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Dinner tonight: lightly grilled salmon with black pepper, salt, brown sugar and garam masala flavourings on a bed of Sicilian salad made up of italian parsley, chopped raddishes, sliced baby lebanese cucumbers, chopped capers, thinly sliced spring onion, whole olives and toasted pine nuts with a lemon juice, ground black pepper and olive oil dressing.

It was lovely. The salmon was buttery, sweet and not over-cooked. The salad was quite sharp and a necessary contrast to the salmon. Yet another good recipe from Annabelle Langbein.

I'd make it again, but there are other salmon recipes that I want to try first.

Also, I bought more summer peach tea and chai tea from T-Leaf Tea on Friday. I've been missing the summer peach.

Thanks to the people on the Bujold mailing list and comrademojo, I have now successfully purchased a stereo to stereo plug and have downloaded Audacity, which I now have to learn to use. It was all of $18 for the plug and I would have paid twice that (with some grumbling) for a CD of the tape. I only need it for that one tape...

Still, if the CD player doesn't keep spinning when it stops (like my last one did), it deals with wearing out my tape. I can stick it as many times as necessary on a DVD and it can go through until it stops. If it does spin once it's finished: well, it'll be back to cassette tapes for me.

I am considering my weekend plans - I want more fresh coriander because I often end up using about a cup or so of the leaves in a fortnight and ours keeps going to seed. There is a new Farmer's Market at the Wellington cathedral carpark and I am debating whether I can be bothered getting up early enough to be there around 9.00am and then go to frisbee practice, or go to frisbee practice and see what they have left at the end of the day... All this is, of course, weather dependent.

And there is the Newtown Fair on Sunday.

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Let me know how it all works out with the tape-CD conversion. I really need to act on that Bujold list information, too, but I'm sort of scared to try.


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