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Photos, as promised. Although while looking at them, I noticed a missing stitch in Winter, so I guess I'm not quite finished after all. This has been on the go for a bit over two years (I really started it in Raglan when I was there for Grandad's funeral), with six months or so off for study and doing [ profile] thesane's wedding present.

Lots and lots of pictures )
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For dinner tonight:

barbequed prawns marinaded in a thai coriander and lime dressing
barbequed ham, pineapple, mushroom, capsicum and avocado kebabs
refriend kumra and corn mush
green salad

It was excellent, especially the prawns and avocado.

It has been a very hot day today. Fortunately, there was a bit of a breeze, so we opened all the deck doors and the ranch slider and most of the windows and made the lounge door stay open as to create a bit of a crossbreeze, which has been lovely. The windchimes occasionally sound, but not enough to be annoying.

The cats quite enjoy coming into my room, jumping out the window, going round and doing it all again. Or jumping in the window occasionally, in Tobias' case.

There is a bus that goes between Karori and Queensgate via J'ville every day until around 2.00pm or so - a shopping bus. I think there is a fairly early bus stop, otherwise it's around the entrance to Otari Wilton bush, and then it's a relatively easy walk up Warwick St and home. Not so good for going to visit [ profile] clockworkflight and [ profile] darth_sappho, but excellent for overnight. Wish it ran later, but it's pretty good. Certainly faster than going into town and catching another bus home again. Cheaper, too, and it's a Go!Wellington bus, so takes snapper cards.

Have stitched a fair amount on Spring over the weekend; I'm just starting the second sweep of her dress. Making sure I get the flowers right is probably the trickiest thing at the moment, especially as one of the colours is a bead and that's just annoying. It's coming out much whiter on the blue fabric than I expected, but maybe that will change as I stitch more.
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I have been rereading The Belgariad and The Mallorean at the rate of approximately a book a day. I am now up to The Seeress of Kell and quite glad about this - I'm getting quite tired of them.

Still thinking about the characters I like and dislike and a bit about why. At times I almost like Polgara, other times I continue to dislike her. More and more I'm thinking that it's the young (or seeming young) women that Eddings writes that is what I dislike - I mostly like Queen Poreen of Drasnia, for example. Ce'Nedra, on the other hand, I can't stand. When I was 15, this was in part because she has red hair (I have red hair, it's not that exotic and it's more trouble than it's worth sometimes; little old ladies in supermarkets and river paths, bah!), but as I get older there are far more elements of not being able to sympathise with her at all.

Seriously, remove the names, the hair colour, and the single obvious character traits (liking for gold/spying/knives/cooking) and you wouldn't be able to tell any of them apart. And I almost include Polgara in this category. Compared to Ce'Nedra, I positively like Polgara!

On the other hand, a book I did like Havemercy - spoilers, long and rambly )

Autumn progress slowly. She has some hair and for a while her face looked like a skull until I stitched in her cheecks and lips. Now it looks like a pink blob. It will look like this for a long time - I plan to do the backstitching just before I do the beading, which will be last.

[ profile] bl9_knt and [ profile] purplesparkler liked the chessboard. I still have hold of it, however - even though I finished it in April, I still failed at getting it framed in time. I now have fifteen months to do so. I would make a slightly more urgent effort to do it this year, but where would I put it until then? It's pretty enough that if I have it framed I'm going to want to have it out in view, rather than stored away somewhere.

[ profile] fraser_by_proxy was in town for some of this week for his birthday and a group of us gathered at Sweet Mother's Kitchen, one of the few mexican restaurants in Wellington. Food was good, milkshakes were great and huge, key lime pie was... interesting. It was good to see him again. Auckland and studying medicine seems to suit him.
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Annabelle the new computer is proving to be a great distraction - more specifically Heroes of Might and Magic V, which I'm sorta addicted to, only I've started dying more easily so the addiction will probably wane over the next week or so, unless I manage to succeed. Still, I completed the first set of missions and have just started the second.

[ profile] bl9_knt and [ profile] purple_sparkler are supposed to be coming up for dinner tomorrow night, but they haven't confirmed, so I'm not sure. If either of you are reading this, take note: none of us will be home until at least 6.30pm - dinner will probably be aimed for 7.30pm or so. Contact us, damnit and confirm. You should have all my numbers by now.

