like quite a few of the songs that we saw. Not that we watched all of them, of course. I can understand why Come on, Eileen was in it. I can understand why Total Ecilpse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler was on it. I'm just totally bemused by that last video. What's up with the alien schoolboy lover with the glowing eyes and the angel wings?

After church today, C and I went to the Thorndon Fair and had a thorough wander. They were packing up by the time we left. But we bought things! C got some presents and a pretty bracelet. I got part of [ profile] maudlinrose's Christmas present, a patty cake tin (50c!), and an incomplete dinner set. The cups were out in a box marked under $2 each and I thought they were pretty, so asked if they had saucers. The lady said that not only did she have saucers, but she also had three dinner plates, four lunch plates as well, and would I like them all for $10.00? I certainly would and did and am quite pleased with the purchase. It was heavy to carry around though!

We have a real live (dying) Christmas tree up in the lounge now! C and her mother got one for us when they were out yesterday, and we've put lights and tinsel and gold balls and glitter coloured balls and various other decorations (including my favourite ball of fluff with gold thread inside a gold spiral) and it looks very shiny and pretty and smells really good. I'm very pleased; it was one of the things that say Christmas to me.

We are working on clearing the gorse away. All the gorse that was sorted (apart from the stuff which still needs the axe) is now under the house in the correct firewood pile. The stuff that was sorted and discarded is mostly in a canvas container we purchased for it. The unsorted pile now needs to decrease, which will only happen with our hard labour.

I managed to avoid getting sunburned this weekend, or at least, not much. I am very pleased about this. Now, if only I can manage to keep it up for the summer - assuming we have a summer. I should not be taking my flannel sheets off my bed in December!

Must find a Bonnie Tyler cd to stick on my computer, preferably with that song on it.


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