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We had a picnic dinner on parliament ground this evening. There were lots of cicadas (but not as many as there are at home). Groceries are done, coffee is made for the morning, lunch is made for tomorrow, and I have just had hot chocolate.

Work is still pretty quiet (boring) so I am trying to enthuse myself enough to catch up on things from last year. It's sorta working.

Elizabeth Marvelly's new album comes out on Monday and she is touring in mid-April. I'm planning to go to the concert; if you're also interested, drop me a comment and we can organise something.

I am currently tired so might work on the going to bed when tired (and hopefully sleeping) thing.


Oct. 24th, 2010 10:42 am
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Na Na Na's music vid has just turned up on C4's New This Week,
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Friday night, [ profile] maudlinrose and comrademojo and I went to the Up Close and Personal with Dvořák and the NZSO at the Wellington Town Hall. It was really interesting - the conductor kept stopping the music and getting one instrument to play its part. He did this layer by layer, and then the orchestra played it the whole way through. The main thing I took out of it was to listen from the bottom up; find the bass layer and and you can hear the rest from there.

After that, we ended up at Cafe Eis for ice-cream (I had pistachio and truffle), before we realised we'd missed the bus we planned to catch, that there was still half an hour til the next one, so comrademojo and I dragged [ profile] maudlinrose to The Hawthorne Lounge, which she was initially dubious about, but didn't take long to appreciate. We started off with cocktails on the menu, and then got the bartender to make stuff it. They were good. Mmmm, have to go back there.

Went to the DCM bookfair on Saturday morning and there was even less that I was interested in that there have been previous years. I spent about $30, of which about $10 are gifts for people. Most of what I picked up was marked with the higher price tags, and several of those were replacement copies in better condition of books I already own. Probably the books I'm most excited about are Dark Angel and The Chosen, books 4 and 5 of the Night World series by L J Smith - in the correct UK edition. I'm missing books 8 and 9, would like a replacement book 1, and am still waiting for book 10 to be released. It was due out in 1999...

I also went out on Saturday evening to Alessan's birthday bash. It was good to see people, but I didn't stay late, what with the early morning that day and having ended up at The Hawthorne Lounge on Friday night. I aim to go to bed at a sensible hour tonight.

Dinner tonight will consist of a Gabure, which is a French soup made from a bacon hock, onions, carrots, tomatoes, garlic, potato, and several other things. It does take four hours to cook, so it's definitely a weekend food. Smells good. I'll chop the leeks before I go to frisbee and add them when I get back - that part takes about ten minutes. The messy part is removing the meat from the bacon hock after it's been simmering for three and a half hours.

This is sort of a half-mixture. It was going to be an actual half mixture, but as it turns out, I'd like a pot half way in size between the 10L or 12L stock pot and the 3L saucepans, and thus added more water as it boiled down, and some things in the wrong order, and more beans... oh, well. It looks like a fairly forgiving soup and I'm interested to see how it turns out.

Just now, we have finished watching part 1 of Sherlock - A Study in Pink. Too me, it had the same feel as Star Trek: Reboot does towards TOS. There's a respect for the canon, but also a wilingness to adapt as necessary. And hey, a competent John Watson. That's worth watching. Also, I totally hadn't realised that it was a three-part mini series. I can usually manage to watch a mini series, but fail at more than, say 13 episodes of something. And if I manage one season of something, I usually fail part way through the second. I realise Sherlock has a season coming up, and I make absolutely no promises about my ability to watch it all...

...also, just as with Alice in Wonderland, I don't like the Sherlock Holmes books very much.
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I went and got my photo taken for my passport today. Unsurprisingly, apart from the dangly earrings I was wearing, I look somewhat like a prison guard in it: glasses off, hair back, stripey shirt and all. Still, if that's what the Department of Internal Affairs wants me to use, I can do that.

Before I submit the application, however, I have to get my parents to send me my old one (which expired nearly ten years ago), because that has to be sent in at the same time, and have someone who has known me for over a year witness my photo is who I say I am. I think I'll see if someone at work will be willing to do it.

Work is going along fairly well. I've managed to make enough time to close some files for the first time this year, which means although I've now closed about a dozen, I still have three times that to go. I'm handling more and more of the basic residential and partial acquisitions wwe're doing, including most of the client contact work, and am generally making myself useful, as well as the actual job I'm paid for. I'll get the work balance sorted out eventually.