Have managed the gym once this week. Failed on Monday, took Tuesday off, went on Wednesday, failed today and really need to go tomorrow. My mother claims it takes 28 days to make a habit, and this is one I need to recreate.

Am going to lunch with the ladies from my old work tomorrow, which should be fun. I try and do this about once a month or so and and it's worked out to be about that.

Right now I think I'll go make a cup of hot chocolate and get ready for bed; maybe even do some crossstitch. Autumn has been sadly neglected of late and her skin is growing far more slowly than I'd really like.
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Unlike the last time I ordered embroidery supplies over the internet, this time went really smoothly. Needlepaint threads arrived yesterday from Needlework Plus in Pottstown, PA, USA within the five to ten working days as promised. The person I dealt with was friendly and helpful and should I need to order more embroidery stuff over the internet, I will definitely be looking to them first.

My hands are cold, the unstrapped one colder than the strapped one. Saw the physio today about the joint bruise I got on Saturday. She reckons that if I had had to injure a finger, that one was one of the better ones to injure. I have some exercises to do, but the damage appears to be fairly light, so long as I'm careful for the next little while. Apparently, you're more likely to injure yourself in the ten days immediately following the accident than at any other time. And it already aches a fair amount from all the awkward typing that I've had to do today.

I'm so glad for ACC though - free physio just makes things so much easier. If there wasn't ACC, I would've probably put off going to phsyio until tomorrow (payday) or later.

The cat is sleeping in my bed and I wish I could join her (warmth!), but think I should go start dinner instead.
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Well, the wedding present is finished, barring two french knots and assuming that all the names are correct. The corners are all relatively tidy and I'm quite pleased how it turned out. I will be carting it around with me to show off for the next couple of weeks and hopefully get photos and then I shall wander on up to Walrus Gallery and ask about framing and lacing. I think I will try lacing this one myself. Although it might have to wait until May, so I can take it up north with me for Dad's 50th to show off, but that might be cutting timing a bit fine.

So, as I planned, I am back to the nice uncomplicated counted crossstitch, Mirabila's Maidens of the Seasons (Autumn and Winter) only to find that during my break from it, or in the period since I last had to buy the main framing colour, that they've changed the dye run slightly. I don't want to have to undo everything I've done so far, but I might have to. I'll certainly have to undo the entire section that the new colour is directly next to. The more I work on this, the more I am convinced that when I bought the linen, I was given the area I asked for, but not in the proportions I wanted. I feel like I have nearly a foot extra at the ends and that it's tight at the top and the bottom. Still very pleased with the blue of the background.

Dirty Creature had a bye tonight for the last game of the season, but I came along anyway, wanting a run around and ended up playing for Hammerhands (Dirty Hands) against Happy Creature. I had fun. I played in my Kathmandu work shirt and was actually cooler in it than I am in my cotton creature t-shirt. Maybe I should investigate this sports fabric thing. I also purchased my first disc, one of the Ultimate Creature ones, which makes me happy.

Then I came home, had dinner, and watched Dancing With the Stars, where the true entertainment is hanging out with my flatmates and laughing, not the show itself. We all have a weakness for dancing shows. But the costumes!

No class this week, so I get to start at 8.30am and have hour long lunch breaks. This is so strange that I have no idea what to do with them. Maybe I'll go to the library tomorrow - I was reading an interesting article on Bette Davis at the gym this morning and her biography or autobiography could be quite interesting, and I keep meaning to try Liz Williams Snake Agent series - a few people have generally recommended it to me.

Does anyone in Wellington have any suggestions where to get massage oil from other than the Body Shop? They're out of bergamot and I don't like the other scents they have.
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And the wedding present is finished! Crossstitching, backstitching, beading, accent and all! It is done. And of course, Walrus Gallery was closed for their summer break when I got there. They're open again next week, so I guess it'll be Tuesday before I can take it in.

