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I am going to make lunch for tomorrow, a hot drink, my bed, and take to my bed with Pania, possibly Jemima, said cup of tea, ignore the book to be read and reread Embers (which is the most awesome Avatar: The Last Airbender fic I have read. When I wake up, the week will be closer to being over.


Oct. 25th, 2009 10:53 pm
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  • go to frisbee practice
  • make pesto
  • plant spring onions
  • cover books
  • polish boots and other shoes
  • pack up dragon tea set
  • make up lego pirate ship
  • catch up on Merlin
  • catch up on Castle
  • polish wood on armchairs
  • handwash heavy wool jersey
  • wash duvet cover to give back to [ profile] maudlinrose
  • other assorted laundry
  • tidy room
  • read

  • To do or failed
  • go to church
  • bake with bananas
  • make crumpets
  • bring up barbeque
  • put away old lecture notes
  • catch up on Dollhouse

I still think that the general ensemble cast in Dollhouse is much stronger than Eliza Dushku, but then, I've been distracted when I've been watching it with the internets. Merlin is crack of the same sort as Xena and should be watched with irreverance. Castle I like as a murder-a-week show, and actually find funny.

One more day off and then back to work. Public holidays are awesome.
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Dear New Zealand Healthy Food Guide )

Dear Mum and Dad, particularly Mum, )


Sep. 21st, 2009 08:55 pm
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These things have been FAIL today:

  • Waking up with a headache due to falling asleep after 2.00am this morning;
  • Client telling us that funds would come in same-day-cleared for settlement by 3.00pm (most our other clients manage this by 10.00am);
  • Client failing to tell us until 3.00pm today that they couldn't get funds through same-day-cleared for settlement today;
  • Other side on settlement giving us understandings instead of undertakings;
  • Other side on settlement giving two different numbers of balance due to be paid on settlement statement;
  • Other side using the word "by" instead of "to" in a different undertaking also required for this settlement;
  • Our bank having technological issues, so having to write a bank cheque once I got there to collect it because the printer wouldn't print when I finally got there at 3.40pm;
  • Other side not managing to release the e-dealing by 4.00pm, which means that I couldn't submit it as Landonline close off is at 4.00pm and it will have to be done at 9.00am tomorrow;
  • Having a headache all day and living on panadol like it's going out of fashion (together with several cups of coffee, a bottle of V and a few chocolate-coated coffee beans);
  • My cat jumping onto the windowsill and spilling my cup of tea that I'd placed there;
  • Me, at studying.

Things that were AWESOME today:

  • Having pesto, salami and sundried tomatoes on my sandwich for lunch;
  • Chocolate-coated coffee beans (I only had three);
  • Volunteering to write up notes on the Infrastructure Bill relating to local government and having that volunteering being accepted;
  • Listening to Elizabeth Marvelly on the bus on the way home;
  • Talking to [ profile] thesane for a while;
  • [ profile] tamarillow's lasange for dinner;
  • Richard Cheese covering Nine Inch Nails' Closer.

Who I am

Jul. 25th, 2009 02:59 pm
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Gacked from [ profile] morebliss

* Post ten of any pictures currently on your hard drive that you think are self-expressive.
* NO CAPTIONS!!! It must be like we're speaking with images and we have to interpret your visual language just like we have to interpret your words.
* They must ALREADY be on your hard drive - no googling or flickr! They have to have been saved to your folders sometime in the past. They must be something you've saved there because it resonated with you for some reason.
* You do NOT have to answer any questions about any of your pictures if you don't want to. You can make them as mysterious as you like. Or you can explain them away as much as you like.

pictures here )

AVG screwed up itunes on all of our computers except for Pania today, but after some experimentation and googling, we managed to work out how to make itunes an exception in AVG, so all is well and good now. We have music!
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My cat just came in my room and investigated the spot where she woke me by eating a rat's head at 1am this morning. I dumped the rat in a bag in the kitchen bin, kicked the cat out of my room and went back to bed. Nearly twenty-four hours later, you would think she would know it's not there anymore.

Miserable day today: I still have a headache, my eyes still hurt, still really tired and my shoulders have started aching. Also, lunch with a friend turned into lunch listening to said friend rant about how angry he is with his life and it actually sounded like things were starting to go right for him a bit. He is often entertaining like this, but today I just couldn't deal.

One more day of work, lunch with ComradeMojo and (hopefully) skipping off work early to see Dad, since he's here. Then the weekend, and I can sleep as much as I need.

Oooh, I can take more panadol now.

I seriously felt like crying in the work bathrooms at 4.00pm today, which is both hilarious and sad. I didn't though - read the work things on how to manage swine flu and crossed off how many on the list of symptoms that I fitted.
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Have just had seven or eight shots of apple sours and two of tequila with [ profile] maudlinrose after dinner. I don't know if it's hit properly yet. I declined any further tequila on the grounds that I want to go to church tomorrow - which reminds me, I should set my alarm.

I read some fic based on American McGee's Alice today, which reminded me that I still hadn't finished the game. I got distracted back into playing it; defeated the jabberwock (with my blunderbuss, since the vorpal blade is for close up work, mostly) and kept working through the last four or five levels. Was interrupted by dinner and the drinking and figured that I would just not save it if I wasn't doing well, but I did, so I killed the Red Queen and then Alice's id or whatever, finding an extra blunderbuss along the way. The ice wand shield was rather useful at the last, too.

So, yay, I've finished the game. Apart from reruns of Castle of the Winds and EcoQuest, I think it's the first game I've clocked since Civilisation I or Warcraft II. And I totally cheated in Warcraft II. What do I play now? Go back to Heroes of Might & Magic V?

