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My week at work is going to be a tad nuts: end of month (always busy); end of local authority financial year (always busy); and the lawyer I do the most work for is recovering from unexpected surgery on Sunday night and one of the juniors and I are picking up what we can. Lawyer is recovering well and appears to be permanently attached to her blackberry, but we are trying to encourage her to rest and not work on her sick leave.

At least there aren't any settlements this week.

Another one of my lawyers who is currently on parental leave dropped by today to fill out some forms and supply us with baking[1]. She will be coming back to work after she's sorted out day care. It was good to see her—but I feel wuite bad that I haven't had time to finish sorting out her office after the shuffle. There isn't even a working computer on her desk; it's on the floor.

I have also managed to be very productive with my evenings this week (after doing hardly anything at the weekend). Yesterday, I cleaned the bbq to go away for the winter. It hasn't been used since Easter. I also tightened all the bolts, so it should feel much less wobbly now. Today I glued the wobbly dining room chair; made a very plain poster to go up in Wargames Supplies advertising for GMs for Confusion 9/2011; advertised Confusion 9/2011 at [ profile] wellingtonrpg; and I went to my last German class for this term. Three weeks' holiday, and I really must do more practice than I have for the last few weeks!

Tomorrow, I have to write my [ profile] kiwifandomsfest fic because it's due on Thursday. I have been thinking about it, but haven't put fingers to keyboard for it yet. And having just checked, I see that practically all the copies of the source book are on loan at the library... oh well, I didn't want to imitiate Mahy's style anyway, and not having the source will help with that.

Thursday is gaming and Friday night is currently free, but it needs to be early because Saturday is Indoorpendence and Saturday night is my work mid-year. Alice: The Madness Returns will have to wait until Sunday.

Plus I keep forgetting the dates of the rugby world cup and keep running into events/prices/timetables that are affected by it. Dammit.

Oh, and it's shark week. Joy.

[1] a very familiar recipe to me: Diana's chocolate-caramel brownie.
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I am still in the middle of writing my post-Kapcon report (it looks like this year's is going to be quite wordy) and keep getting distracted by other reports and the discussion about next year's LARP... I'm up to fourth round, so am making progress.

Managed to twist my ankle at lunchtime today. I stepped on some uneven cobbles, not actively watching my footing, my ankle rolled and I went flying downhill. I'm not badly damaged, fortunately - grazed knee and palms, sore ankle, but I'm wondering what the bruising will end up like, since I actually managed to ice it promptly and put it up. It didn't walk off, which is unusual for that level of rolling for me. Oh well.

I'm seriously considering taking German night-classes this year in preparation for travelling. The ones I'm looking at are at Wellington High on Tuesday evenings. Has anyone heard anything about them, or have others that they would recommend?

Due to various reasons (three-quarters of them my own fault) I didn't get to run The Millers' Children at Kapcon. It's a four player game - are there four people out there who would be interested in playing it once so I've run tabletop at least once? This weekend won't work, but the following would probably be fine. Let me know if you're interested or if you know of someone who might be. A suitable time can then be worked out.

It's a Little Fears game. In the Little Fears world, all the supersititions, all the monsters, everything you've heard of from fairytales and folktales, all this is true. Black cats are unlucky. Breaking a mirror will gain you seven years bad luck. If you say that you wish the goblins will take your siblings away three times... well, that will happen, too. Your mother, Mrs Miller, has gone out for the evening and you have a friend around to stay overnight for your sister's birthday. It's all fine - nothing will happen, right?
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That is, with me lying in bed and typing this post like some kind of crazy person because my brain won't shut up. Everything else, pretty much as planned: work, work drinks, pre-Kapcon drinks, home, read for a bit, pack stuff for tomorrow, read until tired enough to sleep. I thought I was tired enough to sleep, but clearly not. The cat is sound asleep by my feet, however.

Currently, it's skipping between thinking about costuming for the first game tomorrow (I'm the cabin boy in a small pirate larp), visualising potential scenes from the game I'm running on Sunday (first ever time running tabletop, oh God), the possibility of writing some sort of Silmarilion-based game and potential scenes or plot lines for that*, etc etc. No sooner do I switch away from one, than another starts up.

It's very bright outside, what with the size of the moon and the moreporks won't shut up.

I bought awesome workshoes this week, but they're leave-at-work shoes and I keep forgetting to take a photo, so no picture, sorry. They're patent leather, bright red, strappy, with a closed toe and a decent heel. They're comfortable, too.

Work this week was not nearly as busy as expected. I even got some filing done from late last year (not the biling filing, but random bits of paper). I think the latest I got to before getting bored was about 4.00pm; the earliest around 2.00pm. The latter occured more than the former.

I should have another go at sleeping. I have to be up again in four hours or so.