I'm still not entirely pleased with it - I ended up backstitching the bride's dress in the light pink varigated silk that I used for the ruffle on the bridesmaid's dresses (I first used it on my sister's wedding sampler), but I can't come up with a better idea, so unless I do before Tuesday, I guess it stays. I should sign it, too. Doing the champagne bubbles in beads was absolutely the right decision - it looks fantastic. The rest of the beading also looks good, but I'm particularly pleased with that part.

It is my last day at Baldwins tomorrow. It seems quite strange. I started there 3 July 2006, which feels both a very short and very long time ago. I will need to compose a farewell email at some point during the day. I don't think I've sent out an 'all staff' email before. I'm taking a couple of bags to work to take stuff home in, but I imagine there'll be more stuff than I expect. There always is.

I'm currently working out whether timing will work for me to come to practice on Saturday. I have something in town at 1.00pm, which means a 12.30 bus at the latest, allow me at least half an hour to get changed, preferably more, a fifteen minute or so walk home... managable, I think. Just. We'll see.

And wonderfully, I start at SG on Tuesday, so I have Monday to sleep in and linger in bed and laze around the house doing nothing, which sounds like a really good thing right now. I should go to bed.
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Have sat the first exam - Introduction to Legal Systems - and my brain is resenting the idea of getting back into studying straight away. Still, I've had the afternoon and part of the evening off and will start looking at stupid bloody Trust Accounts and conveyancing statement stuff soon.

Have spoken to my brother and the future sister-in-law and there has been a decision made on the type of sampler, and the specific one if possible. She would like this one, my brother also likes it and of the two they liked best, I like this one the best, so if I can get the pattern, I shall do this. Unfortunately, it's only available as a kitset and I would really rather not have to buy the kitset if possible; for one thing it has to come all the way from the UK! I have emailed them to ask if I could purchase it as a .pdf pattern only so I can choose my own colours and fabrics as I'd rather not have the shipping time to wait and the leftover threads (I would use the leftover fabric). Also, I want to work on linen or evenweave, not aida.

I totally plan to change the colours; her bridesmaids' dresses are going to be in this limey green, apparently, so the bridesmaids on the sampler would be in that colour, and I shall get her to send me a fabric sample so I can match it. Or get her to give me the DMC number, but the former would be easier. I'm also thinking about a pale pink background or some other pale but interesting colour other than beige.

My other project is going well; I am nearly half way through the black, but it will, of course, be put aside for the new one. The nice thing about the new one is that it should be pretty easy to do and get framed in the timeframe available to me.
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This weekend we got through most of the spring-cleaning of the kitchen. This involved, among other things, defrosting the freezer, cleaning out the laundry sink which we'd not touched since we moved in, and scrubbing the floor - including under the stove and the fridge. All this has left us with a sense of satisfactory weariness. We have now sorted through our cookbooks and reshelved those.

I have also done more on the wedding present, updated my book catalogue, done a small cull and reshelved. Everything fits on the shelves - just. I have no space for expansion whatsoever in the bookcases and my next move will be to use bookends and the tops of my bookcases. I have some on loan, some of which I can remember and some I can't be bothered checking, so I don't know how well it will fit when I get the last of those back.

My catalogue tells me that I have 700 fiction books and 150 non-fiction (plus the three non-fiction I've yet to catalogue). I didn't realise I had quite that many books. And that's with a cull of about 30 (some of which were duplicates that I picked up at the bookfair). Oh, if anyone sees volumes V, VI, VII, VIII, XII, XX and XXI of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress, could you let me know? That's all I'm missing.

I also consolidated my music library. I need to make sure it's all on itunes in the right place, but all the files are now in the one place, I think.

All in all, it's been a rather productive weekend.

I was given tickets to the NZSO for last Friday by some friends who won them but had a prior engagement. There was a guest composer and trumpeter soloist, both of whom I've never heard of - but then, I know very little about big names in the classical music world. Regardless, it was lovely. There was Mozart and Haydn. Not sure what the other pieces were specifically, but they were lovely also. Then we went to Floriditas for dinner and I caught the last bus home.

I am still reading Heyer but also appear to be on a Jenny Crusie kick at the moment as well. The contrast is rather startling.
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Various links for people to follow or not as they choose. I didn't note it down, but Legacy chapter two is up and some of chapter three. I look forward to getting my copy.

