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Electric sheep otherwise known as extreme sheepherding

Link passed on by someone on the Bujold ML. It's awesome.

As promised, I called in sick to work today (emailed in last night) and am considering the same for tomorrow. Felt considerably better today than yesterday, but still not well, and am getting very tired of my ears being blocked.

My impulsively offered suggestion for running Vorkosigan GURPS next Kapcon seems to have triggered some enthusiasm. I think I know the source books well enough - now to read the player manual and come up with a suffiently fiendish plot.
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Kapcon 19 was really good.

Round one was a horror game set in the 1940s called Diminishing Regrets, which was the third in the "Children of the Blitz" series (you didn't need to play in the first two to know what was going on). It was fantastic and I was delighted to find out at the end that the GM was running the other two at this Kapcon as well - for the last time. I could only play in one other (round four Sunday morning), but it was also excellent.

Round two was a game called American Gothix in which you played a group of teenage goths in the 80s on a road trip to a nearby city where The Cure were playing in a concert. The only problem was the bratty 13 year old sibling of one of the goths had to come along, or they couldn't use the car. I played the bratty sibling and it was really easy to think back to going on long car journeys with my siblings. Lots of fun and I highly recommend it.

Round three I played in a Shadowrun 4th ed game in which we were a bunch of shadowrunners hired to ensure that a visiting celebrity had a really good time at a club in Seattle. Highjinks ensued, we got the job done, and were payed double - but a week late.

The LARP was Saturday night. It was the most amazing and immersive set I have ever played in. It would certainly beat some BBC productions for set design! There wasn't as much space as usual - not all the rooms were used - and there was a giant machine in the centre. My character was from a very insular faction, and as such, I spoke mostly to my own people, and one other group. Got home about midnight, had a shower, and spent the next couple of hours reading until I couldn't stay awake anymore, even if my brain didn't want to shut up.

Fourth round Sunday morning was the aforementioned horror game, this one called Fear of Dreaming. Six kids on a trip through a NPC's disturbed unconsious. We thought we were dead for most of the time, but kept going nonetheless - what else were we to do? I played the slow kid, and seriously, I find it so much harder to tone things down to that level. It was a nice way to start off the day.

Fifth round I played Steampunk! With Zombies! We were members of a super-secret organisation who had to retrieve a sarcophagai from Greece for the British museum, and once we got it back to London, hijinks ensued. Also, the GM provided cake.

Sixth round I was going to try a fourth ed D&D game called Undead Hunt. Unfortunately, there weren't enough players for it to run, but by that stage I was hitting the wall, and my incipant cold was starting to be felt. Played a small card game of Evil Overlord before fading out to read for a bit. Was asked to be door warden, and did that before most people wandered over to N's for post-Kapcon wind down.

Got home about 1.15am, thanks to [ profile] mashugenah, and promptly crashed. Woke up shortly after 11am this morning, and have spent most of the day in bed, generally feeling ill. Can't taste anything, my ears are generally blocked, and I've spent a fair amount of time dozing. Feeling slightly brighter now, but not enough for anything involving much concetration or many of the higher brain functions. Thinking about calling in sick tomorrow morning, but will see how I feel. Now, if only my shoulders would stop aching.

I have volunteered to run a game second round next year and to take over running Confusion, so artemist can have a break.

Thanks also to Vic who gave me a ride there both days and Ruth, who gave me a ride home on Saturday night.
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Have had a mixed weekend. Friday night was good, Saturday was good, Sunday I had a migraine which I caught earlier than usual and as a result spent the rest of the day after I'd slept it off with the resulting hangover and being quiet and floppy, preferably on people.

I didn't get to the gym this morning just in case the hangover stayed, but when I was woken by the rain pouring down at 6.00am and the cool breeze blowing across my body before it occured to me that if the breeze was nice, the rain was probably blowing in the window and I had to close it.

I shall go tomorrow though. The coffee is set and I will make my lunch and salad for dinner when my cat decides to leave my lap for somewhere else. I smell of Anti-Flamme, as I still have lots of bruises. My Grandad A. whom I get the von Willibrands from, refuses to be tested for it, but it couldn't come from any of my other relatives, is currently in hospital after another mini-stroke, but is apparently doing quite well and is rather chipper. Gran is doing less well, but seems to be coping.

Am rereading Curse of Chalion. I've lost track of how many times I've read it now. It's probably the book I've read the most.
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Check out this link: Happy Cthulhu by Ursula Vernon.

Studylink! I mean, really!

I got my statement from them yesterday and while glancing through it noticed $300 of living costs that I hadn't applied for! So I called them up this morning and asked what the fuck? After some time looking it up (hold music, what fun), I was told that it was living adjustment costs that was meant to be paid out to me a few years ago, probably 2004 because that was when I last used my loan. Me: Wtf?

I don't even remember that $300.

Made chicken stock this evening with the remains of our garlic stuffed chicken from the weekend and after the decision was made to make chicken noodle soup with it, called my mother to ask for Gran's chicken noodle soup, which as it turns out is actually Lai and Bev's chicken noodle soup, and will start that tomorrow since some of it needs cooking for four hours. Also got the recipe for Michael Biscuits, which is basically a chocolate coconut/sultana microwave slice that has the best tasting partial mixture (melted butter, brown sugar and cocoa).

Still feeling pretty rotten. Sniffing, sneezing, coughing, achy, headachy - you name it, I seem to have it.

Photocopied Re Pianotist Company Ld's Application 23 RPC [1906] 774 after work today to see if reading an IP case would help me to understand reaching the ratio deciendi at all. Not sure it'll help for class, but it'll probably help for work. I picked that one because it's one of the most cited cases I've seen in trade mark case law.

