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Sister and hubby and baby nephew have been over here today - parents had cabin fever, so left the house for the first time for two weeks today - and have just gone. Baby was passed around all the relatives except when feeding and parents got a break. Apparently if I want baby photos, I'm going to have to join Facebook. Reasonably enough, sister will not be sending out lots of emails with pictures, and since she's not on LJ...

Nephew is very cute (and I have more photos).

I leave tomorrow afternoon and should get home about 7pm (assuming co-operative weather). I'm getting peopled out and since my brother and his wife are here from Oz and Gran is here from Raglan (and there is no unsecured wireless around), I really feel I should be downstairs and being social. Maybe I will bring my laptop down again and read more Cherryh in ebook format. Or something. I am looking forward to getting home and more or less have since I was peopled out at the family Christmas on Boxing day.

Went fishing this morning. Caught three starfish and some weed - not what you need for dinner! Was up at the ridiculously early hour of 6.30am and was awake reading too late last night, so am a bit tired. Lots of coffee today.

Also, I am the boozy daughter/granddaughter, due to the facts that I am willing to a) drink; b) talk about drinking cocktails; c) volunteered to take Gran's liqueur and sherry glasses off her hands before I found out that she gave them to the op-shop; and d) I have opinions about what I'm drinking. That being said, I have drank more with dinner since I got up here than I do usually in a month. It's still a novelty being offered alcohol by Dad. Haven't managed to convince him to open his bottle of laphroaig yet, though.

Guillotine seems to be reasonably popular and we have played several games of Settlers. I even managed to win one (mostly by accident). Bought Nation by Terry Pratchet from a sale store, read it, and have been leaving it around in the hopes that Dad or brother will pick it up and read it. I think they'd enjoy it. Read one of the other books I brought up with me (a new one by Violette Malan), but have failed once more on the Joe Abercrombie one I borrowed months ago. I think I will return it half read.

Weather has been mixed - a couple of sunny days, a couple of overcast days, and one rainy day. I'm very glad there's an electric fan in my room as I've slept without it going once so far.

I've done a little bit of work on the dragon, finished sketching one page of the book and started another, showed off the Maidens to the relevantly interested people, carted it up and downstairs a few times, and finished refiling A-L of the ebook library lastname, firstname, and made a start on M-Z. I think I need an ebook management system so I can tag them with multiple genres and other comments. Any recommendations, please let me know. I have heard of calibre, but haven't looked into it at all.
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I have had a lovely day. I forgot that my parents do a stocking if you're there Christmas Eve night. Since I'm the only one of the three of us here at the moment, there was one stocking (read: plastic supermarket bag) and that was mine. Traditional marshmellow santa (breakfast!) and chocolates, and another one of the awesome serving spoons that I wanted. Now I have two.

Mum and I spent much of yesterday preparing for the remaining Food Events (she's already had two). We had the results of some of our work today - a three course meal for lunch.

The starter was prawns marinaded in zatar, lightly cooked and drizzled with lemon juice and zest, surrounding some tiny pieces of roast kumara and shallots, with mint and basil leaves on top, overtopped with some shaved parmesan. It was meant to have spinach leaves and a red wine vinegrette over the parmesan, but we forgot to do that. It still tasted excellent, although we felt the prawns needed a bit more flavour.

The main course consisted of a green salad with a vaguely mediterranean flavour (mostly aided by the red onion and feta); more of the cubed roast kumara; fresh asparagus drizzled with a wasabi vinegrette and reduced balsamic vinegar; and the piece de resistance: a side of salmon sliced with half lemon pieces inserted into the slits, oven baked with a moroccan glaze that included, amongst other things, cumin, chilli, coriander, lemon juice, lemon zest, brown sugar, olive oil. It was amazing.

Dessert was the lemon curd & gingernut souffle that I've made a few times before. Mum makes the tiramisu from the same page, I make the souffle. It was excellent, as expected.