Dinner tonight was grilled chicken on couscous salad. Marinade on the chicken was roughly crushed coriander and cumin seeds, sesame seeds, zest of a lemon sizzled in some oil, with garam masala, salt and pepper. Used black sesame seeds because we didn't have any white ones, and I think this may have given a slightly smokier flavour. Not that I'm complaining; I really liked the marinade.

The couscous was flavoured with garlic, ginger, curry powder, crushed coriander seeds, salt and pepper sizzled in some oil, with thinly sliced celery, spring onions and chopped dried cranberries. [ profile] maudlinrose preferred the couscous, as did [ profile] tamarillow. I'm not a huge fan of couscous, so while it was nice enough, it was nothing spectacular and I don't think I want the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

I am rather looking forward to the weekend. It's the first weekend for ages I have had at home with nothing planned (apart from a game of frisbee Sunday evening), and I aim to keep it that way and leave the property as little as possible. :D It will be awesome.

There is cooking planned: I have another batch of chicken stock to make and maybe even make chicken noodle soup with it; the brussel sprouts, bacon and chestnuts thing; and possibly even black sesame castella or some other baking. The black sesame castella requires steaming and some thought will be required as to pan sizes.

Might also watch some stuff and do some handwork, even.

Recently, comrade_mojo linked me to the music video of The Baseballs cover of Umbrella. Their music is 1950s rock n roll style covers of contemporary pop songs. I've become rather fond of them, particularly their cover of The Plain White T's Hey there, Delilah. Have a listen, see what you think. They seem to fall into much the same category as Richard Cheese for me - I can't help but smile with frequent foot tapping.

Has anyone ever heard the band A Kiss Goodbye? What are they like? Apparently they opened for Panic! when they were in NZ. Mum was talking about them (her friend's husband manages them) and now I find myself to be vaguely curious.

I stayed up reading far too late last night, so I'm starting to think it's time for a cup of hot chocolate and going to bed.
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Dinner tonight: lightly grilled salmon with black pepper, salt, brown sugar and garam masala flavourings on a bed of Sicilian salad made up of italian parsley, chopped raddishes, sliced baby lebanese cucumbers, chopped capers, thinly sliced spring onion, whole olives and toasted pine nuts with a lemon juice, ground black pepper and olive oil dressing.

It was lovely. The salmon was buttery, sweet and not over-cooked. The salad was quite sharp and a necessary contrast to the salmon. Yet another good recipe from Annabelle Langbein.

I'd make it again, but there are other salmon recipes that I want to try first.

Also, I bought more summer peach tea and chai tea from T-Leaf Tea on Friday. I've been missing the summer peach.

Thanks to the people on the Bujold mailing list and comrademojo, I have now successfully purchased a stereo to stereo plug and have downloaded Audacity, which I now have to learn to use. It was all of $18 for the plug and I would have paid twice that (with some grumbling) for a CD of the tape. I only need it for that one tape...

Still, if the CD player doesn't keep spinning when it stops (like my last one did), it deals with wearing out my tape. I can stick it as many times as necessary on a DVD and it can go through until it stops. If it does spin once it's finished: well, it'll be back to cassette tapes for me.

I am considering my weekend plans - I want more fresh coriander because I often end up using about a cup or so of the leaves in a fortnight and ours keeps going to seed. There is a new Farmer's Market at the Wellington cathedral carpark and I am debating whether I can be bothered getting up early enough to be there around 9.00am and then go to frisbee practice, or go to frisbee practice and see what they have left at the end of the day... All this is, of course, weather dependent.

And there is the Newtown Fair on Sunday.
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The Sisters of Mercy are classifed in my itunes as Christian Rap. As far as I'm aware, they don't fit in either of those. And it's locked, so I can't correct it.
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The You Choose 40 tonight on C4 was covers. Standouts were the usual - Whitney Houston's "I will Always Love You", Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah", Johnny Cash's "Hurt" as well as The Ataris "Boys of Summer". What really made me crack up was Fallout Boy and John Meyar doing "Beat It". Pure crack. I'm not sure fandom could have done any better.