And thanks to [ profile] kikibug13, A Singing Tesla Coil.

My copy of the first six discs of Saiyuki arrived on Friday so I have been distracted with watching that and hemming lots of blue linen so it doesn't fray. I got 221 #4 very fine braid today (sort of a coppery colour) so I can do the tiny bits between the brown of the framing lines and make sure I get my spacing right. I'll do all four frames before starting in on the pictures, I think.

Have also bought a couple of books - the second Firebirds anthology (and I'd really like the first one), which [ profile] tamarillowi pointed out to me, and Kitchen Princess #1, which is a manga about a girl who likes cooking things to make people smile. And it includes recipes!

Had a rather relaxed afternoon. After church, [ profile] tamarillowi and I went to Te Papa, purely upon impulse, and went through the Poisoners exhibition, which was lots of fun. And there was shopping: giant nails for hanging the mirror back up (not available individually, alas), Firebirds Rising anthology, shoe polish for my red shoes, tea (ginger kissed and loose-leaf English Breakfast so I can make chai), the krenik thread and I even managed to avoid buying anything at Borders.

Oh, and art. At Trade Aid, I found this lovely piece of artwork, which currently hangs between Garden Verses and the window. It's handwork even (and doesn't that feel odd, to buy stitching, rather than make it), a neat spiral pattern in beige calico stitched upon dark green cotton cord with a few stem stitches on top. But it's the stitching I'm impressed with; it's beautifully done and the handstitching is scarcely visble. I think even [ profile] thesane would be impressed. It fits in nicely with our growing collection of art on the walls. Actual art, not just posters. And there was a beaded squid keyring, too. I tend to have more keyrings than keys.

Later, when we got home, we sat in the sun and chatted while eating lunch and drinking tea, talking about the That's Life magazines and designing our dream home, white flagstone checkerboard herb garden border and all.

Also as a result of what we were talking about, I now want to do a short Escher-esque metamorphosis blackwork picture. It'll take a lot of designing, which is something I'm not necessarily very good at, but would look absolutely lovely. Still want to do a blackwork chessboard one day, but the hard part of that will be finding somewhere that will make it up into a usable chessboard.
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The flight down was on one of the Airbus planes, which is the biggest plane I've flown in within New Zealand. Six seats a row, lots of rows, not enough space to crossstich in (I checked that I was allowed the scissors before I went through the x-ray scanner) and small children. One of the said small children said something rude as we were leaving the plane, and later, as I was waiting for my bag said small child and mother came up to me and apologised. That was surprising, but appreciated.

I was met by [ profile] thesane and her partner who took me back to their place and fed me dinner, which was good lasagne. We then watched Barbarella: Queen of the Universe, which I fell asleep partway through. I'm sorry about that because I was quite enjoying it. I might have to watch it again at some point and stay awake for the entire thing. Jane Fonda's character seemed to loose her clothes at any excuse.

They have a lovely house with three fireplaces that they can't use, this being Christchurch and a library/music room with lots of books, a piano and a harp (clearly the important things about the house) and a lovely garden with increasingly less ivy.

Today was spent wandering around town. We visited lots of fabric stores, some bookstore (saw a copy of Redeeming the Lost by Elizabeth Kerner, which I would have bought if I hadn't read it before. Instead (at a different bookstore) I picked up The Excalibur Alternative by David Weber, which I enjoy somewhat more.

I am now in possession of five metres of blue wool which which I am to make a Daughter's Day festival dress with. I understand much of the next two days will be spent making the corset and possibly starting the dress. I am sure it will be fun, and [ profile] thesane is planning to get me to enjoy plain-sewing. But then I get to do stupid amounts of embroidery, which I'm quite looking forward to. It will, at least, be transportable.

I keep wanting to make a hardanger or some other form of cutwork or a pulled thread altar cloth.
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Having reached my first goal for weight loss, I purchased an Alphonse Elric figure (from Fullmetal Alchemist that being the series I'm most into at the moment. I have two of the three, Edward and Alphonse. Alphonse has two spare hands and a cat. Ed has a five spare hands, three spare arms, a removable jacket, a dagger and a curved piece which attach to one of the arms and a spear. I can't help but feel that's somewhat unfair.