After, we headed over to the 'tron to see my sister, her husband, and tiny baby nephew, who has now regained all the weight he lost after he was born (11%). He is suitably cute and adorable. He's either sleeping, eating, or pooping most of the time, I gather, but he managed to wake up for an hour or so when we were there. He likes stretching and is very uncoordinated. Yay, baby nephew! The parents are doing well, too. It still seems unreal - my little sister has a baby, but it's true. She does. And he's real. :D I have photos to inflict on some people at some point.

I should probably head towards bed now - tomorrow we have a family Christmas on my Mum's side. First we collect my brother and his wife from the airport around 11.40am and to do that, we should leave around 10.30am. Lunch is bring your own, but dinner is the big pot-luck. Most of the food prep for this is all done; we just need to assemble it there. There will probably be 24 for dinner.

Yuletide reading for me will be limited until I get home - I haven't found an unsecured network for my laptop yet, and don't really want to read lots sitting up in the office (apparently I've used the same working for the location and music here before...).
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Wellington is gorgeous today, bright and breezy - and sunny. Town is mad. I had to go out at lunchtime today, and defying a fellow bus-passenger's predictions, it was worse than the last few days.

I was successful, though. I have picked up a soft and fuzzy sheep for the nephew ([ profile] tamarillow reckons it looks like a cross between a sheep and a monkey). I think it's cute. And, importantly, it's machine-washable.

I actually finished work early today! I managed to leave shortly after 4pm (decided not to stay for the drinks and nibbles at 4.30pm) and was home by 5.00pm. So much better than last year. I even managed to post out the bills! It feels very good to be done for the year; I am so ready for this break. Although, scarily it is my mobile number on my out-of-office for urgent work. Hopefully, nothing comes up - there's nothing I can do anyway.

Tomorrow, I have to get up even earlier than I did today for a 7am flight to Tauranga. I will try to start packing before 10.00pm today...
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I have pictures of nephew, who is cute (as expected) and a tiny baby only by virtue of being a baby (he's a pretty decent size for newborn). They went home on Tuesday and are doing well. Although I did get a text from my sister saying something along the lines of: well, he's born, he's home, now what do we do with him?

Most of my Christmas present shopping is done, which is a relief. Only a couple more shops to venture into and I know what they are. On the other hand, since I work in town, there's no escaping the mad crowds.

Ended up skipping out on my last weeknight event (the firm Christmas do) due to catching [ profile] maudlinrose's cold. I was more or less sent home after the settlement was completed, and ended up napping on the couch. Being out of the air-con helped immensely, and hopefully I will be all go for the next three days, which are going to be a bit crazy at work. I am kinda hoping that the settlement on Monday (a purely commerical event) doesn't end up going through so we have actual time to sort out the new A&I issue. Christmas presents for lawyers are all finished, but one more card to write.

I was pretty lazy yesterday; got some washing done but didn't get around to hanging it out. It wasn't until this morning that I worked out that it was partially due to not having had a cup of coffee in the morning. Of course, the rest of it was due to being plague-ridden, so I think I get a pass.

Actually, I've spent a fair amount of the last few days reading. Now that Alessan finally convinced me to read the first one, I've been devouring CJ Cherryh's Foreigner series. How did I not get around to reading this before - cultural politics are usually right up my alley. I am now up to book 9 (or book 3 of the third trilogy), and understand the fourth trilogy is not yet finished. I will try some of her other books as well - fortunately, I have most of them as ebooks. I've read books four - 8 since Thursday.

I also read Indigo Springs by A M Dellamonica, which was and wasn't what I expected from the blurb. The blurb, for example, gives no hint that one of the view point characters is a civilan crisis negotiator, and that the surround story is set after everything goes to pieces. The two halves - then and now - eventually come together in an unsurprising, but competently written fashion. I'm not sure how much I liked it, certainly won't be buying it, but I will be looking out for the sequel in the library. I think I picked this up as a book rec either from Unshelved or [ profile] james_nicoll.

On Friday I read Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk. There were a few surprises, but it was mostly reasonable urban fantasy. I'll read others if I see them, but they didn't particularly grab me and I won't be looking for them.