Got my hair dyed and cut today. It's very dark; three layers - a faintly reddy brown top and bottom, and the same violet as I had last time in the middle. I'm still very fond of that colour. It's just above my shoulders again, as that was a good length. However, if for some reason, I'm not wearing my glasses, I should really wear some mascara or something.

My cat has been asleep in my laptop case for most of the day. Pania was not in the case, however - she has been in the lounge so I could do homework and study. And I have. I still really dislike insurance law, but I've done the questions for that now (not sure how well) and I get to move onto company law instead, which is preferable.

Am very tired (went to sleep stupidly late last night) and was very tired all week, so given that I am having to retype every eighth word or so, I think I shall go to sleep now.
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Yesterday the matter management system at work went down around 1.00pm. Spectacularly down, as we weren't allowed to log off our computers in case they couldn't get us back on again. Everything everything in the system was completely inaccessable, including the billing system. Being as we bill on the last day of the month and as we are entirely electronic for such things now (even MSWord works in with it), there was an executive decision from the top to extend billing until midnight tonight.

This morning I unlocked my computer to find another email from IT to say that the system was still not on and please do not try and use it because that will screw things up even more. Around 11.00am, MSWord went down. Given that I had already run out of things to do that I could do without the matter management system, I started on some homework. An email was sent around saying that if the system didn't come up again today, billing would be extended until tomorrow.

Just as I was about to go to lunch, the system came back up. I abandoned all thought of going outside on this lovely spring day, grabbed my sandwich and carrot and started processing however many I had. Sixty or so, I think. Finished about 4.50pm, which is just as well, as another email came around saying that as the system was up and running again, cutoff would be midnight tonight.

I was remarkably unstressed about all this. There was absolutely nothing I could do, there were four or five people working on it overnight in the Auckland office. It would either come up or it wouldn't. As I understand it the coding block that connects everything together went down, and a reboot didn't fix it, so they essentially had to rebuild.

Tomorrow, I am going to buy some new headphones. On the train out to Upper Hutt on Saturday evening, I discovered that the vocals kept cutting out. Songs which I was quite familiar with and liked had suddenly become strange and annoying to listen to. I have been using the earbuds that came with my ipod instead. I don't understand how people use them. The inside of my ears physically ache after using them; not from the volume, because I don't have it that loud, but from the shape of the hard plastic.

Who I am

Jul. 25th, 2009 02:59 pm
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Gacked from [ profile] morebliss

* Post ten of any pictures currently on your hard drive that you think are self-expressive.
* NO CAPTIONS!!! It must be like we're speaking with images and we have to interpret your visual language just like we have to interpret your words.
* They must ALREADY be on your hard drive - no googling or flickr! They have to have been saved to your folders sometime in the past. They must be something you've saved there because it resonated with you for some reason.
* You do NOT have to answer any questions about any of your pictures if you don't want to. You can make them as mysterious as you like. Or you can explain them away as much as you like.

pictures here )

AVG screwed up itunes on all of our computers except for Pania today, but after some experimentation and googling, we managed to work out how to make itunes an exception in AVG, so all is well and good now. We have music!
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For all that I managed to rouse myself around noon today, I have been amazingly productive in the kitchen this afternoon. I have made:

  1. Chai tea with a russian caravan base;
  2. Sesame seed coffee cake;
  3. Asian flavoured meatballs for dinner;
  4. Salad and noodles for the rest of dinner; and
  5. Kaffir lime pie (including sweet shortcrust pastry from scratch).

Felt like cooking and figured I may as well get my entire list done while I was in there. It also meant that I ended up dragging the tape deck in there and listening to my favourite mix tape from high school. I'm now trying to recreate this as a playlist on itunes, but lack essential songs such as:

  • J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers - Last Kiss;
  • Russell Morris - Rachel's Coming Home;
  • Herman's Hermits - Silhouettes on the Shade; and
  • Gerry & The Pacemakers - Girl on a Swing.

I'm probably missing others, but those are the ones missing from the side I've listened to again in my room in order to put this together. I also listened my way through Amy Grant's The Collection, which I need to get hold of on CD so I can then listen to it on itunes. I forsee a trip to the library sometime soon.

The not being at my computer for most of the day has defintely helped with the headache. That being said, I'm quite glad I have an eye test tomorrow. I'm getting tired of my eyes hurting all the time.

