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So, of course, I have taken the opportunity to do lots of laundry, cooking and baking. I should have done some cleaning, too, but I got distracted (and there's still time).

Dinner last night was barbequed seasoned steak on a bed of boiled green beans mixed red and yellow capsicum stir-fried on the bbq hot plate, topped with a caramelised onion mixture, and boiled then barbequed corn on the cob. It was excellent, and I am finally getting the hang of doing porterhouse steak on the barbeque to our individual preferences (although I think [ profile] tamarillow would like hers slight more well-done).

Dinner tonight will be yet more steak that has been marinading in a teriyaki sauce for most of the afternoon, on baked potato, with a side salad of roasted carrots and beetroot. I hope to have made enough of the sauce that I can heat it and pour it over with some of the meat. EDIT: Not enough sauce - in future, I will make extra and cook it on the bbq with the meat. Also, use vegetable oil instead of peanut oil. Continue to use extra pepper. It was very good regardless.

The baking included gingerbread and two batches of the molasses cookies I mentioned the other day. The gingerbread looks glorious and the second batch of the cookies looks good (not quite as amazing as the first batch where the dark brown sugar didn't mix in properly and there were bits visible in the cracks on the top of the cookie).

The first batch of cookies looks fine, but tastes somewhat odd due to my accidentally putting in 1/2c cider vinegar instead of 1/2 tsp cider vinegar (in my defence I was on the phone to my grandma at the time and most of my lactose free recipes use about 1/2c if they use vinegar). I endeavoured to save them by adding extra sugar and flour, but I don't think it worked so well.

They don't taste bad per se, but they're not good. [ profile] maudlinrose reckons its the aftertaste. [ profile] thesane has suggested icing them, and I might try that - maybe ginger or cinnamon? I don't know. Most likely, they'll be thrown out. Oh well, that happens sometimes.

and just because I can—photos of cicadas )
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The You Choose 40 tonight on C4 was covers. Standouts were the usual - Whitney Houston's "I will Always Love You", Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah", Johnny Cash's "Hurt" as well as The Ataris "Boys of Summer". What really made me crack up was Fallout Boy and John Meyar doing "Beat It". Pure crack. I'm not sure fandom could have done any better.

Got my hair dyed and cut today. It's very dark; three layers - a faintly reddy brown top and bottom, and the same violet as I had last time in the middle. I'm still very fond of that colour. It's just above my shoulders again, as that was a good length. However, if for some reason, I'm not wearing my glasses, I should really wear some mascara or something.

My cat has been asleep in my laptop case for most of the day. Pania was not in the case, however - she has been in the lounge so I could do homework and study. And I have. I still really dislike insurance law, but I've done the questions for that now (not sure how well) and I get to move onto company law instead, which is preferable.

Am very tired (went to sleep stupidly late last night) and was very tired all week, so given that I am having to retype every eighth word or so, I think I shall go to sleep now.
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Have just had seven or eight shots of apple sours and two of tequila with [ profile] maudlinrose after dinner. I don't know if it's hit properly yet. I declined any further tequila on the grounds that I want to go to church tomorrow - which reminds me, I should set my alarm.

I read some fic based on American McGee's Alice today, which reminded me that I still hadn't finished the game. I got distracted back into playing it; defeated the jabberwock (with my blunderbuss, since the vorpal blade is for close up work, mostly) and kept working through the last four or five levels. Was interrupted by dinner and the drinking and figured that I would just not save it if I wasn't doing well, but I did, so I killed the Red Queen and then Alice's id or whatever, finding an extra blunderbuss along the way. The ice wand shield was rather useful at the last, too.

So, yay, I've finished the game. Apart from reruns of Castle of the Winds and EcoQuest, I think it's the first game I've clocked since Civilisation I or Warcraft II. And I totally cheated in Warcraft II. What do I play now? Go back to Heroes of Might & Magic V?

I got my hair done today. Only trimmed, but the colour is vastly different. I will post photos tomorrow, when I have some. It's quite different from my usual.
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I have hair! It looks awesome. Currently it's straight, but that's only going to last until I have a shower at the gym tomorrow morning. The colour is going to last a lot longer and it's great. Very different and contrasting. I haven't told my mother what colour the streaks are and I think she's dreading something terrible which she'd have to make me fix before my brother gets married. Not purple, alas, because my hairdresser couldn't find a royal purple that would fade well. But she is a fantastic hairdresser and I am really happy with the results.

Am down to eight and a half squares of black, so hopefully my brother's will turn up soon. They have set a date now - 1 February 2008 (and I am vaguely disturbed that I wanted to bold that for a deadline as per the style guide at work). But that means I have two and a half months to stitch and frame a sampler. Not that it looks remotely hard, but I'd've rathered a bit more time.

The team secretary is away again all this week, but is joining us for our team lunch tomorrow. I should be nicely busy for the rest of the week.

[ profile] tamarillow's new couch arrives on Saturday and so the Sallies are coming tomorrow to pick up the old lounge sweet, a box of cups and miscellany, possibly the old stereo and about a dozen bags of old clothing, since clearly this necessitated a wardrobe clear out. I have space in my drawers and wardrobe now. It's quite a novelty. Now I need to buy clothes - or will, once I've lost a bit more weight, because I have enough things to go on with, more or less.
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On Monday, all three lifts at work were broken for the majority of the day. I walked down all twelve flights, over to Fisherman's Table on Oriental Parade and back again, and up all twelve flights of stairs.

