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I got my results today:

Litigation Law and Practice - B
Business Law and Practice - A+

Words cannot express how fucking relived I am. I am done!
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So [ profile] get_together was excellent. However, one thing I learned from the weekend is to take the Monday after off work. Even if I'm not completely peopled out by Sunday night, I'm not going to want to see anyone on Monday. I woke up today in much the same state, so called in. I will have to go out - I have a lecture at 5.30pm and we should get our results back from the terms test two weeks ago.

cut for those who weren't there )

Right. Time to go. Hopefully, I didn't fail.

EDIT: Yay, I did not fail. I got 82.5% (I need to work on the basic criminal law aspect) and skipped out early because we were covering conflicts of interest and fiducary duties. Although these are intersting topics, I discovered that staying home from work today was the correct choice because thinking was a challenge.
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Spring has arrived with a triumph of fine weather. I have been in short-sleeves most of the week (still wearing stockings with my skirts, though) and spent most of yesterday afternoon lying in the sun in the lounge or on the deck with a book or the laptop reading. I've spent most of this afternoon in the same way. You can tell it's spring, rather than summer by the recent spate of frosts in the morning and the way the air cools late afternoon, which makes me start thinking that slippers might be a plan.

I am currently resenting the fact that I really need to do some thinking and homework. I have redone my terrible answers to the questions on the Sale of Goods Act 1908 to be handed in. I am currently putting off doing the set of questions on the Insurance Law Reform Acts 1977 and 1985 which I like even less than the Sale of Goods Act. I like the Personal Properties Securities Act 1999 even less than those three, but at least questions on it are usually able to be answered by looking at the Act.

I went to the DCM bookfair yesterday morning with the flatmates and was very restrained - I only bought 13 books and 3 CDs. Of course, five of those books were priced, and the CDs were priced, so while I was under budget, it wasn't by much. I'm rather pleased with some of the purchases - a random biography of Nancy Wake which I've never seen before (I still really want a copy of The White Mouse, Trio - a CD by Dolly Parton, Linda Rondstadt and Emmylou Harris, of which I have Trio II already. It has already been dumped straight on the relaxation playlist for listening to before bed. Also found a copy of The Lost Prince by Frances Hodgson Burnett, which is a book I adored when I was younger.

Got to church this morning for the first time in a month. I know this because the last time I went it was also communion and we only have communion on the first Sunday of each month. It was an interesting sermon on chapter 6 of Galatians, the final in a series on Galatians, which I managed to miss all of. Next week, apparently will be a precursor to the November series on saints and heroes, and all I currently have on next weekend is a haircut and colour, so I should manage to get to that. Church two weeks in a row - won't that be a shocker?
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My brother and I have now discussed things and I now know what is expected of me in relation to my sister-in-law's birthday (a phone call, by preference and a card/gift if not or for special occasions). I still have to speak to my sister and find out if the same applies to my brother-in-law, given that I haven't exactly done anything for the last two or three years... Frankly, I think their wedding anniversary is more important, but I didn't say that to him.

Ended up coming home from work early on Monday with a nasty headache; took yesterday off for the same reason. Back at work today, but my eyes still hurt and my head generally aches. I'm eating panadol on the four hours. Given that the last time this happened, I started getting migraines and ended up needing glasses, I have made an appointment with the optomitrist on Monday.

Already tired of having sore eyes.

Bought the pattern for Dad's Christmas present (or possibly birthday present next year) today - Transportation Classics for Counted Crossstitch. I'm only going to use the good pattern of a Sopwith Camel and the only one of a Fokker Triplane. They look pretty easy and I'll probably do them on blue remaining from the Maidens of the Seasons, when they're done... that means it may be Christmas next year. Oh well.

I passed my Business terms test with 81%, which is acceptable. I lost two marks in the drafting by deliberately not putting in something because that's not how we do it at work. It's fine losing the marks in the terms tests for that, but I suppose I should do it by the book in the final exam in October, that being what really counts.