I got my hair done today. Only trimmed, but the colour is vastly different. I will post photos tomorrow, when I have some. It's quite different from my usual.
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After the disaster that was Thursday, Friday turned out quite well. Had lunch with a friend (sushi and edamame - does anyone know where I can buy fresh soy beans in Wellington other than a sushi restauarant?), and then a fandom dinner at Istanbul with [ profile] maudlinrose, [ profile] tamarillow, [ profile] deepbluemermaid and a bunch of fandom people who we met as fellow fandom people for the first time: [ profile] astolat, [ profile] china_shop, [ profile] aworldinside, [ profile] morebliss and [ profile] arysteia.

[ profile] astolat was the reason, since she was visiting from the US and it was lovely to meet her. However, it looks like there will be more general hanging out in future, which will be cool. Who knew there were fandom people in Wellington?

This being Wellington, there was the normal run of do-you-know-X questions until we had satisfactorily established how many people we knew in common/how many of us went to the same school/worked at the same place. Turns out that [ profile] china_shop and I have probably met before at one of [ profile] atomicsusan's parties and it's entirely possible that [ profile] arysteia tutored me in Classics at Vic, but I don't recall any of my tutors enough to confirm this.

The belly dancer came out (not nearly as good as [ profile] dryadwoman) and we decamped to Olive, a cafe a couple of places up Cuba St for hot chocolate and dessert. The soy hot chocolate is supposed to be the best in town, but the standard hot chocolate was only acceptable (I'm spoiled by the fact that the hot chocolate in our cupboards is made of half cocoa and half castor sugar). The gingerbread pudding was excellent, though. [ profile] china_shop and I split one and that was plenty.

[ profile] deepbluemermaid stayed with us for the night and slept in the lounge, since we still don't have curtains up in the sunroom and there was washing drying in it anyway. Freezing cold this morning - definately autumn now, although the day turned out to be quite nice, if cool in the breeze. You have to love those southerlies!

I was wide awake around 8.00am, but it was cold, so I made a cup of tea, fed the cats, emptied and refilled the dishwasher, put a load of washing on and went back to bed with a book. Eventually I bestirred myself enough to clean the bathroom and put on a third load of laudnry. Seems I've spent most of my day doing laundry and reshelving books. Still, the books are now done and I only have to catalogue the pile beside my bed and work out where I'm going to put them and they will be all shelved to my satisfaction.

[ profile] jessikast is here tonight, a roast is cooking in the oven and I'm debating putting my heater on, going to watch something and do more cross stitch. Still have to decide on the wedding sampler for my friend, and I'm considering doing a Sopwith Camel and Fokker Triplane for Dad for Christmas - they could go on the bookcase with his Biggles Books.

I rather like domesticity, and this house responds well to it. That being said, when I sat down at my computer and read some fic at 4.00pm, I was more than ready for some time doing nothing.

If I can be bothered tomorrow, I will make Italian Parsley pesto in an attempt to prevent said italian parsley from taking over the garden. And make a cake for Monday night. I should do homework before all of this though.

Oh, I've set up a Dreamwidth account - I'm nishatalitha there as well. It's too much effort coming up with yet another internet identity.
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So it's 9.30pm on a Thursday night and I think we've all independently decided to go to bed and read/sleep/watch things because it's warmer there.

This does not bode well for the winter.

That being said, there was a frost this morning, I think there'll be a frost tomorrow morning and the only heating being run is dehumidifier in my room, which while it does make a difference to the air temperature is not precisely warming.

I have a hot chocolate, my cat, a lovely warm feather duvet, flannel pyjamas and my crossstitch - all I need for watching things in bed.

Our property manager got the house quoted for ceiling insulation recently. I really hope she and the owner decide that it's worth it.
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I really wish my Tuesday night lecturer would remember that the reason we skip the ten minute break is so we finish ten minutes earlier, which coincidentally means that I will probably make the 7.15pm bus home. If I don't, I'll have to either catch the 7.53 Wilton, which means a twenty minute walk (something I do not want to be doing in July or August) or wait around in town for an hour and get home around 9.00pm, which is too late on a Tuesday night.

I've bowed out of playing frisbee for the year, or at least until October and after my exams. I'm willing to sub in the school breaks, assuming time, health and lifts, but that is not much compartively.

On the other hand, it means I now have my Saturdays free, what with practice having shifted to Sunday morning and me having church. As our flatwarming was the last thing booked, having my Saturdays free is still a novelty.

Nonetheless, they seem to be filling up. Slowly at the moment, but study will take over spare time and then there will be other events. Currently coming up:

1. Visiting Alessan this coming Saturday;
2. Possibly The Last Great Snail Chase movie screening at the NZ Film Archive next Friday or Saturday (currently undecided);
3. I think I have something on on the 5th, but don't know what;
4. Easter: dinner party ([ profile] darthsappho, [ profile] clockworkflight, [ profile] deepbluemermaid and flatmates, we need to get on and organise this);
5. My parents, brother and sister-in-law are visiting the weekend after Easter and we will hopefully get to the Monet exhibition. I have agreed to meet my brother and his wife at the airport and they get in at 9.25am;
6. May 10 - after church the cellgroup is going for a tramp in the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary and we will see how far we get before it gets dark/we have to turn back to make it out before dark. We aim to get past the second dam at the very least.

The last is weather dependent.

The cellgroup met up at Expressoholic (which is not closing, I told, but moving to where Dorothy's was) and spent a few hours talking about things which ranged from mocking Arise services to Lovecraftian mythos, conservation, food, books, computer games and so on. I have to say that it is very nice that [ profile] tamarillow and I are no longer the geeky ones in the group. We are not alone. There are tentative plans for dessert at Strawberry Faire in April, but I baggsed not organising that one.


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