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I work on level 23 of a 26 story office building near the waterfront. Because there's another road parallel to the one my building is on that is a good seven stories or more above road level by my building, I rarely notice how high I am. Except when I see seagulls gliding below my window. One day I'll get a photo.

Cooked lots over the weekend (I forget what we had for dinner on Saturday night but also boiled a chicken for stock that day, gumbo using some of the stock and shredded chicken for dinner on Sunday), and cooked again tonight. I made this, but forgot to add the parmesan and butter to the polenta, so it wasn't as creamy and was a bit more lemony than I really prefer (I used half a cup of stock and some lemon juice and some water to make the polenta). Oh, and I used pork mince instead of lamb mince.

These things aside, it wasn't too bad. If the polenta was creamier, I think I would have liked it more. The flatmates seemed to like it though.

Note to self: do not leave prepared ingredients by the coffee-maker. You'll forget them.

Last weekend was the annual DCM bookfair. Normally, it's early September, but they had to shift it this year due to the Rugby World Cup and not being able to get a big enough venue during that time period. Worst weather we've ever had for it, I think. It was absolutely freezing. [profile] purplesparkler joined us for her inaugural trip down and we ran into [profile] darthsappho there. Both of them joined us for lunch at Leuven. I managed to get a small pile of Pratchett (for the first time ever) and Pegasus in Space which I was actually looking for, and picked up Connie Willis' To Say Nothing of the Dog, Paul Gallico's The Lovel of Seven Dolls" (which is creepier than I rememebered - and that's saying something!).

Work hasn't been too bad lately. I am gathering all the information I need to give to my responsible partner for my legal exec registration. But somehow it keeps getting put aside so I can do chargable work...

Am still having trouble installing Alice: The Madness Returns on Annabelle. I eventually worked out that I needed to upgrade my system, and figured I'd just go straight to Windows 7, but no, that didn't work. Have finally got XP Service Pack 3 installed (which it should work on) and am still having issues. I'll try again this weekend.

This week I have read two thirds of (and finished) The Bonehunters by Steven Erickson. Reading the Tor commentary is helping me pick out more aspects, although they're a couple of books behind — they've just started House of Chains. I also read Deceiver by C J Cherryh today - big contrast in writing styles!
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Friday I posted my [ profile] kiwifandomsfest fic here.

I also read Rivers of London (also published as Midnight Riot I believe) by Ben Aaronovitch, which is a contemporary fantasy murder mystery set in London. I thought I knew where it was going, but it's a delightful romp and lots of fun, and then it took a right turn and ended up somewhere completely different. The copy I read was borrowed from a friend and I think I might have to buy my own. I'm also looking forward to reading the sequel Moon Over Soho and the third, Whispers Under Ground.

Yesterday, I went out to Indoorpendence, the Ultimate Frisbee development tournament at Te Raupraha Arena in Porirua with my league team, Dirty Creature. We won a couple of games, lost a few, and — importantly — mostly held together as a team for the day. I have no idea how well we did overall, but I understand that [ profile] rincewindtvd (one of our A-graders) got male MVP for the tournament, which is excellent. Well done to him!

I had to head off early, though. Unlike previous years, when my work mid-year has been the night before Indoorpendence, this year it was the same day. Different venue from last year too; we were at the Wharewaka this year, and it worked really well for our function, as the band and dancefloor were near the tables, so it was really easy to move back and forth between them.

Wine is one of the things that I have trouble pacing over an evening. I have a certain number of glasses and then it starts tasting funny, so I know I've had enough wine and shouldn't drink anymore of it that night. I hit that point probably around 10 - 10.30pm last night, about when the dancing started and switched to water. Function packed up about midnight, and thirteen or fifteen or so of us headed into town and ended up at the Library bar, where we had a couple of cocktails, and I got home about 2.30am. No hangover, however, due to the spacing of the drinks and the amount of water I drank.

When getting ready, I took one look at my stilettos and decided I couldn't face wearing that type of heel, rummaged in the back of my wardrobe and dug out a pair of old silver shoes with really solid heels that I haven't worn for nearly ten years. Apart from the soles being so slippery that I had to take them off to go up and down our stairs, I was fine. Didn't have to take them off all night, even.

Today I have also been productive. I sorted in date order and put away a pile of filing that I've been stacking up for about two years. Just in case you get the wrong idea, I had previously looked and dealt with it all but put it in a pile instead of putting it in the folders where it belongs. It did take a few hours though.