*I blame [ profile] idiot_savant who compared the possbility of running a Vorkosigan game with its complete-feeling universe to LOTR and then when I said the Similarion would be better, said yes please. No promises, mind. But setting a game at the fall of the hidden city with the captains Glorfindel and Ecthelion could be kinda cool.
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In the rpg I'm in at the moment on Thursday nights, my character is a fourteen year old girl with major self-confidence issues and a developing sense of honour who is the knight in the party with a shiny magic sword named Bellomech.

A few weeks ago, the party was told the making story of the sword. The other night I was telling it to a friend from my notes, and it occured to me that it would be awesome if I could embroider it, Bayeux tapestry style of stitching. The idea took hold.

I don't want to do a banner, because then I would have to find somewhere to hang it. Instead, I think I'll do a book. Each panel will be an individual piece of fabric, stitched and then attached to a backing board (maybe balsa wood? something light, anyway), with the board covered on the other side either with fabric or yet more embroidery. The panels would be attached to each other in chronological order with chain, so you could either read it book style or unfold it completely.

I haven't made a pattern yet, but I have summed up the story into about 9 panels (plus cover pages). I've found some pictures on the internet I can work with as a base, and I've got a book of the Bayeux tapestry with lots of coloured pictures I can refer to and work from.

This may have all stayed in my head, but I was talking to [ profile] thesane about it, and she was encouraging me as she does. We were talking about linen and calico and what it would be stitched on, when I remembered that I had a tablecloth worth of linen (with the embroidery pattern for the tablecloth) that Gran gave me at some point, and it was about the right amount and colour. I'm never going to stitch the tablecloth - I'm not that crazy, so it means that I now have the linen I need, which would be the expensive off-putting part.

I think it can be 12 panels (including the cover pages), because a square divides into 12 better than it does 11. And I think I'll mostly stick to stem stitch & couching, except for the blackwork bits, because you know, I'm not completely crazy.

the story or 'The Making of Bellomech the White Sword' )
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So today's been a bit weird. I'm not entirely sure it was worth me staying and work paying for me to stay past 3.00pm, but I did and they did, and I found some things to do, but was really just marking time. Work was fairly busy until 3.00pm, so that helped. I got stuff done.

Currently, it is a perfectly normal hour for me to be awake if I didn't have anything on tomorrow, but since I will be getting up earlier than normal work time so I have time for a shower and breakfast before reg desk at 8.00am. I have been to bed and got up again, because my brain would not shut up and I'm trying to stop thinking.

There are still quite a few people up and about - they're all dressed, while I am in fuzzy socks, pyjamas and a jumper. I'm not going over to talk to them, because I don't quite feel that awake. I did try reading for a bit, but I left my glasses (and my name tag) upstairs, and don't want to chance waking any of the others until I actually feel I can sleep. And the nice man at the bar gave me a hot water even though they had closed, so hopefully that will help.

At least the hotel wireless is working spendidly for me.

The con so far:

I went to the book launch of A Foreign Country, which is an anthology of New Zealand speculative fiction. There are people I know in it and the stories look pretty good. The editor made a nice speech about it, the cover art was admired, and one of the authors read her story from the anthology, as it was one of the shorter pieces in the book. I was asked to take photos, but there were people there with far more professional cameras than my point-and-shoot digital, so hopefully those will get passed onto the concom and mine can be deleted as appropriate.

I also went to the opening ceremony. The main speaker was very energetic and enthusiastic, and it was more or less what you would expect an opening speech for a con to be, with self-and-other depricating comments, asides from the audience, and lots of laughter (apart from the tequila, which I wasn't quite expecting). The trailers for the long-film entries to the Julius Vogel awards followed. I spent some time on the reg desk before it was closed and then crashed for a bit.

And now I'm here, and awake, and why is this the case?
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[ profile] tamarillow and I went up the hill into the town belt to watch the fireworks tonight. I had a post composed which said: "Sometimes, the best art is ephemeral" and used my things go boom icon.

That was before I missed a ledge cunningly hidden in long grass, slipped down the last part of the hill, landed on the hardpacked ground, getting the nerve in my left ankle and directly on my left knee.

The ankle isn't badly damaged - I've rolled the right one much worse and it normally sorts itself out in a day or two. That will be fine.

The knee, on the other hand... It's not as dramatic as the time when I slipped down the stairs when I lived at Harbour View, and certainly not as bad as the time I sprained my right ankle, but it's impressive nonetheless. It's rather swollen and turning an odd shade of red/brown (which will then go blue...). Have iced it on and off for the last hour or so, taken painkillers and anti-inflammatories and hopefully more RICE will sort it out.

I am taking tomorrow off work, since I'm not sure I will be able to walk. I very much doubt I will be at frisbee practice on Saturday, either.

EDIT: and then there's the bit where I hsve to go in to work tomorrow, since my lawyers are out of town and ther's a settlement and I'm the one who knows the file... dammit. I was starting to look forward to a day of sitting and reading. At least work will pay for a taxi.