I have been insanely busy at work since I got back. The person whom I mostly work for is being seconded up to Auckland for six months. Next week. So he was aiming to make his budget yesterday and today. We've almost done it and since he's in for some of Monday and next Friday, I think we will make it. It does mean that I will have to break in a new author (we are getting a replacement) and makes me more inclined to go for a position in the new Mechanical/Electrical Patent team when that becomes an option. They are looking for the geek people at the moment - ones who don't speak to their shoes, by preference. We're also looking for support staff, so if you are a good typist, both with accuracy and speed, and think you might like working in intellectual property f, drop me and email and send me your CV and I'll pass it onto our practice manager.

There were green things at morning tea in honour of it being St Pat's day tomorrow. I'm more looking forward to daylight saving changing over on Saturday night. Not so much the fact that it will be dark so early but that it will be much lighter at six am, when I am getting up. Currently the view from my window now, at nine pm, is much the same as the view from my window at six am, except there are fewer house lights at six am, unsurprisingly.

[ profile] maudlinrose came up to my work drinks this evening, which was nice, and then we wandered down to Borders again. I went there after work yesterday. It's going to be a draw card for a while, I think. I'm enjoying checking out the range. Completely unimpressed with the SF/Fantasy section - although they'll have a hard time breaking into the market unless their prices are very good, what with Dymocks and Arty Bees already being around. Like the manga section, which will be hard to resist - I'm already making a mental list of what I want to collect. It's just manga series are so long and they're about the same price as a regular book. And once I start collecting a series and have the entire series readily available for purchase, I have a really hard time restricting myself to a book a fortnight or so, especially if I haven't read them first.

Finished the crossstitch for Kura while I was sick. I need to hem the edges and work out how I'm going to sign it. I'm currently thinking about a slightly elaborate K and the date in one corner, then out of framed view, in a far corner, my actual name and the date. If I do that at the very edge, then it's clearly not for public view. My standard signature for stuff I'm keeping is my first name in very plain backstitch and the year in a dark colour, but not for stuff I'm giving away. I didn't sign my work for ages. My dragon will be signed normally, but in white.

I'm clearly babbling. I wonder why.

Chocolate. I feel like chocolate sometimes. I don't usually want block chocolate, but cakes, brownies and biscuits I find hard to resist, especially when I walk past Ma Higgens and smell freshly baked food.

C. is home now with new blue boots. I will go look.
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I am surprised at how much this tummy bug has taken out of me. I haven't been sick since July last year, when I started at Baldwins, and that was just a really nasty cold. It didn't leave me feeling like a wrung-out rag from going to a church meeting! I'm not tired; I just run out of energy quickly.

Today I left the house for the first time since Friday lunchtime, when I returned from going to the doctor's. I didn't go to church, only to the member's meeting after, then to the library, wandered through a couple of bookstores and Goldings before sitting down in McD's and having some coke to get enough energy to get to the bus stop and come home again, and once home I had to sit down for an hour or so before doing anything other than stitch!

The last time I ran out of energy this quickly, I was recovering from an operation and that was a completely different sort of exhausted! A better analogy is the time I was recovering from flu and moving into Harbour View Rd at the same time.

Still, I will endeavour to go to class tomorrow (I just did my readings) and maybe to Arty Bees, since they have a book on hold for me that I'd like to trade some other books for. Back to work on Tuesday and to the gym on Wednesday, I think, or so is the plan. I will have to ask Tredwell for a med. cert., I think, when I speak to him tomorrow morning.

The Deco Wreath I'm doing for my workmate who is moving to Australia is coming along nicely. When I started it I estimated a two-three week job at the most, not something a bit over a weekend! I'm doing some of the fill at the moment and will be onto the backstitch shortly. Go to Art-Stitch and it's the Deco Wreath under the Art Deco link, if you can be bothered checking it out. I also picked up the Plum and Gold (stained glass link) for myself and will probably do that once I've finished this eighth of my dragon. I have a lot of things to do once I've finished my dragon.