Part A of Litigation terms tests marks have been adjusted to range from 1.75 - 14 out of 20. I got 12.5, which is a pass at least. I didn't go to class last night, but I imagine my lecturer was not happy with us. I'm not happy with me for that. Hope the drafting was a lot better.

The GURPS Vorkosigan pdf is out finally and the hardback comes in October. I am currently debating whether I have enough time (and mental energy) to be in an online fortnightly or so game. Not sure about the mental energy - it looks like it would be a fun game - but I'm fairly certain the time zones and availability won't work out.

Also, [ profile] purplesparkler, you should get [ profile] bl9_knt to look at this.


Sep. 8th, 2008 09:16 pm
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Things that went right today: got to work on time; DMH is back; my ipod is working; got a bit of stuff done at work; saw a cute crossstitch pattern with kittens and ate two good quality chocolates at lunch; spent most of my lunch break listening to Era; got to my test on time; the test wasn't very hard; got a bus home fairly promptly; cooked dinner and it was delicious; watched Australian cop show and laughed with the flatmates and [ profile] clockworkflight; have been able to read and relax on the internet; my cat is sleeping on my bed; and my bed will be warm when I go to bed soon.

Things that went wrong: just missed the bus to the gym and had to catch the next one; almost everything with my work computer that you can think of; spent most of a busy morning with computer problems; some idiot girl in my test left her phone on even after being reminded to turn it off and it buzzed and she replied during the test; some other fucking student who I would like to strangle or at least break their watch had their watch set to beep every eighteen minutes or so (the length of time recommended for each question) and it would break my concentration and then stop beeping just as I was about to say something to the Lecturer and then I would be able to focus again and the entire cycle would start all over again.

Interestingly, as I wrote that, I kept coming up with more and more good things about my day. It's just the main things (the computer and that fucking watch) were really frustrating. I am going to say something to my lecturer about that watch, because I just found it so disruptive. Wish I had said something in the test now; at the time, I just didn't want to stop my train of thought.

We're out of milk, but I'm going to make coffee anyway - I don't mind drinking it with powdered milk and [ profile] tamarillow will drink it black. Need to work out what to do for lunch, since I have class and we're out of yeast with which to make bread and it's too late to do any baking, anyhow...
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Link posted for [ profile] tamarillow - Google on Google Chrome webcomic.

Yesterday was fun: bookfair in the morning with [ profile] clockworkflight and [ profile] darthsappho as well as us three, and then they came up for lunch/afternoon tea/dinner to celebrate [ profile] tamarillow's birthday. There were scones with cream, but no jam because we forgot to buy any at a our last grocery shop. And then we read exerpts from books we'd bought (mostly children's short stories) and talked.

I was relatively restrained at the bookfair; I only spent $43, the least amount of the five of us. And two of those were duplicates of books I already owned, one of them accidental. I really need to remember that I don't have Freedom's Choices by Anne McCaffrey - I always get the wrong one. I'm rather pleased with the copy of The Zucchini Warriors by Gordon Korman that I picked up and Mad Maudlin by Mercedes Lackey. Am even more impressed that, apart from the biographies (Richard Burton, Napoleon and Oscar Wilde), everything is now catalogue and shelved.

Have spent (or pretended to) a reasonable amount of time today studying. Property Law and Practice test tomorrow; I wish I could take it more seriously. Called my Dad for Father's Day and forgot that he would be at Katikati already for the SOLGM conference. Talked to Mum and texted him instead.

We will not be moving in three weeks, which I'm rather relived about. Us moving in the middle of September is not a sane thing to do. In many ways, it's a shame about the house: it crossed off so many things on our list, but it lacked location, warmth and timing and in the end we weren't enthusiastic or decisive enough. We'll keep looking.
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Almost fell asleep in the more interesting of my two lectures today. Not that I was particularly tired, but that we were doing Statements of Assets and Liabilities and Distribution Statements which are part of administering an estate, and I loathe, positively loathe, doing trust account statements, which the latter essentially are. They're just so boring.