I also cooked dinner for the first time in about a week. I was home late most nights last week and either [ profile] tamarillow and [ profile] maudlinrose had cooked or we fended; I didn't have the energy to cook. Tonight, however, was a different story.

Dinner was a roast vegetable red curry that I make once or twice a year. For dessert, I decided to try one of [ profile] exiledinpn's favourites: tarte tatin. Like the last version he made, I used the Masterchef NZ recipe. Most of the reviews I read of the recipe indicated that they'd put it on the stove top for less time than recommended and it therefore wasn't as rich.

tarte tatin commentry )

Back to work tomorrow. Bother! How did I manage to put all my low-heeled shoes in for repairs at the same time?
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My week at work is going to be a tad nuts: end of month (always busy); end of local authority financial year (always busy); and the lawyer I do the most work for is recovering from unexpected surgery on Sunday night and one of the juniors and I are picking up what we can. Lawyer is recovering well and appears to be permanently attached to her blackberry, but we are trying to encourage her to rest and not work on her sick leave.

At least there aren't any settlements this week.

Another one of my lawyers who is currently on parental leave dropped by today to fill out some forms and supply us with baking[1]. She will be coming back to work after she's sorted out day care. It was good to see her—but I feel wuite bad that I haven't had time to finish sorting out her office after the shuffle. There isn't even a working computer on her desk; it's on the floor.

I have also managed to be very productive with my evenings this week (after doing hardly anything at the weekend). Yesterday, I cleaned the bbq to go away for the winter. It hasn't been used since Easter. I also tightened all the bolts, so it should feel much less wobbly now. Today I glued the wobbly dining room chair; made a very plain poster to go up in Wargames Supplies advertising for GMs for Confusion 9/2011; advertised Confusion 9/2011 at [ profile] wellingtonrpg; and I went to my last German class for this term. Three weeks' holiday, and I really must do more practice than I have for the last few weeks!

Tomorrow, I have to write my [ profile] kiwifandomsfest fic because it's due on Thursday. I have been thinking about it, but haven't put fingers to keyboard for it yet. And having just checked, I see that practically all the copies of the source book are on loan at the library... oh well, I didn't want to imitiate Mahy's style anyway, and not having the source will help with that.

Thursday is gaming and Friday night is currently free, but it needs to be early because Saturday is Indoorpendence and Saturday night is my work mid-year. Alice: The Madness Returns will have to wait until Sunday.

Plus I keep forgetting the dates of the rugby world cup and keep running into events/prices/timetables that are affected by it. Dammit.

Oh, and it's shark week. Joy.

[1] a very familiar recipe to me: Diana's chocolate-caramel brownie.
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Wellington is gorgeous today, bright and breezy - and sunny. Town is mad. I had to go out at lunchtime today, and defying a fellow bus-passenger's predictions, it was worse than the last few days.

I was successful, though. I have picked up a soft and fuzzy sheep for the nephew ([ profile] tamarillow reckons it looks like a cross between a sheep and a monkey). I think it's cute. And, importantly, it's machine-washable.

I actually finished work early today! I managed to leave shortly after 4pm (decided not to stay for the drinks and nibbles at 4.30pm) and was home by 5.00pm. So much better than last year. I even managed to post out the bills! It feels very good to be done for the year; I am so ready for this break. Although, scarily it is my mobile number on my out-of-office for urgent work. Hopefully, nothing comes up - there's nothing I can do anyway.

Tomorrow, I have to get up even earlier than I did today for a 7am flight to Tauranga. I will try to start packing before 10.00pm today...
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The crossstitched and beaded Christmas decorations I am giving my authors this year are all finished, stuffed, and photographed. They get handed out tomorrow since one my authors is in the office for one day this week, and that's tomorrow. Only a couple of days early, but that's fine. These are the patterns from the kits that Mum got me to stitch her and I kept the pattern. [ profile] maudlinrose helped with the colour combinations.

For comparision, the one I did last year and the one I did for mum this year from the kitset, both in the pattern colours.