Jan. 24th, 2007 01:32 pm
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Since I left Wellington yesterday morning, without hassle since the cloud was more in Wilton than Kilbirnie, I have read on of the three books I brought up with me, purchased another, wandered through what there is of downtown Tauranga, done a few rows of crossstitch, thrown a frisbee on the beach and seen the comet with my own eyes from my parents backyard! And that was just yesterday.

Today I slept in, despite the heat, went for a walk and then for a swim. The swim was absolutely delightful - still, clear and just the right temperature. Very relaxing. Have done very little since then.

[ profile] maudlinrose, could you check my Tamora Pierce to see if I have Cold Fire, Bk. 3 in the Circle Opens series. Am also getting recipes and ideas off Mum to play with, some of which I might use, some I won't. They like our pesto, though.

Had a very good Kapcon - played a lot of increasingly silly games and enjoyed myself thoroughly. The LARP went well, which was a relief and have only heard generally positive comments and the occasional constructive criticism for future LARPs. Have a idea for another one, but I think it'd be better as a May one and not til next year.

I hear that it was an absolutely horrible game of Ultimate last night. I'm very sorry and I hope that no one leaves over it.

The latest [ profile] sga_flashfic challenge has hit me with an idea and I think it's time to go find a pad of refill or something and start playing with it.
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the first one, of course, being the big one: my sister's wedding. We add C. to the family and J. joins another one. I'm sure it will be a delightful occasion for all concerned. The sampler, while not yet received by its intended recipiants, arrived in Hamilton safely and intact, after having been duly admired by a number of people at my work. There was nearly an hour or so this afternoon when I didn't get any work done because people were looking at the pretty.

I am still very tired. I can't remember whether I mentioned it or not, but the tape I listen to to switch my brain off at night broke earlier this week and I have had huge problems sleeping without it. Unfortunately, it's not one that is easy to find; it was hard to find six years ago when we replaced the first worn out original. One of my tasks for tomorrow is to find the second original of this tape and dub it again. This time, though, I'll take them both back home.

One of the things I might do tonight, however, is go next door into the sewing room and, ah, obtain The Pirates Mixed Up Voyage by Margaret Mahy, which is lots of fun. Also a copy of The Downhill Crocodile Wizz because it's fun, even if C. already has a one - in Wellington even, which I read the other day. I've had one response to the list I posted on [ profile] whatisthatbook so far, and it sounds like it could be. And, ha! Central currently has a copy. Guess where I'm going on Tuesday.

Fell asleep watching the 30 min Era music video last night, about three quarters of the way through. It was a shame to miss Infanati, but evidently, I needed the sleep. I did wake up around one, became vaguely aware that it had finished and lay down properly, and again around three, whereupon I got up, turned the computer off, and went back to sleep. The dehumidifier earlier this week also helped. I hadn't realised that habit was so strong.

Flight up was almost the bumpiest I've been on, going out of Wellington. However, once out of the area, it smoothed out and I occupied myself by looking out the window, reading Curse of Chalion and talking in a desultory manner with the person next to me.

It is time to go to bed and sleep in my childhood bed; that is the one I didn't take away with me.

What's up

Aug. 11th, 2006 10:07 pm
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I have been incredibly tired this week - Wednesday night I was even asleep before 11pm, and I'm considering going to bed very shortly even now, except for the fact that I doubt my brain would shut up.

Lace & Steel ended dramatically with three PCs unconscious and one having a bubble-bath. Surprisingly, Isthian is not the one bathing. Earthdawn is also much fun, although another PC and I accidentally blew up something we weren't supposed to blow up, and now the other PC is mad at us. We feel rather guilty.

Work today and yesterday has been rather busy and interesting. My trainer, the team secretary has been away, and so I've been doing what I can of her work, and organising files and stuff. I think I've managed, although everyone's critical lists were weird today, including mine, only of course, I didn't realise this. Oh well, I'm sure those files were done no harm by being looked at again.

Another author and I are judging the bake off on Monday. I'm looking forward to my turn to bake, actually. Judging - meh - I get to try everything anyway. But I want to bake, and I have ideas for what to do if I get through my round.