On Tuesday, I played in my first game of Ultimate Frisbee since Febuary.

Today I ache.

I'm starting to get used to my hair. I don't miss much of the length, but I do miss some of it. It could do with another couple of inches on the end. Just enough so that when I plait it, it doesn't automatically fall out again five minutes later. This style seems designed to wear loose, and loose is one way I have never consistently worn my hair (except when it was too short to do anything with), because I always tucked it behind my ears and got sore ears (from the last few days I know this still hasn't changed). I daresay I shall get more used to it, but I imagine it's going to take some experimentation before I find ways of regularly wearing it that look good, because I haven't had layers for even longer than I had it cut, and I can't remember what one does with layers.

We did groceries today, so we actually have food in the house that we don't have to make properly at the moment. It's lovely. Also bought the cat a catnip mouse, but she's off being psycho somewhere, and isn't interested.

Have been reading John C. Wright's latest book today, Orphans of Chaos, and just like Mists of Everness was, it is slightly more comprehensible than the last one he wrote was. Don't get me wrong, the Golden Transcendence trilogy is on my reread list at some point; it's just majorly fucked, and the first one is probably the screwiest book I've ever read. Orphans of Chaos probably made a bit more sense to me because I have a background in Classical mythology, and while all his books tend to use this, this one it's more... blatant? obvious? traditional? Something like that.

There were some scenes in it that made me uncomfortable, even though I knew, towards the end that it was an implanted behaviour. Still didn't make me any more comfortable. Mind, I doubt they made the character at all comfortable, either. Still couldn't really predict any of it, but I knew what was going on, as opposed to The Golden Age, where I kinda guessed. Would definitely read the sequel Fugitives of Chaos.

I should make a My Brain Hurts icon. Instead, I'll think about pretty books.'d probably help if I was a lot better at philosophy by maths and physics and geometry. My brain just doesn't comprehend a fourth dimension. I can't even explain what I don't get about it. All of it, probably.
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I had my hair cut yesterday. It's something I've been looking forward to for a while and it looks really good, it does. It's just... short. Well, when I say short, I mean that the ends of it still go past my bra strap, and the shortest bits still touch my collarbones at the moment, but... it's short! This is the shortest I've had my hair for oh, five or six years or so. For the first time in about four years, I don't have to plait it to sleep in! I think I'm going to grow it out another two inches. I think that will be a good length for now. I've had short hair and I've had long hair, and it's time to have styled hair.'s really pretty. There are layers, and the layers are razor-cut so the layers don't bunch up when it goes curly again. She blowdried it, and straightened it for me, and it's all smooth and sleek and lovely at the moment, and I don't recognise myself when I look in the mirror!

Saturday fortnight I'm going to have blond streaks put in.

And all this is done just in time for my sister's wedding. I was not going to go to her wedding without having something done with my hair.

Other than that, this weekend has been fairly lazy and uninteresting. We hung my parents old bedroom curtains up in the lounge, since Mum mailed them down. The new (to us) curtains a sorta a maroony crimson, and are such a contrast to the white ones we had before. I should vaccum my room and do some more housework, and we need to do the dishes (although not as desperately as usual), but I've cleaned the bathroom and am vaguely tempted to go for a walk, but only vaguely.

I'm still really happy about my new book. I so want Legacy, although I'm not sure how much the longing is fueled by the fact that I know it's written and finished or the fact that Bujold is usually much more profound (which I really enjoy) and Beguilement wasn't that profound and I'm still waiting for worse things to happen to them. Someone onlist mentioned that how joy and amusement is expressed is a theme through the book, and I think they're right. There is such a lot of determined happiness in that book that something has got to go wrong somewhere!

But my hair!
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My hair is now cut. It feels very shiny and soft and floaty at the moment, because they not only washed it, they also blow-dried it. So it is all nice and floaty now, and when I brush it, it looks very red-gold.

I also managed to avoid having too much cut off the ends. I got it trimmed (about an inch), and the front bits layered slightly. I should still be able to hook it back, as usual, but it might make having it out a bit easier. And Mum paid for it, which is nice. I got it done at the place in the Downtown Plaza, where my sister got hers cut very short, layered and coloured. It wouldn't surprise me if my hair is the longest that they've ever seen in that place. I talked a bit to the girl who washed my hair. She said they'd been open until midnight all week at Chartwell. That seems to be a late time to get a haircut.

Dad has dyed his hair blondish out of a packet last night. I've not actually seen the colour, since I was up on the computer writing when he did it, but I'm sure that it will look interesting. Mum said something about a more browny colour being better for him.

I have been once more to the awfully painted Hamilton Central Library. They cancelled my card after only two years away. I was deregistered and everything. I'm most disappointed. I should've left ten cents or something like that owing on it, because then I would've been able to keep using it. Instead, I had to get my books out on Mum's library card.

I have been doing cooking things with Mum this afternoon. We have made an egg salad, a kumera salad, two frittata/quiche things for tonights dinner, cooked pasta for something or another, started on a chicken curry for tomorrow night's dinner, and Christmas mincemeat tarts.  I have also finished all my family Christmas presents. 

It has been a pleasant day. 


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