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Long weekend is almost over. Had [ profile] callie over on Friday night, discovered that mixing average vodka and apple sourz together for shots improves both, and the resulting hangover took out most of Saturday. Note to self: do not drink good riesling (or good anything else for that matter) before drinking apple sourz or if the drinking is to get drunk.

Haven't done much else over the weekend. Went out for a walk on Sunday, lit the fire a couple of times, did laundry, checked a lot of meta data, cooked a bit...

Actually, I did have another go at getting my preferred sleep cassettte tape digitalised using Audacity, but gave up—for the amount of annoyance getting it right will cause me, I think it'll be better just to pay someone to do it. I have the original, and I won't be able to replace it when it wears out—it was hard enough finding a replacement some eight or nine years ago. New Zealand people, any recommendations?

I read some of the gay romance ebooks I picked up recently (the ones with an actual publisher rather than being self-published with obviously photo-shopped covers). They were terrible and not in the awesome way. I read them anyway. Most of the slash fic I read is better (it's better than most of the harlequins I read too). Maybe some fic writers should branch out.

...and the cooking. Despite my distinct preference for Annabel Langbein's style of cooking (I can only say that the meals are clear, somehow), I've made a couple of things from Tessa Kiros' books and one from Stephanie's Cook's Companion this weekend.

Dinner last night was fish in a chopped tomato/celery/parsley/garlic mixture cooked for an hour and a half or so in the oven. Flavour wasn't as deep as I'd like and you could taste the celery, but hey, food. Doubt I'll make it again, or if I do, I might add some tomato puree or tomato sauce and make it a bit less pure tomato flavour (I'm not a fan of raw tomato or plain cooked tomato).

Dinner tonight was a pie I've made a few times: a rich steak pie that is essentially casseroled for two hours on the stove top before even putting it in the pastry shell. I added carrots and dried mushrooms that had been soaked for half an hour in brandy to the filling mixture. I made the pastry as well. It was excellent and I will have some for lunch tomorrow.

I also made a chocolate cake from Stephanie's Cook's Companion for dessert. I forget its name, but it had a bit of rice flour in it, and has chocolate brandy buttercream icing. Used [ profile] maudlinrose's Kenwood Chefette for most of the mixing and it's strange (for one thing the bowl spins, rather than than the beaters rotating and the beaters don't stay up very well when they have mixture on them for another). I don't need to use an actual mixer very often, but when I do I wish the ceramic bowl on mine hadn't cracked (Kenwood no longer makes ceramic bowls and replacing it will be a bitch).

Anyway, the cake: a nice dense chocolate cake with excellent icing. Good with plain yoghurt or cream. Cake's more effort than I can usually be bothered with—it's nice, but nothing spectacular. The icing is really good though (but could have done with more brandy).

Unfortunately, no frisbee tomorrow as it clashes with German. I must go for a walk at lunch to wear it off.
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I spent my weekend playing Settlers II (and completing the entirity of level 8), catching up on housework and adding ebooks to Calibre. I don't feel the need to play Settlers for a while - probably a month or so. Ebooks are still being added, but I think I have managed to get all the ones that were causing the program to hang. Now, to check and edit the metadata on all 10,000 plus of them.

I have also been catching up on Camelot (spoilers) )
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I have pictures of nephew, who is cute (as expected) and a tiny baby only by virtue of being a baby (he's a pretty decent size for newborn). They went home on Tuesday and are doing well. Although I did get a text from my sister saying something along the lines of: well, he's born, he's home, now what do we do with him?

Most of my Christmas present shopping is done, which is a relief. Only a couple more shops to venture into and I know what they are. On the other hand, since I work in town, there's no escaping the mad crowds.

Ended up skipping out on my last weeknight event (the firm Christmas do) due to catching [ profile] maudlinrose's cold. I was more or less sent home after the settlement was completed, and ended up napping on the couch. Being out of the air-con helped immensely, and hopefully I will be all go for the next three days, which are going to be a bit crazy at work. I am kinda hoping that the settlement on Monday (a purely commerical event) doesn't end up going through so we have actual time to sort out the new A&I issue. Christmas presents for lawyers are all finished, but one more card to write.

I was pretty lazy yesterday; got some washing done but didn't get around to hanging it out. It wasn't until this morning that I worked out that it was partially due to not having had a cup of coffee in the morning. Of course, the rest of it was due to being plague-ridden, so I think I get a pass.

Actually, I've spent a fair amount of the last few days reading. Now that Alessan finally convinced me to read the first one, I've been devouring CJ Cherryh's Foreigner series. How did I not get around to reading this before - cultural politics are usually right up my alley. I am now up to book 9 (or book 3 of the third trilogy), and understand the fourth trilogy is not yet finished. I will try some of her other books as well - fortunately, I have most of them as ebooks. I've read books four - 8 since Thursday.

I also read Indigo Springs by A M Dellamonica, which was and wasn't what I expected from the blurb. The blurb, for example, gives no hint that one of the view point characters is a civilan crisis negotiator, and that the surround story is set after everything goes to pieces. The two halves - then and now - eventually come together in an unsurprising, but competently written fashion. I'm not sure how much I liked it, certainly won't be buying it, but I will be looking out for the sequel in the library. I think I picked this up as a book rec either from Unshelved or [ profile] james_nicoll.

On Friday I read Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk. There were a few surprises, but it was mostly reasonable urban fantasy. I'll read others if I see them, but they didn't particularly grab me and I won't be looking for them.

No pictures this week; it's been raining since sometime on Friday. The garden needs it, but the farmers up north need it more. My grandad's family email this week said they got an inch and a half of rain, which helped, but wasn't nearly enough. I think we've had at least that today.

I should probably go and get some more cleaning done - we have a flat inspection tomorrow and it's the new person.
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This week has been crazybusy workwise, leaving me little room to think about anything else. It has also been a week of finishing after six, over an hour past my normal finish time, what with Monday being end-of-month billing, and as the team was down two LAs for the day, that was all I did all day (excluding a fifteen minute break to get lunch); Tuesday having a client seminar, followed by drinks, and me being dropping home after eight, somewhat tipsy on three glasses of wine and a few nibbles, which is all I'd eaten since lunch; Wednesday was our monthly workgroup meeting, and what with two people leaving the firm, it didn't finish until 6:00pm or so; last night I was about to go home and there was more urgent work to do... Today I made a big effort, worked through morning tea, took a short lunch break and managed to finish just after five. That's practically on time. Awesome.

It's not that I mind doing this, because I don't particularly (although I could have done with it not being all on one week), but it is somewhat annoying that overtime doesn't start until 6:00pm and has to be approved, which means I'm not getting overtime for all this. *sigh*

Next week is a three day week for me (Monday and Friday off), and there are three settlements, reporting on the one from this week, finishing everything that I didn't manage to get done this week - I left my desk absolutely covered in piles of paper. Hopefully WP will have more staff lnext week, so they can do the filing. Not that I'm stressing at all about this. Now that I've complained about it, I can hopefully put it from my mind for the rest of the weekend. Either that, or I'll end up going in on Sunday before the Creature meeting...

But now it is weekend! Long weekend!

I can sleep in as long as I want tomorrow and Monday and only have to leave the house pre-serve coffee at church on Sunday, which means I should hopefully also get to the Creatures meeting at Huckleberry after. Assorted people are coming up tomorrow afternoon for crafts and hanging out - if you're particularly interested and don't know about it, email me and I'll give you the details. Monday afternoon/evening is the initial meeting for the next rpg for our group. I've been missing gaming.


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