Pictures under the cut )

So I have made seven of these, and can only count six lawyers. Either I was going to make one for the partner technically in charge of me, or I've forgotten someone. I really hope it's the former (which I am not now going to do, I think) because the latter is ridiculously embarassing. I'll take it in anyway and a spare card just in case. We have a team breakfast tomorrow morning at Trade Kitchen, so I should remember by then anyway.
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Made pad thai for dinner tonight. If I had been using chicken breast (as recommended) rather than chicken thigh cutlets - bone in, it would have been the quick and easy dinner promised. Or if I'd previously roasted the peanuts and/or defrosted the meat. With hardly any additions (an extra cutlet, an extra egg), it stretched from two to three people. No leftovers, alas, but it would be easy enough to size up.

As it was, the prep took quite a while and the cooking hardly any time at all. I used the only new tip from the Vietnamese cooking class we did for our team midyear, and stirfryed the chicken by letting it sit cooking in a single layer, and then flipping each piece. Another time, I might actually chop the peanuts individually rather than use the mortar & pestle (or use the food processor), and serve it with lemon or lime wedges, brown sugar or with a bit of extra chilli for those of us who like their food a bit hotter.

I think it might have been a bit spicier than the pad thai you get in restaurants, but it was still within [ profile] maudlinrose's tolerances. Certainly wasn't as bland/subtle as a I'm used to from cheap asian restaurants... It was good, and I'll probably make it again.

Work has been busy ever since I got back and looks to get busier still. Tomorrow I might have the chance to do some work that came in last Monday. In the meantime, I am trying to avoid distressing my workmates by coughing all over my desk, which means drinking over the recommended dosage of robotussin, lots of cold water, and lots of flavoured hot water. I am going to avoid frisbee until it's gone - again.

My local government election voting papers arrived the other day. I will have to think about them.
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I am stubbornly resisting the urge to read the eARC of Cyroburn, Lois McMaster Bujold's latest Vorkosigan book. This is mostly because I dislike ARCs in general, and particularly eARCs. I was fine with waiting until November until the eARC was released recently and my flist (and the Bujold ML) just exploded. Also, I've had enough of reading not-completely finished books, as I've been doing some editing for friends recently.

...I still haven't read the five sample chapters available at Baen. Bujold has also noted that in preparation for Cyroburn's release, The Warrior's Apprentice has been moved to the Baen Free Library. For those of you who have not yet been sucked into the world(s) of Miles Naismith Vorkosigan, I can highly recommend it. In the meantime, I'm going to try to wait until November for the hardback. I have the suspicion that this means I'm going to back-collect all the Vorkosigan books in hardback, to accompany my paperbacks.

Work went well today. It took me the entire week, but I managed to complete three tasks that I wanted to get done: settlement yesterday (which was easy, part purchase so all I needed to do was organise the the money to be paid over); settlement today (which would have been easy, except the money didn't come in overnight, which meant I got to sort that out, my supervisor being in Auckland the last three days for a conference - this was actually fun); and filing the printing for one file since 19 July (the stack of paper was about 10cm high).

Tomorrow, of course, is Confusion. People appear to be looking forward to it, which is great. By dint of some chasing around assorted GMs, I mostly have blurbs, player numbers, and a rough timetable.
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Back at work this week, thank goodness. I think I would be reaching the stir-crazypoint if I was still at home. On the other hand, that would probably mean that the bbq would be clean by now... People were quite pleased to see me back, and over the course of two days, I have mostly managed to clear the new files that came in last week.

I'm back on Happy Creature for the first time in about two years now for the C Grade Karori team. Of the ten people or so on the roster, five turned up, four in one car. It was a good game; a comfortable win against Sex Panthers 13-7. Discovered how much I've missed playing with some of these people, not just for the social reasons, but because their playing style is a very good fit with mine: much slower and deliberate than I've become used to. It was nice.

Of course, as soon as the game ended, I started trying to hack out my lungs, and this continued all the way home and through most of a very long shower. The lovely mushroom bruschetta (fancy mushrooms on toast, really, with bacon, garlic, lemon zest, parsley and soft cream cheese in addition to the mushrooms) appears to have set it off again. I was coughing earlier, and can still feel the tickle hovering in my windpipe.

[ profile] tamarillow found volumes V - VIII of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress Magazine in a secondhand shop for me at the weekend. This means that between I and XIX, I am now only missing XII. I've started to try and read them, and I think I may need to skip over her editorial notes. The style of feminism just grates. From memory, it gets better in the later voumes, but. (Also, the first few stories in V have not so far impressed me, which is sad.)