Sep. 21st, 2009 08:55 pm
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These things have been FAIL today:

  • Waking up with a headache due to falling asleep after 2.00am this morning;
  • Client telling us that funds would come in same-day-cleared for settlement by 3.00pm (most our other clients manage this by 10.00am);
  • Client failing to tell us until 3.00pm today that they couldn't get funds through same-day-cleared for settlement today;
  • Other side on settlement giving us understandings instead of undertakings;
  • Other side on settlement giving two different numbers of balance due to be paid on settlement statement;
  • Other side using the word "by" instead of "to" in a different undertaking also required for this settlement;
  • Our bank having technological issues, so having to write a bank cheque once I got there to collect it because the printer wouldn't print when I finally got there at 3.40pm;
  • Other side not managing to release the e-dealing by 4.00pm, which means that I couldn't submit it as Landonline close off is at 4.00pm and it will have to be done at 9.00am tomorrow;
  • Having a headache all day and living on panadol like it's going out of fashion (together with several cups of coffee, a bottle of V and a few chocolate-coated coffee beans);
  • My cat jumping onto the windowsill and spilling my cup of tea that I'd placed there;
  • Me, at studying.

Things that were AWESOME today:

  • Having pesto, salami and sundried tomatoes on my sandwich for lunch;
  • Chocolate-coated coffee beans (I only had three);
  • Volunteering to write up notes on the Infrastructure Bill relating to local government and having that volunteering being accepted;
  • Listening to Elizabeth Marvelly on the bus on the way home;
  • Talking to [ profile] thesane for a while;
  • [ profile] tamarillow's lasange for dinner;
  • Richard Cheese covering Nine Inch Nails' Closer.
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For McDonalds, that is. Instead of going out somewhere nice for dinner tonight before grocery shopping, we went to McDonalds, because we are out for a very expensive dinner on Saturday and it was raining, so Wishbone on Parliament grounds or in front of the Cenotaph was not an option.

I rather regret it.

The chicken-bacon deluxe was not worth it. Much worse than the last McDonalds I had (which was breakfast before the bookfair). I don't mind the occasional breakfast at McDonalds. But dinner? Not so much. I've been feeling kinda queasy since. I am drinking peppermint tea in the hopes that this will help.

Test #1 is over. I know I made the wrong reference to a question on the PPSA, because I had time at the end of the drafting, so was going through my copy and highlighting relevant bits (but because those bits are now highlighted, that won't be a problem again). I didn't manage to finish the short-answer question section, but I don't think anyone else in the class managed to either. The usual answer five questions out of seven in an hour, but we lost ten minutes of that to reading time. I would have rather that came off the drafting section, because the drafting was just some Director's resolutions and a plain English letter explaining clauses 14.1 and 15.1 of the standard ADLS Deed of Lease (repair and maintenance, and access for repair and maintenance), which are not that complicated, frankly.

On the other hand, there were three sets of questions on the Companies Act 1993, which were pretty basic, so I did those, the one on the Insurance Law Reform Act (I forget which one), because it was on subject to average and I'd done the homework questions on that recently, and another one, but I can't remember what that was about, either.

Test #2 is next Tuesday, which will be on the basics of criminal law and on family law. I will have to do a lot more study for that one, because I don't work in the area and am not nearly as comfortable with it. Not tonight though.
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I'm going to die tomorrow. I signed up to play in Indoorpendence, a development frisbee tournament way back when I felt fine and wasn't tired all the time. I haven't played frisbee since classes started again back in February. I'm pretty sure I still have my old indoor shoes...

Not only that, but my work mid-year is tonight. It's at Dockside, so the food and the drink should be pretty good. Not that I really plan on drinking, because I had a glass of wine at work drinks last night and no sooner finished it than I crashed - enough so that I needed a nap at home before going on with the rest of my evening.

I slept in this morning and have just got up from a nap. A short one this afternoon, because I had a cup of coffee with lunch and was (am) listening to My Chemical Romance, neither of which are particularly condusive to napping. I'm enjoying the music more than I expected and am painting finger and toe nails idly while reading on the internet.

Shortly I will wander into [ profile] maudlinrose's room and get her to straighten my hair.

I'm so tired.
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I wonder why I have no self-control sometimes. I am perfectly capable of hopping off the computer now and going to bed or doing something sensible. Am I? Not yet.

The goal is to be in bed before midnight.

The other goal is to NOT reread the Chronicles of Riddick/Buffy: The Vampire Slayer crossover that I just read. It was crack like.

Actually, it was pure crack. I liked it.

Honestly, it's better than the BtVS/SG1 fics I've been reading lately. They're bad. Also, scarily addictive.

Crossover fics are my secret weakness. Were my secret weakness. They're still a weakness but not secret anymore, if it ever was a secret.


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