Confusion IV tomorrow. The Kapcon VI cast list also premieres then, and I'll be interested to see who gets picked first. I really need to start doing my research, as I've only done the very basics.

Been working on my sister's wedding sampler a bit lately. I only have the last of the crossstitch, the beadwork and the cutwork to go, but the next month and a half is going to be very busy, and I want to have it done by then, and I'm supposed to only do the cutwork in good natural light, so that massively cuts into my time for embroidery. Still, I'm looking forward to getting it done, and then I think I'll go back to my dragon and do some nice normal complicated crossstitch again.

Been reading a lot of crappy fic lately. I want to read some good long happily-ending romance fic that has angst in it which I haven't read before - and seriously, people, that last qualification is the hardest one to fufill.
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Have been reading random things on my parents computer since it grew dark enough that there is no longer glare on the screen. Mostly PotC fic that I haven't read for a while (there is no new fic, where is the fic?), but also random HP stuff, and the occasionaly FFVIII piece, all of which I've read before.

Was up around eight or so, since Mum wanted to go to the supermarket before it really got busy. As it was quite bsuy enough at nine o' clock in the morning, I didn't mind too much. Ever since I went shopping by myself on a Saturday afternoon at the Wakefield St. New World, I find that my tolerance for crowded supermarkets has lessened some. It's easier when I'm with another person, so today wasn't too bad.

Oh! I have finished the first quarter of my dragon crossstitch! I said I wanted to have that pattern piece finished by the end of the year, and I've gotten it done by Christmas, which pleases me. The quarter I've done is all the none-blurry stuff you can see in my icon. So I made my brother and Mum admire it, and then I pulled out the next pattern piece, which I'd had the foresight to bring with me. And gah! The amount of stitching on it is amazing, and I have no idea where to start with it! I almost wish I'd been organised enough to have stuff for the blackwork sampler I want to do. I'd also like to do a Tree and Dragon crossstitch or blackwork piece, but the pattern making software I bought a few months ago won't install on my computer, and I don't have the patience to work that particular one out by hand. One day.

The weather here has been - interesting. Mum calls it blustery with showers, but really, there isn't that much wind, although it's been winder earlier in the week. Branches on the ground, and the like.

There is a new (been there for a year) second hand bookstore on Grey St., with the largest SF and Fantasy section I've seen in a second hand story outside of Bizzy Bees for quite a while. Mum left me there for ten minutes or so while I scanned the shelves rapidly, and I eventually walked away with three Charles de Lint books for $26. De Lint isn't enormously high on my priority list, but there was nothing there that was, and I had either read or owned quite a bit that was there, since it was a lot of the older stuff. It was a nice discovery, and depending on how much time I have to spare tomorrow, I may go back there with my wallet and check things over more thoroughly. Or not.

My sister has obtained herself a new (and good) job at the Hamilton City Council HR department. She's really stoked about this, since it's the area she wants to work in, and it was a long shot, but she got it! I'm very proud of her. Around 37k to start with, which will be very nice for her. She can (and will, since she has more willpower than me) save a lot of money.
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I came to uni today to go to student job search and print out copies of my CV and stuff like that when I ran into (not literally) the HGHS head girl of my 7th form year. She was sitting near the pharmacy waiting for Angus, her boyfriend, who was at a meeting. So I stopped and we chatted for a while. A girl who was going ot move in with them (also from my year of HGHS) has moved back to Hamilton to be with her long-term boyfriend, so they haven't moved yet, so their old address is still the same.

We'll be doing the WWI paper next semester together, it appears. She's got enough points to graduate, but wants to bring up her grade average so she can do honours next year. It was a brief catch up, but good to see her. Someone remind me to invite her to my 21st when the time comes.

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I brought a new crossstitch recently. It's of a dragon, and it's the first really decent dragon that I've seen and liked in crossstitch. It'll be a while before I can start it though, so hopefully I'll get to start it before the end of the year. I need to get some more threads so that I can do the leaves on the crossstitch that I'm stitching for mum. I finished the lettering, so NO MORE METALLICS!!! I hate working with metalllics. Worth it, with how they look, but they're awful to use.


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