Finally, congratulations to Duke from Wellington, who came 17th out of 48 at
WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships
in Prague recently, beating their seeding by (I think) ten places.
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I thought I'd learned my lesson about not pushing myself when I have a migraine and going home to sleep it off. Apparently not. What with being really busy at work yesterday, I failed to leave work before light and sound actively hurt, ended up taking a taxi home and going to bed at one. Woke up around five, as usual, but it wasn't slept off by then, and I had a sandwich, more painkillers and went back to sleep. Woke up around eight with it more or less slept off, was back in bed (to read) by nine-thirty, and asleep a bit after eleven. I remember waking up during the night, as well.

I have the corresponding migraine hangover today. It goes particularly well with the black eye from Friday (the colours are finally showing).

Despite all this, I managed to take two pairs of shoes in to be repaired and mail my sister-in-law her birthday present (her birthday is today, but what does that matter?). She knows its on its way.

Time for bed, I think. I've had enough of today. why am I still up?
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This week has been crazybusy workwise, leaving me little room to think about anything else. It has also been a week of finishing after six, over an hour past my normal finish time, what with Monday being end-of-month billing, and as the team was down two LAs for the day, that was all I did all day (excluding a fifteen minute break to get lunch); Tuesday having a client seminar, followed by drinks, and me being dropping home after eight, somewhat tipsy on three glasses of wine and a few nibbles, which is all I'd eaten since lunch; Wednesday was our monthly workgroup meeting, and what with two people leaving the firm, it didn't finish until 6:00pm or so; last night I was about to go home and there was more urgent work to do... Today I made a big effort, worked through morning tea, took a short lunch break and managed to finish just after five. That's practically on time. Awesome.

It's not that I mind doing this, because I don't particularly (although I could have done with it not being all on one week), but it is somewhat annoying that overtime doesn't start until 6:00pm and has to be approved, which means I'm not getting overtime for all this. *sigh*

Next week is a three day week for me (Monday and Friday off), and there are three settlements, reporting on the one from this week, finishing everything that I didn't manage to get done this week - I left my desk absolutely covered in piles of paper. Hopefully WP will have more staff lnext week, so they can do the filing. Not that I'm stressing at all about this. Now that I've complained about it, I can hopefully put it from my mind for the rest of the weekend. Either that, or I'll end up going in on Sunday before the Creature meeting...

But now it is weekend! Long weekend!

I can sleep in as long as I want tomorrow and Monday and only have to leave the house pre-serve coffee at church on Sunday, which means I should hopefully also get to the Creatures meeting at Huckleberry after. Assorted people are coming up tomorrow afternoon for crafts and hanging out - if you're particularly interested and don't know about it, email me and I'll give you the details. Monday afternoon/evening is the initial meeting for the next rpg for our group. I've been missing gaming.

So today

May. 26th, 2010 11:35 pm
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Was a day of blegh and blargh and I don't want to do anything, but Is must, and by the time I had found out that WGS hadn't managed to get in the 5-6 player Settlers Expansion pack and had had lunch, I was generally meh.

Then the coke started to kick in and The Baseballs ended up playing on my ipod and my toes always start tapping to their cover of Umbrella, and I picked up my shoes, which are shoes of shiny and awesome, and got the last expansion pack at Whitcoulls, and I generally felt more cheerful, although the V I had in the afternoon may have also assisted. Using chemical aides to change my mood, who moi?

Of course, I was really busy afternoon, so only vaguely noticed when people cleared out of work and got quite a bit done in the next forty minutes or so. We had BK for dinner ([ profile] tamarillow felt like their sort of chips, I swear) and got home in plenty of time to do some housework before our guests arrive for dinner tomorrow night.

There was a letter from the Law Society awaiting me when I got home, dated yesterday. Graduation is on 11 June at Turnbull House, which is plenty of notice for my parents to decide whether they're coming down and book flights, thank you kindly. We will see. It's supposed to be all over by 7.15pm, so I might even be organised enough to arrange dinner after, but then, it's rather short notice...

My weekends are starting to fill up again. I'm also thinking of playing frisbee on Sunday nights next league, because none of the games I've filled in on this league have ended too late in the evening...
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Today was a busy work day, with urgent things and getting a couple of my to-do list items crossed off, and getting to have an argument a discussion with the lawyer on the other side about some stuff, which was interesting.