Property, on the other hand, we're onto mortgages and while that's not particularly interesting, it is something that I don't know anything about (finally!), so it's a bit easier to stay awake. The crossstitch helps, too.

Speaking of crossstitch, I have ordered the last threads I need for Winter - some hideously expensive $9 a skein of a furry white. Apparently it has mohair in it. It's for the fur border on her cloak and I need three skeins for it. Evidently, Nora Corbett has gone all out with some interesting threads on Winter: Needlepaints and this Wisper thread.

Played frisbee tonight, which was lots of fun once I warmed up. It always seems to take us the first ten minutes or so to start working as a team properly, but once we finally relax and play to our strengths, we do a lot better. We lost 13-11 to Young & Beautiful. Comrade Mojo got some marvellous D's in the zone and [ profile] alwaysoutofink was cutting nicely through the zone. Apparently I'm to stick more to handling and short passes, sensible throws being something I'm decent at. I'll try to remember.

I kept thinking today was Wednesday, mostly because I want to be paid, I think. But I was always disappointed and it's actually tomorrow.

Been rereading Fullmetal Alchemist for the first time in ages. I'd forgotten how thoughtful it gets, particularly after it and the anime split off from each other around volume 7 or 8. I need to rewatch the anime as well.
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I really should get an icon with bandages or some other indication of an injury. It seems I'd need to use it enough. And playing Ultimate has given me a whole lot of new experiences. [ profile] tamarillow says she is quite put off playing by my injuries, but seriously, I'm just clumsy.

This week is shaping up to be much better than last week. I'm not stressed, overtired, overbusy (I think at this stage) or studying for an exam. Or doing settlement statements. Not doing settlement statements always puts me in a better mood.

Test was on Monday and was disturbingly easy. I don't like it when tests are easy - it makes me think I got something wrong. I did get Limited as to Titles and Limited as to Parcels mixed up, but I fixed that before the end of the exam, so that's okay. Most of it was a series of questions on one historical search and then drafting a sale & purchase agreement in relation to the same matter.

We've been doing asset planning in Estates recently. It also disturbs me to realise that in another year or so, I'm going to be qualified to give people advice on what to do with their assets when planning for their retirement. However, I strongly recommend changing a will if you separate or change marital status, because intestacy looks like it would be a pain to sort out.

Put my shoulder out during the game tonight. I think I moved my arm the wrong way and it came partly out - apparently the disc also hit me in the shoulder, but I don't remember that bit. My mind has always tended to block out the moment of impact. Fortunately, after a few minutes of relatively intense pain (although not as bad as my back Monday night a week ago), it slipped back in. Arm aches steadily shoulder to elbow. But I didn't have to go to hospital to get it put back in and that's a good thing and when I was on the sideline with my arm straight along my side because I couldn't move it above the elbow, I seriously thought I would have to, so anything is a bonus on that.
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I'm currently reading The Sharing Knife: Passage for the second time and am still enjoying the ride. I've also managed to catch up on the 100+ emails on the Bujold mailing list, which I was avoiding while I was waiting for my book to arrive.

As part of the promotion for Passage, Lois did a guest blog on the Eos website and had some interesting things to say about science-fiction, fantasty, romance and writing in genre. She explains it far better than I can, so you can find ithere.

Class started again yesterday and since my Estates lecturer was away, we had the Property lecturer both days and as he's the one whose class I tend to fall asleep in, I got a fair amount of crossstitch done these last two days. Am nearly half way on Autumn, so really must get around to ordering the Needlepaints for Winter or buying the Spring/Summer pattern.

Time to get ready for frisbee. Am looking forward to the run around.
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It occurs to me that it's been a while since I posted. Today is my parents 28th wedding anniversary. I emailed them from work and I hope they're having a good evening. The other LAs in my team at work have all been married for nearly that length of time, although their children (if they have them) are far younger than even my brother.