No pictures this week; it's been raining since sometime on Friday. The garden needs it, but the farmers up north need it more. My grandad's family email this week said they got an inch and a half of rain, which helped, but wasn't nearly enough. I think we've had at least that today.

I should probably go and get some more cleaning done - we have a flat inspection tomorrow and it's the new person.
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Exciting news - I'm an aunty! My sister gave birth to my nephew around 8am this morning. He's two weeks early, but already 8lb8oz. Both parents and child are doing well. I haven't received any photos yet, but this is very cool. This is the first nephew/grandchild/great-grandchild in the family.

Today, [ profile] tamarillow and I were on pre-service coffee at church, so after the service we wandered to the Te Aro Community Centre and bought a tree, which was delivered this afternoon. [ profile] maudlinrose has photos of it here. It's in our usual Christmas tree style of decorating, which is to say all the ornaments and tinsel. I also put all my Christmas music on a USB, so the stereo is currently working its way through 1.66GB of Christmas music.

Seeing as I'm out or home late all next week, I volunteered to cook tonight as well. I made a mushroom and red wine sauce to go on the steak (it was yummy), barbequed the steak and the onions, and also made a spicy bean salad (who would have thought that sweet chilli sauce and cumin went together?). The dressing on the salad was a bit to vinegary for me, but [ profile] tamarillow liked it. I think there are plans to turn the salad into quesadilas for dinner tomorrow night.

Dessert was flambeed stone fruit with clove mascapone cream. It was very nice, and it's fun setting things on fire. The fire was cool.

After a not particularly brilliant week, weather-wise, it's been nice to have a day of lots of sunshine. I have left my windows open and the lights off, and it's about the right temperature at the moment.
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My parents woke me up around 9.30am this morning to say that they were leaving now and could I unlock the door so they could get out? This was easily achived, but by then Jemima was whining for her breakfast and I was too awake to go back to sleep.

Currently, I am trying to a) work up the enthusiasm to go down to the garage to get more firewood (actually necessary); b) decide whether I can be bothered making Diana's Chocolate-Caramel Brownies to take into work tomorrow (probably a good idea); c) make lactose-free apple cake for gaming tomorrow night (maybe). I should also have lunch.

For sometime we have been planning to have an electricity-free drill to test our preparedness for an emergency. We're not doing this with complete thoroughness, I have to admit - the experiment is planned to run from 3:00pm - 3:00pm, the fridge freezer is staying on, and we're not going to turn off the water. Given that the sun goes behind the hills shortly after 5:00pm and a southerly is expected to come through later today, this should be interesting.

other things that happened in the last two days )

Now I should actually do things.
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Last night we said we'd eat somewhere cheap and do a normal grocery shop. I figured we would probably be home early, and I could make a start on the cleaning/tidying desired for my mother's visit this weekend. Instead, we ended up at 3C Bar, had a very good leisurely dinner, experimented with drinking wine rather than cocktails, and didn't get home until after 9.00pm, whereupon I felt no desire to do any cleaning whatsoever.

Tonight, I got home, put the dishwasher through again, and cooked dinner: lemon oven baked fish on a lime and chilli risotto (with homemade chicken stock). It was excellent, but risotto always takes forever to cook, and this was no exception. Wasn't helped by the fact that I ended up using a mixture of risotto, basmati and brown rice, as we didn't have enough risotto rice...

I have also:

  • made sweet-short pastry to go with the kaffir lime pie;
  • made kaffir lime pie for dessert tomorrow;
  • cleaned the bathroom;
  • tidied by room;
  • with [ profile] maudlinrose and [ profile] tamarillow cleaned and tidied the spare room;
  • made another batch of hot chocolate mix;
  • put the dishwasher through again;
  • made coffee for the morning;
  • got meat out for dinner tomorrow;
  • cleaned up the kitchen

Now my legs are tired and I am glad to be sitting down at my computer, with a cup of raspberry peach tea. My bridesmaid's flowers have lasted fairly well, and are pink and champagne coloured on my dressing table. They mostly opened without too much bruising.