I hate getting into a new big fandom. It takes so long to read everything that's good - even when just working from recs lists and delicious. And it means that my delicious page is hardly representative of my reading for the past year, let alone for as long as I've been reading fic.


18 Nov. 13th, 2008 10:40 pm
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OMG Phantom of the Opera on stage - so good! So much is conveyed by body language. I want to see it again. And I have Anthony Thurlow's signature in my programme, which is awesome. I will probably write more about it when I've had time to stop and think about it and actually read the programme. It was too dark in the theatre.

Phone is dead now - died just before I went in, so I didn't even have to turn it off. It's raining now. Think it will take me a while to wind down. Hopefully it will be fine enough tomorrow to go see the goslings and cygnets.
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OMG new Era - Reborn. Awesome!



Aug. 7th, 2008 08:23 pm
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Most of the time I have itunes on shuffle - I got most of my music from other people and their computers, so periodically stuff I don't know I have turns up. That being said, the Hannah Montana soundtrack was a bit of a shock.

I was somewhat surprised to see Disney's High School Musical dolls and Hannah Montana dolls in the Barbie isle at the Warehouse. I didn't know they existed. But they look better than the Bratz do.

I bought useful things today (a replacement alarm clock, a clock for the lounge, draft stopper tape to go in the windows, a breadboard), pretty thing (another cup from T-Leaf T) and a book. The book makes me happiest, because it's been out in the US for a month, month and a half or so, and I've been looking for it in Dymocks every time I go in.

House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones, a third book set in the Howl's Moving Castle universe. It starts off slowly and is increasingly awesome by the end. [ profile] tamarillow has Mates and Lovers, a book about gay sex in New Zealand out of the uni library at the moment and I'm looking forward to reading that too.

And it's 8.30pm now, so we need to do dishes. Oh, joy.

EDIT: Dishes done. And farewell to my old alarm clock. It gave me a decade or so of relatively faithful service. I wonder if I'll miss it.
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I am delightfully clean and warm and sweet-scented, a vast change from twenty or thirty minutes ago when I was hot and sticky and disgusting after our game against Dirty Creature. We drew with them, which was lovey - I thought they would win easily - and the game flowed much more smoothly for us this week. We were really trying to work as a team and structure ourselves on court more, which helped. Sure, there are still instances of girl-blindness and throwing the disc too soon or being too focused on the zone, but the Creatures as a whole have trained other people out of that (particularly the last two), so I'm sure we can manage again.

I have made the first towards something that I've always wanted to do today - I booked a ticket for Phantom of the Opera in Auckland for 1 November; All-Souls day. I'll book flights closer to the time, stay with [ profile] jessikast and [ profile] laputain and not visit my relatives.

I promised myself years ago that when Phantom next came to New Zealand I would go and see it - I think I've wanted to since I learned to play Music of the Night on the piano and subsequently bought the soundtrack. If I could only ever see one Andrew Lloyd Weber musical in my life, it would be Phantom of the Opera and now I'm going to!

This is AWESOME!!!
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So we had [ profile] maudlinrose's brother here for dinner along with four of his friends. My favourite moment was when [ profile] maudlinrose, [ profile] tamarillow and I were discussing old forms of contraception. We were talking about sponges soaked in vinegar from the couch came... "covered in whipped cream" and we cracked up. He couldn't have timed it better if he'd tried.

Saw Natasha Beddingfield do a terrible cover of something while at the gym this morning. I think it was a cover; I vaguely recognised it. I don't know why I thought of that now. My gym has new fancy cardio machines which you can plug an ipod or some other sort of memory device into. I may have to get an ipod at some point, if only so I don't have to listen to the music channel on the TVs if I dislike the music. I have been listening to a lot of Elizabeth Marvelly recently. I bought the CD just before Christmas on impulse from Borders and I really like it. She's a young Rotorua opera singer who is currently on tour with some guy named Paul Potts. Her voice is lovely - very clear and almost crisp, if an opera singer can be said to be crisp, and easy to listen to. Her CD has a range of things, from opera covers to covers of modern songs such as Love Can Build A Bridge to a couple of original pieces to a couple of Maori songs, including a glorious rendition of Tarakihi.