And I bought a double/queen fitted electric blanket, which is now residing on my bed. I've been wanting one of these since I got this bed shortly after Easter last year, but just used my old single electric blanket instead of buying a bigger one. Briscoes was having a sale (Briscoes is always having a sale) and I decided it was worth it. Said electric blanket is now residing on my bed, with flannel sheets, and is doing the two hour high heating thing to remove any dampness from the mattress. The old one will be contributed to the spare bedroom, as [ profile] tamarillow doesn't like them. Now all I need for the winter is another set of flannel sheets, because one set is not enough.

I will have made my cat unhappy with all this, though. I've had a woollen blanket spread out over my white duvet cover for the last week, which means she gets to sleep where she wants on the bed. Now I'm not going to need this anymore, and that means she is restricted to the foot of the bed and the fluffy blanket kept there for her use. Oh woe is her.

I think it's probably time to get some ironing done and get a small dosage of tv while doing so.
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So, there was this power cut in Wellington this afternoon. Eventually, after much standing around and talking about not being able to do work and whether our homes would be affected, one of the senior associates called the only partner in our workgroup who is not on holiday, who said come down to the pub across the road. However, I saw my bus at the stop as I was crossing the road, so caught that.

Got home and found we were completely unaffected by it; sure, the power was back on by the time I got home, but none of the clocks were flashing, so we hadn't had a cut at all. I was almost disappointed - at some point, I'd like to be able to test our emergency processes at home in a non-urgent setting ([ profile] maudlinrose suggests an earth-evening later in the year). Since I had half been planning a bbq dinner before the power cut, and definitely was during it, I decided to burninate dinner.

I've made this combination before, but it's still good: caramelised onions that have been cooked with a little bit of dark ale mustard, fresh corn on the cob, a green salad on the plates, with burninated mushrooms cooked with a little bit of the same dark ale mustard in the onions, and teriakyi beef steak. I also made a Carib each, which is a cocktail consisting of rum, gin, sugar syrup and lemon juice. It's also supposed to have one of those cherries on top, but we don't have any (that may have to change). It needs slightly more sugar syrup than the recipe calls for, but is otherwise good.

Spent the rest of the evening doing the rounds of the calls: Grandma & Grandad, sister & brother-in-law (talked to him much more than my sister), Gran, and finally Mum. I think I need a break from talking now. Managed to get the rest of my ironing done and some crossstitch. Also managed, without being able to see my parents computer, and not having the same version of Vista as they do, to help Mum in restoring some photos she accidentially deleted that weren't in the recycle bin...

Friday tomorrow!

Bold the ones you've read COMPLETELY, italicize the ones you've read part of. Watching the movie or the cartoon doesn't count. Abridged versions don't count either. BTW, according to the BBC if you've read 7 of these, you are above the average.

Book meme )
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I am sort of desperately looking forward to this weekend. Easter has been subsumed into my desire to sleep as long as I need, and attempt to break my coffee addiction (which may require naps). There will be nine of us Saturday night for cocktails and girly movies, which is going to be awesomely fun. On Sunday [ profile] tamarillow and I are on pre-service coffee at church, and then I believe there are plans for helping people pack. Monday is the usual gaming, only earlier in the day.

In the meantime, this week I've been counting off the days. Today being the last day of the month is billing, and I am also handling the majority of three settlements tomorrow. The latter is still new and fairly novel for me, and two of them are trickier than I've usually had to do (the one I've been doing all the way through looks like it should be smooth-as). I've not had lunch with anyone so I can be flexible when I go, and also with the being antisocial.

So very tired, and I've been tired all week. I'm looking forward to daylight savings being over, because I am tired of it being dark at 7.20am, but it's been hard going to sleep because a) my brain isn't wanting to shut up and b) the moon is fairly full and shines in.

Catch up

Feb. 25th, 2010 07:39 pm
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Have been up and down with tiredness and energy and was completely distracted for a bit by Settlers 6. Did three half days last week and am paying for it this week by being insanely busy. This wasn't helped by our fridge dying on Monday night.

Tuesday (already a busy day at work) was thus compounded by all my breaks being related to the purchase of a replacement fridge, which meant that I played all of two or three points of Ultimate before crashing.

Wednesday, having overdone it the previous day, passed in a haze of exhaustion, occasional stupid questions to my lawyers, being ridiculously busy at work, and being called at 8.50am by the fridge delivery people saying the fridge would arrive between 9.30 and 10.00am. My protests that I'd requested an afternoon delivery and 2 hours notice were not headed. [ profile] maudlinrose and I dropped everything, were home for about ten minutes by the time the delivery people arrived, and were out of the house by 9.50am. I was annoyed enough by this that I called up the store we bought the fridge from, complained and they have refunded the home delivery fee.