I aim to finish work around 3.00pm tomorrow, and so I have told my authors (and why). This should be doable; Mum is supposed to arrive in Wellington at 4.10pm, and that should give me enough time to get to the airport.
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My parents had to go to my cousin's wedding today - apparently it was very nice - I've seen the pictures that Dad took and the bride looked lovely. There are also some neat shots of the groom, my brother and the other groomsman mucking around on the jetty and a trailer and the like.

Accordingly, I had the house to myself so spent much of the day catching up on livejournal(new [ profile] bb_shousetsu and the new chapter of Embers (the Avatar: The Last Airbender fic I am eagerly following), before making dinner and flicking between an episode of Dr Who I've seen before (and didn't particularly care for), Bend It Like Beckham and Time Team. Didn't do much embroidery and realised that the last of the little I did needs to be unpicked.

I have managed to swim yesterday and today. Yesterday was really hot and I was trying to find the cool spots in the water (the rest of it felt like the salt hot water pool, only it can't have been that warm), and today I was finding the warm spots in the water. Didn't stay in particularly long, either. Didn't have to dodge the kite-surfers today, either.

Tomorrow, we head off to Raglan. We are to be at the bus stop at 7.45am and will get into Hamilton shortly after 11.00am. My sister and her husband have kindly volunteered to give us a ride out to Raglan - Mum says they're finally getting over their self-centered perspective of the world.

I'm still not entirely sure what to talk about with my sister now - we have such different lives and interests, but we're working on finding things in commmon. I think that I should give her a hardcopy of The Curse of Chalion (if I haven't already - must check - I know she has it in e-book) so we can talk about it. I think she'd enjoy it - and it's better than Eddings, whom she is currently rediscovering.

...I think I'm starting to reach the point where I feel that yes, I'm on holiday. And I don't have to be doing anything.
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On holiday, and I'm actually feeling like I'm on holiday. I am generally remembering what date it is, but not what day of the week. This is partly because my last day of work was a Wednesday.

The bus trip up was pleasant, and until Taupo (where we changed buses) was also both on time and in a comfortable bus. The bus from Taupo was a lot older, slower and the driver clearly knew he was on time-and-a-half as he took ages loading things on and off at the stops. Still, we arrived only three-quarters of an hour late, which isn't too bad.

Wandered around the salt marshes for a bit on the 29th. Took lots of photos, some of which I will upload when I get around to it and/or are back home again. Was most bemused by the rusting barbed wire fences in the marsh grass and eventually decided it was for the sharks.

Callie and I went over to Mt Maunganui on the 30th, which required a bus into Tauranga City and another one over to the Mount(my brother had a stag do and my parents a funeral or we would have got a lift). We had what was meant to be a late morning tea but turned into an early lunch at one of the cafes there. We'd ordered breads and dip for under $10 and the bread was about the size of a large pizza. Then we wandered around the shops, lay on the grass by the beach for a bit and walked around the base of the Mount. After, we had an ice-cream from the highly recommended Copenhagen Cones (which has nothing to do with the Copenhagen ice-cream places in Wellington) and soaked in the salt-water hot pools for a while, before going to the sushi place for a snack and catching two buses back to my parents place.

Yesterday, my mother kindly dropped us over at Callie's friend's place in Papamoa, saving us the cost of two buses. It was a lovely afternoon/evening of drinking and good company. We went over to their local bar for the New Year's Eve celebrations. For $15 we got a free lei, a drink, meat from a spit roast and a live band. The band was okay, although all the music was slightly too fast. Because tickets were limited, it wasn't over-crowded, which was really good. I was crashing by the time the band finished at 1.00am and we went back to their place. I understand some people stayed up drinking til about 4.00am, but I didn't feel like being hungover in the same house as Mum and Dad and went to bed when Callie did. First new year's I've ever spent in a pub. It's not something I would object to doing in the future.

Also: black sambucca is horrible (even in shots), but the midori and baileys shots weren't too bad.