It's weird being back at work and knowing that I only have four more days at Baldwins before I go to Simpson Grierson. I realised today that when they asked me what I'd need to be comfortable at my new station, I completely forgot to mention my kneely ergonomic chair and ergonomic keyboard. Hopefully this can be sorted out next week. I've got mixed feelings about being back - yes, it's good to see everyone again, and I'm glad that the Christmas break wasn't the last I saw of people - but at the same time, I am aware that I'm mostly putting things in order so that other people don't have trouble whenn they take over my files. Plus, my period started today and my emotions have been swinging around and doing the polka. It's not usually this bad, I don't think. And it's humid, windy and raining.

I'm backstitching my fourth figure on my brother's wedding present. If I applied myself, I could mostly get it done tonight. I think I'll get at least the rest of the people backstitching done, but maybe not all the lettering. I had to redo a bit on it - I did one coat in the wrong colour, changed a dress colour and a light pink to a different light pink. I decided that the light pink wasn't contrasting enough and chose to use the light pink varigated silk that was in my sister's wedding sampler. I like the thought of that continuity and connection. Also, it looks really good.

...did an online typing test the other day and ended up with 70 words per minute, which is all right, considering it was an annoying test and the words weren't in any sort of structural order which makes things easier.

My Kapcon LARP character arrived today. I think I will enjoy playing her, or at least I will when I'm not really pissy and easily annoyed. She's competent and I appreciate that. I'm also getting organised for running Honour of the Family again. I even bought a prop!

Bought manga yesterday since Borders was have a 3 for the price of 2 sale. I now have four more volumes of Saiyuki Reload (leaving only one or two to get) and two volumes of Petshop of Horrors (eight more to get that I know of). PSoH is actually really sweet. It's pretty screwy and bittersweet in parts, but is a lot of fun.

A couple of years ago, I started writing down what year I bought a book when I put it in my catalogue and I've done this fairly consistently since 2004 when I did my major cataloguing work. Since I've started recording the year (and some of them I can guess, such as most cancelled Hamilton City Library are from 2001 when I worked there) I've mostly purchased about 100 books a year. Last year, not including books I bought in 2007 and sold again, I bought 132. That's like a book every three days.
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Every year, it seems I put off packing until after 10.00pm the night before I go. This year, it's not on purpose.

I got out of work about 4.30pm, after the secret santa giveaway - and whoever did mine either knows me or guessed really well because I have a magnet with a quote from Madeline Astor on it - and went down to Borders to await [ profile] tamarillow so we could go shopping to find her a bikini. Which we did and it was fun. It just entailed starting off in Amazon, going via Kirks and every other store we could find which sold togs before ending up in Colorado and returning to Kirks, whereupon she bought a bikini that looks absolutely awesome on her.

I ended up buying a matching pair of bikini bottoms to go with the one I got last week from Kirks, as the partners in our team gave the secretaries a $30 gift card for Kirks and I put it towards that. So now I have a matching set and feel very pleased.

We got home, I finished my book (Cybele's Secret by Juliet Marillier, sequal to Wildwood Dancing, made tea and then we did the dishes. It's amazing how much can accumulate in a bit over a day! I feel very strongly that my house should be clean when I go away, particularly if we're all going away.

This is why I am currently sitting at my computer listening to Emma Shapplin, putting off going into the lounge to collect the Christmas presents to take to Tauranga with me. I also have to work out what I'm going to wear on the way up; hopefully it will be a fine day and then I won't be too hot when I arrive.
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This weekend we got through most of the spring-cleaning of the kitchen. This involved, among other things, defrosting the freezer, cleaning out the laundry sink which we'd not touched since we moved in, and scrubbing the floor - including under the stove and the fridge. All this has left us with a sense of satisfactory weariness. We have now sorted through our cookbooks and reshelved those.

I have also done more on the wedding present, updated my book catalogue, done a small cull and reshelved. Everything fits on the shelves - just. I have no space for expansion whatsoever in the bookcases and my next move will be to use bookends and the tops of my bookcases. I have some on loan, some of which I can remember and some I can't be bothered checking, so I don't know how well it will fit when I get the last of those back.

My catalogue tells me that I have 700 fiction books and 150 non-fiction (plus the three non-fiction I've yet to catalogue). I didn't realise I had quite that many books. And that's with a cull of about 30 (some of which were duplicates that I picked up at the bookfair). Oh, if anyone sees volumes V, VI, VII, VIII, XII, XX and XXI of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress, could you let me know? That's all I'm missing.