I've had three weeks of lectures now. Property Law and Practice is proving to be useful but boring and Estates Law and Practice is interesting but less immediately applicable. I'm going to have to start taking some handwork to Property; I fiddle a lot in order to stay awake.

Lately, I've discovered that I'm now at the stage whereupon if I don't get to bed before midnight, I don't manage to get to the gym in the morning. So I've been making a concerted effort for the last couple of weeks to get to bed before midnight and for the most part, it's really making a difference. I almost feel rested in the morning! I'm terrible at actually managing to get enough sleep.

Had a friend's hens night on Saturday night. It was lots of fun apart from almost having a panic attack in the middle of Electric Avenue (non of the other nightclubs were that busy). There was also some pole dancing back at the bride's house. Heaps of fun: the only people who didn't give it a go were either wearing a very tight skirt or pregnant! However, the bruises and the stiffness remain. I've got to stop freaking people out with stretching my arms over my head, too. I'm tempted to do lessons next year, when I won't be able to do much frisbee.

I think I'm coming down with a cold. I have the sore scratchy throat and achy body (the pole dancing should've worn off by now) and general tiredness, but I wish it would either go away or just hit already so I could take the time off work and laze around all day! My eyes ache too, but I'm not sure if that's because I need new glasses or because I need to go to bed. Probably a combination.
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Check out this link: Happy Cthulhu by Ursula Vernon.

Studylink! I mean, really!

I got my statement from them yesterday and while glancing through it noticed $300 of living costs that I hadn't applied for! So I called them up this morning and asked what the fuck? After some time looking it up (hold music, what fun), I was told that it was living adjustment costs that was meant to be paid out to me a few years ago, probably 2004 because that was when I last used my loan. Me: Wtf?

I don't even remember that $300.

Made chicken stock this evening with the remains of our garlic stuffed chicken from the weekend and after the decision was made to make chicken noodle soup with it, called my mother to ask for Gran's chicken noodle soup, which as it turns out is actually Lai and Bev's chicken noodle soup, and will start that tomorrow since some of it needs cooking for four hours. Also got the recipe for Michael Biscuits, which is basically a chocolate coconut/sultana microwave slice that has the best tasting partial mixture (melted butter, brown sugar and cocoa).

Still feeling pretty rotten. Sniffing, sneezing, coughing, achy, headachy - you name it, I seem to have it.

Photocopied Re Pianotist Company Ld's Application 23 RPC [1906] 774 after work today to see if reading an IP case would help me to understand reaching the ratio deciendi at all. Not sure it'll help for class, but it'll probably help for work. I picked that one because it's one of the most cited cases I've seen in trade mark case law.

The dehumidifier is working much more efficently now than it did before C (who now has a computer and needs to get an lj) cleaned the filter. It fills in under 24 hours in my room now. Fortunately, I'm fine with sleeping with it on. It sounds like the sea in a way that my computer doesn't.
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We did dishes tonight. Not all of them but most and all that's left is things like the dishes used to dry roast seeds and nuts and the frying pan and the tea pot. I feel surprisingly proud of this, since we last did the dishes on Saturday evening. It's amazing just how much accumulates over the space of a couple of days. And since I just made lime and ginger tea for C and myself, there are also two cups and two tea balls. But still! Dishes twice in like, two days.

I have another meeting with a PT tomorrow morning at seven. I can't remember his name because I ddin't write it down, but his name begins with G. I didn't see the results I wanted with the last lot, not in the weight loss sense. I'm much fitter and I can lift more weights, but there are more kilos that I want to loose, so I imagine I'm going to be told to go back to the cardio. It's amazing how busy the cardio area is on a Monday morning, too.