I cooked breakfast (bacon & scrambled eggs on bread - and I couldn't stomach the bacon) and Dad picked me up around noon. So I got back about the same time as I would have otherwise, but without the hassle of catching two buses.

Also took the opportunity to catch up on lj a bit - I've been checking email daily, but not much more. Have now caught up to skip-280 on lj and think I will take a break and go read Devil's Cub and do some more handwork on the third floor balcony, which will catch the breeze. I can catch up much more tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I have the house to myself for the afternoon/evening, so my plan is internet internet internet (and some handwork and reading no doubt). My cousin is getting married, I don't have to go to the wedding (too many cousins, so only the ones they are close to are invited, which is standard family practice for us), but Mum and Dad are going, and my brother is the best man. It will be lovely. I will catch up properly then.

I am yet to wear a jersey or slippers since I arrived here. It has finally cooled down enough to sleep under more than just a sheet.


Dec. 11th, 2009 12:08 am
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I feel I have achieved things today. I managed to get most of my Christmas present shopping for my family finished (I still need to go to Mitre 10 and get vouchers for my sister and her husband). Both of my siblings and their partners have requested cash or vouchers this year, and while I'm less keen on giving vouchers, I have a general policy of trying to give people what they've asked for...

However, it's always nice to have something to open and play with one the day, so I thought kids' books! Everyone likes kids' books! They're so much fun! So, after I found my sister a pair of earrings I got Biggles and the Black Mask for my brother, a small Where's Wally? book for my brother-in-law, and Young Macdonald Had A Farm for my sister-in-law.

I'm really pleased with the last one. It's a 2009 New Zealand children's book and Young Macdonald has a tractor, a digger, a grader, a few other things, a pole driver... It's adorable. Also, she's moving to Syndey next year to be with my brother (who went over earlier due to study). And she teaches primary school.

I wish I could find some southern hemisphere Christmas icons. I know, this one isn't summer, but at least there isn't any snow in the icon. And it's Snoopy. Many of them have snow or Santa (in his heatstroke inducing red suit), or snowflakes or some other winter scene. Christmas is summer.

Saw the physio again today. This should be the last lot of strapping. It's supposed to be on for another week and then I'm done. I can go back to playing frisbee then, too. I'm allowed to wear high heels again! I've been wearing the same pair of flats for work since early November! Heels!
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Dear New Zealand Healthy Food Guide )

Dear Mum and Dad, particularly Mum, )
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Apart from a little sun Thursday morning and two hours of dryness in town that afternoon, it rained for all the four days I spent in Tauranga. I feel cheated and let down, as clearly it never rains there. Parents house is lovely, if not quite them yet. There are lovely brocade curtains. That being said, it's not to my taste - I like character houses, lighter walls and a more ad hoc style of decorating. It felt a little overbearing and oppresive and very very contemporary. But they like it and that's the main thing.

Party was good; I caught up with lots of people, both relatives and family friens alike. Spent a bit more time with my parents new Tauranga friends, who are nice, but don't have the same spark that the Oggs had. Also met my Dad's secretary who is awesome and I really liked her (of the new people I met, she was probably my favourite) and a couple of other people from Dad's work who are also friends of his and are interesting people also. We didn't talk work very much though.

His secretary and workmates snagged me, one of the Oggs and one of my aunts for the Quiz, which contained both family questions and things like: "Who were the ladies in the snug" and "Name the first names of Biggles' three comrades" and "What is the Vulcan greeting"? We won - partly because of those questions, but not by much.

I flew out of Auckland (twenty minutes late) on Sunday evening, having arrived there via my sister's new house in Hamilton. I actually liked her house more than my parents, for all that it needs a lot more work. It has a fully fenced back yard, three bedrooms, etc etc. It was much more the level I'm comfortable with. It was good to get home again.

According to Land Transport NZ you can change the address associated with your driver's licence online. I didn't even know you could change it, so this is welcome information. Even more welcome information is the fact that you can renew your restricted driver's licence (of which mine is about to expire). This is kinda necessary (my other option would be getting a passport) since my Landonline login, which I need for work, is tied to the expiry date of my government issued ID. Of which there are three types: driver's licence, firearms licence or passport.