I also consolidated my music library. I need to make sure it's all on itunes in the right place, but all the files are now in the one place, I think.

All in all, it's been a rather productive weekend.

I was given tickets to the NZSO for last Friday by some friends who won them but had a prior engagement. There was a guest composer and trumpeter soloist, both of whom I've never heard of - but then, I know very little about big names in the classical music world. Regardless, it was lovely. There was Mozart and Haydn. Not sure what the other pieces were specifically, but they were lovely also. Then we went to Floriditas for dinner and I caught the last bus home.

I am still reading Heyer but also appear to be on a Jenny Crusie kick at the moment as well. The contrast is rather startling.
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At the end of Confusion 5, I randomly picked up a leaflet titled Music Fair of Japan 2007 for the 55th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and New Zealand and decided to check it out. I'm very glad I did. Three concerts (the third is on Monday night) - piano, violin and soprano - with world-renowned artists Yuko Mifune, Mie Kobayashi and Satsuki Adachi respectively.

I have been to the piano and violin. Ended up draggin [ profile] stephanie_pegg along last night, to the piano day and [ profile] tamarillow tonight, the violin. When I say piano, violin and soprano, I mean they all played, but the focus is on one particular instrument.

Sometimes, world-renowned can mean average. Sometimes it means utterly amazing, and the last two nights were far closer to the latter than the former. They all have very glowing credentials, and Yuko Mifune even played for the Japanese Emperor in the Imperial Palace! All her solos were played without sheet music. I wasn't quite close enough to tell (perhaps [ profile] lyraethe could fill me in), but it looked like Mie Kobayashi was sometimes playing the violin with her eyes closed. And I don't know much about opera or operattas or about understanding the words when they sing, but Satsuki Adachi has a lovely voice.

There were a couple of pieces (piano, soprano) by Japanese composers, but other than that it was all classical and all absolutely wonderful. They recorded the concerts, so I asked about obtaining a copy of the recording and was told to call the Japanese Embassy on Monday morning. Which I will do. I couldn't afford the artist's CDs but having one of the concerts I went to would be lovely.

I'm not very good at describing music. I tend to think of good music (and I'm mainly referring to live performances here) as music that I can't think through. Live performances don't tend to have the same amount of things to watch and my mind wanders even as I enjoy the music. But these last couple of nights, several of the pieces my mind didn't wander. I was completely focussed on the music for pretty much all of Mifune's performance of Chopin's Ballade No. 1 and Liszt's La Campanella and for most of Musorgsky's Pictures and an Exhibition (twenty minutes long and no sheet music) and the encore of Ave Maria, as well as some of the other performance pieces. Those ones stand out, though.

Other than that, have been very tired. Didn't wake until nearly eleven this morning and considering how long it took me to get moving, I could have probably done with another hour or so of sleep. Won't set my alarm for the morning but will see when I wake. I might get to church, I might not.

Can feel the annoying start of a cold tight in the back of my throat. Feels like it'll hit by the end of the week, so I'm going to try and ward it off, seeing as my parents are down next weekend and I have a test on Monday and being sick for both of those would absolutely suck.
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Last Wednesday my team was informed that due to a couple of the new patent authors needing to be with their team, we were all (apart from one who is going to Lit. anyway) moving from 12 to 14. Next week. Which would be today and tomorrow.

This of course, is the same week as lectures start again, our team lunch, shark week and Earthsea. Plus other things which are currently escaping my memory because my brain is kinda screwy at the moment. Monday was a good day. Today wasn't as bad as yesterday, which is to say that I've been in a better mood and I passed my other terms test with similar results to the last one. I might have gotten more caught up today if I hadn't had a lecture, but by then, I seriously needed to get out of the office for a bit. Yesterday there was just an accumulation of things going wrong.

It's good having my old tape to go to sleep with again. I dubbed it onto a 90 min tape, using [ profile] tamarillow's stereo. The original is fifteen - twenty minutes a side. Fortunately for her, it's also one that fades into the background fairly easily.

Jenny Craig's went well on Monday. I was dropped down to the next kilojoule level. After finding that eating everything on the list was too much, it's harder than I expected to go down a level. But I'll get used to it again.

I think I'll go watch some Saiyuki now.


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