The new fridge now has our old magnets and the magnetic erotic poetry set that [ profile] purplesparkler and [Unknown site tag] gave us for Christmas over it. There is now NSFW paragraphs over it. My mother is visiting in a month - it might need to be rearranged before then.

Today has been much better, despite not getting enough sleep last night. I keep forgetting I tend to cope slightly better on some sleep deprivation...

Anyway, on Tuesday night while I was watching my team play as I sat exhausted on the sideline, I was taking photos. I actually got a good action one...

Assorted photos, not just frisbee> <a href= )
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Went back to work this afternoon for a half day. I had a follow up appointment written down for 4.35pm Wednesday 19 February, so I would have to leave early anyway.

Was a bit shaky by the time I got there, pleased to take my painkillers, and very glad that I'd decided on a half day. I have a fair amount to catch up on, so I would have never managed to leave at lunchtime if I'd come in in the morning.

Got through some work, required a sugar/caffeine fix around 3.30pm because I was starting to flag and was all organised to leave (apart from having looked up the dental surgeon's address) at 4.15pm as planned.

4.17pm as I was shutting down my computer, the fire alarm went off. Instead of the leisurely trip down in the lift and easy walk to the surgeon's, I found myself walking down 23 flights of stairs, getting the address from a nearby pharmacy, and hurrying to the surgeon's with my cellphone in my hand because I was running late.

Got there and discovered that the hospital had written the appointment down wrong - it's for 4.35pm Friday 19 February. At least I know where it is now. Planned to catch the bus over to Arty Bees, where I was meeting the flatmates prior to grocery shopping, but got tired of waiting. Went down to Lambton Quay where (theoretically) there would be more buses and discovered it had been cordoned off due to the aforesaid fire alarm. Apparently it was a bomb scare.

Walked to Arty Bees instead.

Ate dinner.

Waited a little for a bus, but I was decidedly flagging by then, so I got a taxi home and [ profile] maudlinrose and [ profile] tamarillow went grocery shopping.

I'll go into work tomorrow, but for the same sort of hours.
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I had lunch with comrademojo at the waterfront today. It was full tide and I managed to find a spot on the bottom pavers where I could dangle my legs over the edge, and if I stretched slightly, my toes would be in the water. It was lovely.

My work plans for the afternoon were sidelined by the document management system crashing on my computer; Auckland IT being unable to fix it, meaning I had to wait for Wellington IT to get back from lunch to replace my PC; Wellington IT managing to get the replacement PC up and working, but when doing the necessary tuning discovering that there was too much that needed fixing (because there was something else wrong with the file sharing system interfacing with Word), which meant he had to go off and get a second replacement PC; coming back with the second replacement, installing it, fine-tuning, finding that the file sharing system was still not interfacing with Word correctly; Welington IT calling the person in Auckland IT who deals specifically with that system; that person from Auckland IT spending half an hour on the phone with me and her remoted on to my (second) replacement PC; and finally it was fixed and my computer was working properly again. Better, in fact, than it was working earlier this week.

This took two hours. I got it back at 4.10pm. Still managed to get a bit of work done, but not the bits and pieces I was hoping too.

Really late dinner tonight because I didn't get home until 7.00pm and didn't start cooking until 8.45pm. I learned a lot about how long to cook steak for our individual tastes. Dinner was a light green salad, freshly boiled corn on the cob, and barbequed porterhouse steak with a balsamic red onion sauce. The onion sauce was lovely and I think I'm going to turn the rest of it into tarts with a little bit of the dark ale mustard that is sitting in the fridge.

For future reference: [ profile] maudlinrose's steak was good at 3 minutes a side, but [ profile] tamarillow needs more than twice that, and mine also needs 5 - 6 minutes a side.
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The sound of the birds' wings as they flutter around in the pohutukawa by the deck occasionlly drowns out the music on the stereo. My cat is quite interested in this.

Next door are getting new pipes put in and I guess ours connects to them or something, because our plumbing has been disconnected too. It's getting to the point where I want to start cooking dinner, but I really don't want to cook until the water is running again.

Work is rather busy at the moment. It's good. I have a few bits and pieces I have to get done by the end of next Wednesday, but I think I will.