I handed in my homework (turns out I had one less section to do than I thought, which meant I got it all done) via email around 10.30pm last night. I had class today at 1pm and was handed back the first two parts, which we were going to go through in class, marked and totalled. Did surprisingly well on them, despite a losing a few marks on one through lack of actually rereading my answers. I kept thinking that it can't be right and he marked them too gently, but even after going through them it was still pretty good. I just don't feel my understanding is as great as these results suggest.
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Gmail is currently annoying me, as are a few of the other tabs I have open in firefox. When I click on a link, the bar up the top which has all the useful information and buttons (such as website, forward, back, refresh etc) compresses slightly and then moves down again. And of course my eyes follow this, but it also feels like things get smaller on the screen and it's really frustrating and disconcerting.

Have my results back for the first set of optional homework questions now. Apparently only nine people of twenty plus handed some in. I managed to get them all done and got 84%, which is a nice starting point. They were fairly easy questions in my opionion, so I will be more interested in seeing how I do in the next set, which involve answering things using the correct rule from Rules of Professional Conduct for Barristers and Solicitors.

Got back to the gym this morning, which was good. It was very strange getting up at six and having it be light, let walking down to the bus stop at twenty past six in daylight. I'm sure I'll get used to it. Although by the time I'm used to it, it'll probably be dark at that time of the morning again.

Watched Howl's Moving Castle and the first three episodes of Neverwhere last night. They were both very good. I'd seen the former before, but not the latter. I very much like the Marquis. I'd like to reread Howl's Moving Castle again and compare differences again (I did this last time I watched it), but my copy of the book is somewhere in Argentina with an ex-workmate from the hotel. She's promised to mail it back to me and even asked for my address to do so, but I'll expect it when it arrives. She mentioned it to me via MSN the other day - I hadn't completely forgotten about it, but I had more or less given up on getting it back. I won't hurry about replacing it.

EDIT: All right, so it's Firefox that's annoying me rather than gmail, since the contracting thing up the top seems to be happening whenever I wait for a page to load and sometimes when I switch between pages. I blame my computer. Stupid Jack. I look forward to his eventual complete organ transplant.
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At the moment, I am putting off doing the readings for my class on Wednesday. I've read through my readings for Monday and have even answered some of the summary questions at the end! It's probably the most preparation I've ever put in for a second lecture!

If you click this link, it will take you to a for sale page of a house that my great-grandparents bought before the last war for 2 or 3k (that would be in pounds), which was later sold for about 100k, but I'm not sure precisely when it was sold. Goes to show the changes in house prices over the years.

The saga of the washing machine continues. We got it back on Thursday night, which was also grocery night, so no one put a load through. I put a load through on Friday night. It got most of the way through and then stopped. The power light is still on, as is the door lock. My clothes are stuck in the water-filled machine. When I called our landlord on Friday night, she mentioned maybe replacing it. I really hope they do, especially with a top-loader!

I have seen my brother on his way down to Christchurch. He left Hamilton last night, sometime after 10.00pm, planning to drive until Taupo and stop for the night. Instead, since he didn't feel tired, he kept driving until he eventually stopped in Waiouru and slept in it behind a petrol station, leaving early this morning. This meant that when called him before I left for church this morning, he was just outside of Waikanae. He met me at church and came home after for a shower and lunch. Lovely to see him again. He caught a 2.30pm ferry, so he should be nearly across by now, if he isn't already. I wonder what time he'll get home.

He starts class tomorrow and will, no doubt, continue to entertain the denizens of Christchurch by riding his unicycle to and from university. I doubt he'll be riding it for a little while, though. On Thursday, he decided to do a local mountain biking track on it, and as a result, his quads are quite sore.

Time to do my other readindgs. Or maybe I should call my parents. I should definitely call my parents. Mum and I email quite frequently and I wasn't really awake when Dad called yesterday morning. I was all ready to go down to frisbee practice, albeit running slightly late, when I fell asleep. Oh, well. Clearly it is a sign that I need to regularly go to bed earlier.


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