I picked up a couple of renewal forms (one for me and one for [ profile] tamarillow today and wil get around to filling it out and paying the fee before it expires. It's cheaper than a passport.
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My brother and I have now discussed things and I now know what is expected of me in relation to my sister-in-law's birthday (a phone call, by preference and a card/gift if not or for special occasions). I still have to speak to my sister and find out if the same applies to my brother-in-law, given that I haven't exactly done anything for the last two or three years... Frankly, I think their wedding anniversary is more important, but I didn't say that to him.

Ended up coming home from work early on Monday with a nasty headache; took yesterday off for the same reason. Back at work today, but my eyes still hurt and my head generally aches. I'm eating panadol on the four hours. Given that the last time this happened, I started getting migraines and ended up needing glasses, I have made an appointment with the optomitrist on Monday.

Already tired of having sore eyes.

Bought the pattern for Dad's Christmas present (or possibly birthday present next year) today - Transportation Classics for Counted Crossstitch. I'm only going to use the good pattern of a Sopwith Camel and the only one of a Fokker Triplane. They look pretty easy and I'll probably do them on blue remaining from the Maidens of the Seasons, when they're done... that means it may be Christmas next year. Oh well.

I passed my Business terms test with 81%, which is acceptable. I lost two marks in the drafting by deliberately not putting in something because that's not how we do it at work. It's fine losing the marks in the terms tests for that, but I suppose I should do it by the book in the final exam in October, that being what really counts.

Part A of Litigation terms tests marks have been adjusted to range from 1.75 - 14 out of 20. I got 12.5, which is a pass at least. I didn't go to class last night, but I imagine my lecturer was not happy with us. I'm not happy with me for that. Hope the drafting was a lot better.

The GURPS Vorkosigan pdf is out finally and the hardback comes in October. I am currently debating whether I have enough time (and mental energy) to be in an online fortnightly or so game. Not sure about the mental energy - it looks like it would be a fun game - but I'm fairly certain the time zones and availability won't work out.

Also, [ profile] purplesparkler, you should get [ profile] bl9_knt to look at this.
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Family are here and it's lovely to see them, it really is.

My brother and his wife are relaxing and enjoying a break (she's in the middle of grad school and has just handed in her final papers for one bit, so can actually legitimately do nothing), my parents eventually arrived around 5.00pm with a double-bed for me, a feather duvet, dinner food and firewood (offcuts from the house they're building).

Dinner was lovely: barbequed prawns marinated in thai coriander, chilli and lime sauce with a bit of sweet chilli sauce to start; burniated pork steaks; onions; grilled capsicum; zucchini and mushrooms also barbequed; a green salad; bread rolls; and plum crumble with vanilla bean ice-cream to follow. It all tasted really good.

Only trouble is I now have a cold. Been fighting it off for a few days and it's finally hit. Tomorrow is going to be awful.

Still, double bed. This was one of the things on my list to get when I became a grown-up, I suppose. The fact that my parents have given it to me rather than my having purchased one does not negate the fact that I now have a double bed. It's all made up and everything (sheets and duvet cover are [ profile] maudlinrose's), and my cat is having a bath on the bed.

Room needs rearranging; I don't have nearly enough space for my computer desk and chair and bookcases need moving around as do other bits and pieces. I think I might go crash now; I'm definately on the babbly side of tired/sick and sleep will be good for me as soon as I can stop typing and turn off my computer
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My parents, brother and sister-in-law are visiting this weekend. As such, some things need doing before I go to meet people at the airport on Saturday morning:

  • Ironing
  • Homework
  • Clean bathroom
  • Vaccum
  • Create Guest account on Annabelle
  • Tidy room
  • Call Te Papa and check the maximum size of bags they'll store in the bag-check room
  • check bus timetables for getting to the airport by 9.30am
  • Wash double sheets used last weekend on the foldout couch
  • Put money on my cellphone
  • My laundry - mostly done

I'm sure there's more, as that seems an awfully short list. The plan is to meet my brother and his wife and go from the airport to the Monet exhibition at Te Papa, buy a roast chicken from the nearby supermarket and head home for lunch. Stuff will happen.