I want it to be the end of next Thursday already. Time is both dragging and racing and I'm not enjoying the anticipation.
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I have one more day of holiday and the weekend and then it's back to work for me. Since I finished Perdito Street Station (one of my to-read list these holidays), I clearly haven't been reading anything with a high enough level of mental challenge, as I'm actually starting to look forward to the work.

Not the getting up early, I should note.

I was asked to come into work for a bit this afternoon to do a couple of bits and pieces that could not wait (client needed it by tomorrow). Work will make this time up to me. I also went in last Sunday for a couple of hours (unpaid) to clear my desk some, since it will be crazy-busy when I get back on Monday.

Haven't done much handwork, but have watched a bit of M*A*S*H and random other tv, and read a lot of fic (been working backwards through my delicious account reading anything on it that takes my fancy and deleting some of the to-read tag).

Spent half an hour on the Terrace on the way home today, what with traffic, and got home to find the weather had turned to a light misty attempt at rain. Nonetheless, I refused to be put off my plans for dinner (barbeque) and went ahead regardless and it was good.

Dinner consisted of shrimp in a Cantonese marinade as a starter around 7.30pm for [ profile] maudlinrose and myself, since [ profile] tamarillow was working until 8.00pm; and for mains, once she got home, edamame with a ginger/rice wine vinegar and sugar/sesame oil dipping sauce, chicken on a stick in a thai coridander marinade, mushrooms lightly bbq'd in the remains of the shrimp mariade, plain white rice, and a green salad (well, lettuce, red capsicum and blueberries) with an asian style dressing. We have some leftovers of all except the shrimp.

The Cantonese marinade was perhaps a bit overpowering for the shrimp, but tasty nonetheless - I think it would be better if done as a stirfry and egg noodles mixed in at the end. The edamame dipping sauce is something I really like. The thai-coriander marinade tasted very strongly of the lime juice that was the base and I'm quite glad I added the extra teaspoon of sugar. The other flavours were more noticable when the outside was turning black - something to keep in mind. The aisan style salad dressing tasted a bit strongly of fish sauce (a key ingredient) and I will be interested to try it with a salt-reduced fish sauce when we've finished our current bottle of the stuff.

The various recipes came from a couple of Annabelle Langbein's cookbooks.

I have just finished a mug of hot chocolate which I adulterated with caramel flavouring, about half a teaspoon cinnamon and a quarter teaspoon each of mixed spice and powdered chilli. It was good.

Walked into town most days this week for various reasons and here are assorted pictures:

click for the pretty )
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As half expected, today was horribly busy and stressful, and for the first time in ages, I only got out for ten minutes to grab lunch and eat it at my desk. There was much FAIL, both on our part and that of some of the lawyers acting on the other side. Alas, I was not immune from the FAIL, either, but mine was minor Fail and didn't cause delays.

Not having a break is a very bad idea for me, especially if I'm stressed or in a bad mood to begin with. I know this: generally I'd rather work late than skip lunch or have lunch after 1.30pm. Today I skipped lunch and ate at my desk around 2.00pm. Almost finished dead on 5.00pm, though.

Will see how I go tomorrow - I'm meant to be meeting [ profile] maudlinrose and [ profile] bl9_knt for lunch (and maybe [ profile] tamarillow) - but I shall see how I feel. Lunch and a break from work is absolutely required, but it is billing day, and I may be better off sitting in the sunshine somewhere listing to loud music on my headphones and not crying.

Came home via the supermarket - I thought we needed more eggs - and also took home pate (which I suddenly found myself craving), crackers and some blue cheese, and had that for dinner, along a couple of shots of vodka in a glass, sipped slowly. I bought more vodka yesterday - it's the Premium Russian stuff of this brand, a step up from the Standard which I bought last time, and it's very nice for just drinking.

Eventually, I bestirred myself to go make pastry and Christmas mince-meat tarts. I am wrapping these in cellophone with red ribbon and a card to give to my lawyers. [ profile] maudlinrose says it looks a bit naff, which I suppose it does, yeah, but you can get away with a lot when you make it from scratch. And they taste good, if I do say so myself. They are all baked and out of the tin now; three lots (of four) left to wrap. I wish I had another patty tin (with curved edges), as one of nine holes is just not enough.

My desk at work is quite messy. Papers everywhere. There is a lot of filing that I haven't had time to sort yet, let alone file. I don't like this. Chances of me managing to deal with some of the piles of paper tomorrow? Slim to none. I wonder if WP would be able to sort and hole punch the filing for me. I will ask.


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