The dehumidifier is working much more efficently now than it did before C (who now has a computer and needs to get an lj) cleaned the filter. It fills in under 24 hours in my room now. Fortunately, I'm fine with sleeping with it on. It sounds like the sea in a way that my computer doesn't.
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I am surprised at how much this tummy bug has taken out of me. I haven't been sick since July last year, when I started at Baldwins, and that was just a really nasty cold. It didn't leave me feeling like a wrung-out rag from going to a church meeting! I'm not tired; I just run out of energy quickly.

Today I left the house for the first time since Friday lunchtime, when I returned from going to the doctor's. I didn't go to church, only to the member's meeting after, then to the library, wandered through a couple of bookstores and Goldings before sitting down in McD's and having some coke to get enough energy to get to the bus stop and come home again, and once home I had to sit down for an hour or so before doing anything other than stitch!

The last time I ran out of energy this quickly, I was recovering from an operation and that was a completely different sort of exhausted! A better analogy is the time I was recovering from flu and moving into Harbour View Rd at the same time.

Still, I will endeavour to go to class tomorrow (I just did my readings) and maybe to Arty Bees, since they have a book on hold for me that I'd like to trade some other books for. Back to work on Tuesday and to the gym on Wednesday, I think, or so is the plan. I will have to ask Tredwell for a med. cert., I think, when I speak to him tomorrow morning.

The Deco Wreath I'm doing for my workmate who is moving to Australia is coming along nicely. When I started it I estimated a two-three week job at the most, not something a bit over a weekend! I'm doing some of the fill at the moment and will be onto the backstitch shortly. Go to Art-Stitch and it's the Deco Wreath under the Art Deco link, if you can be bothered checking it out. I also picked up the Plum and Gold (stained glass link) for myself and will probably do that once I've finished this eighth of my dragon. I have a lot of things to do once I've finished my dragon.
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I don't feel too sore after the weekend, which is both a good thing and unexpected. I'm still not fond of running on soft sand, as it kills my ankles, but I had a very good time and even managed not to get sunburned!

Today I got to the gym at 8.15am to do a fitness test, had McDonalds for breakfast for, like, the first time in a year, went to the dentist (one filling) and back to the gym again for a session with a personal trainer. Next meeting is at 7am on Wednesday, which will be the test run for what time I can get there and knowing how much time I'll have in the morning before work.

I'm sorta looking forward to it. Not the getting up early so much (as if!) but the results I anticipate and am working towards.

Denist gave me all sorts of instructions on how to brush my teeth properly, cleaned them, gave me a filling and told me that my bottom wisdom teeth should really come out since there isn't comfortable room for them in my mouth. At $200 each, they can wait. The topical anesthetic wore off and my jaw aches. I'm also vaguely hungry, having only eaten a slice of bread since breakfast.

Bought Jaran by Kate Elliot today. I first read this book back at high school and thoroughly enjoyed it. Saw it once or twice in the ensuing years but never got around to purchasing it. This time I did. Now, if only I could manage to obtain the next three books in the series, of which I have never actually seen a copy.

Am so glad that I don't have to go to work tomorrow. And if I wasn't telling D. what I ate today and tomorrow on Wednesday, I'd have something sweet, chocolately and unhealthy. Le sigh.
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So my book arrived! The Sharing Knife: Beguilment by Lois McMaster Bujold. It's lots of fun - there's this joy that seems to sing through it, even in the hard parts. Which makes me wonder what is going to happen to the pair of them in the sequal Legacy. I like both of the main characters, and for a change, for Bujold, that is, the book is written from the perspectives of only the two main characters - I know, she experimented with multiple perspectives in Civil Campagin, but since then, has mostly written just from one POV, and there is double the joy because of it. But Beguilement is a love story, even more so than Hallowed Hunt was, and it's one of the reasons I like it. I think that's the one thing I would have liked most to be included in Curse of Chalion, something about falling in love with Cazaril from Betriz's perspective.

She wrote Beguilement and Legacy as one book and then split it, so there should only be six months or so to go before the second one is released. I think the fact that I know there will be a sequal makes me more impatient for it to arrive. But then, I can never savour books the first time through.

And it's so pretty. The icon is an amalgamation of the two covers, and it is actually a very pretty scene from the book. Accurate too, for all that I can tell.

When I haven't been squeeing over my new book this week, I've been generally quite tired. Hamilton proved to be more stressful than I expected. I mean, I kinda expected it, but I didn't expect to be completely put off wedding preparations from it!

Haven't been for a walk tonight, but I've gone walking every other day since I got back, more or less alternating between walking at lunch and walking after work at home. I haven't been today because I came home from work early with an incipent migraine. It didn't actually turn into a migraine (for which I thank my quiet workplace), but it was close, and I spent much of the hours between 1.00pm and 5.00pm sleeping. I should probably have something to eat soon - I haven't eaten since morning tea, what with the coming home and sleeping and everything.

I have a haircut tomorrow afternoon. I'm really looking forward to it.
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In the afternoon, the sun slowly moves across our lounge in bars of light created by the wooden-framed windows. Since I ate lunch, I have been following these bars of light, migrating across the carpet until I ended up in one of the chairs, then back to the floor again. The important thing is to keep my feet in the sun, or they might get cold.

It has been a lovely day.

I saw the doctor yesterday, and I have a respitory infection, which has been going around. He told me to stay off work, call him today, and on Tuesday, and gave me a medical certificate for the entire time. So my holiday has started early. I now have from Wednesday 12 April off to Tuesday 18 April inclusive, and I'm making the most of it, by staying home and lazing around.

Have been reading Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie, and rather enjoying it. Unfortunately, a fit of coughing was triggered by me laughing, and I've been temporarily interrupted to take some cough medicine and write this post.

[ profile] anschee is coming over shortly, so I shall go see how quickly I can finish it.


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