List is courtesy of the handy-dandy link [ profile] maudlinrose posted recently. I thought I'd experiment.

While doing the ironing tonight (this is a habit I gained when living with my parents doing the ironing while watching Star Trek during high school), I watched the anime for FAKE which is an adaptation of a manga series I own about two cops in New York and their romance. It was the most accurate adapation I've seen - there were about four noticeable changes from the plot of Volume 2. It was as though the manga was their storyboard and they stuck to it!

I suddenly have the urge to reread the series...


Dec. 28th, 2008 09:08 pm
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Upon getting a chance to play around with my parents computer, I installed (with their permission) AVG, MSN and iTunes. Firefox was already installed, or I would have had to do that too. I have since had to restore their toolbars in IE7 (AVG and MSN both added one), make Google the default search engine in IE as well as Firefox and give several lessons on how to use tabs (in IE7, which I'm unfamilar with).

I miss Annabelle, who has everything is set up as I want it and I'm logged into everything I want to be. Someone remind me before they come to visit to set up a guest user ID for her. On the other hand, no high speed internets until the 7th.

Now I'm going to have another go at folding the yukata so it goes nicely back in it's plastic sleeve. Dad says he never unfolded it properly so is no use to me now that I've tried it on.

Managed to get my shoulders/upper back a bit burned today. I thought I was completely in the shade, but I guess not and my shoulders have paid the price. Still haven't managed to go swimming; hopefully that will happen tomorrow and the tides will work out.

So far damage from Leaky Rental House includes damp books (fortunately not to the point of discarding as I'm not sure all could be replaced), multiple pillows, feather duvets, duvet covers, my old sheepskin and the carpet. The insurance people get rung tomorrow.
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Merry Christmas everyone!

The rain has stopped, probably temporarily, presents have been opened and appreciated, chocolate has been consumed, sister and hubby have departed and it's nearly lunchtime. Lunch is going to be rotisserie chicken cooked on the BBQ.

After lunch we're off to have Christmas with my mum's side of the family.
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Lovely to be in Tauranga. Have been swimming. The fiancee is lovely. Very hot and muggy. Good to see granparents and cousins and everyone behaved. Carol service fun. Busy tomorrow.

Bed now.
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Every year, it seems I put off packing until after 10.00pm the night before I go. This year, it's not on purpose.

I got out of work about 4.30pm, after the secret santa giveaway - and whoever did mine either knows me or guessed really well because I have a magnet with a quote from Madeline Astor on it - and went down to Borders to await [ profile] tamarillow so we could go shopping to find her a bikini. Which we did and it was fun. It just entailed starting off in Amazon, going via Kirks and every other store we could find which sold togs before ending up in Colorado and returning to Kirks, whereupon she bought a bikini that looks absolutely awesome on her.

I ended up buying a matching pair of bikini bottoms to go with the one I got last week from Kirks, as the partners in our team gave the secretaries a $30 gift card for Kirks and I put it towards that. So now I have a matching set and feel very pleased.

We got home, I finished my book (Cybele's Secret by Juliet Marillier, sequal to Wildwood Dancing, made tea and then we did the dishes. It's amazing how much can accumulate in a bit over a day! I feel very strongly that my house should be clean when I go away, particularly if we're all going away.

This is why I am currently sitting at my computer listening to Emma Shapplin, putting off going into the lounge to collect the Christmas presents to take to Tauranga with me. I also have to work out what I'm going to wear on the way up; hopefully it will be a fine day and then I won't be too hot when I arrive.


Dec. 25th, 2005 10:29 pm
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Have had a lovely day. Stocking and presents this morning, then out to Grandma's for the Bardsley family gathering - 23 people, one cousin missing. Lots of catching up and food. Hope everyone else had a good Christmas.

Repeat tomorrow with the other side of the family, this time at our place.


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