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Today is my last day of leave; back to work on Monday. As much as I enjoy mucking around and doing nothing in the summer, it's probably time that I started using my brain again. The hard part is going to be knocking my sleeping patterns back into whack - I have become accustomed to going to bed around 1.30am and getting up sometime around 10.00am for a leisurely breakfast. I could try starting tonight, but I'm not sure it would work.

I haven't done much with my leave since I got back to Wellington. My parents will be most disappointed - they kept asking me what I was going to do in Wellington and I felt I had to keep coming up with yet more things to do and I haven't done any of them. Well, I went to see Tangled in 3D (which was fun and Disney although I'm still not hugely fond of 3D) and went out to callie's for house stuff, but that's about it. I said I might go out to the Wairarapa for a day trip and planned to go to the beach at least once.

Oh well. I tended to already have plans for the days when I would have wanted to go to the beach and not feel like it on the days when the weather wasn't so good. And there was one completely blah day (fortunately the weather was also blah). I did manage to do some house things and went out to see some friends who recently had a baby (their little girl is adorable). I've read a lot. At least it was cheap?

I did manage to go for a few walks and take some pictures (colour for the Northern-hemisphere folks) under the cut )

However, I do feel relaxed and ready to face another year. More or less.
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I have one more day of holiday and the weekend and then it's back to work for me. Since I finished Perdito Street Station (one of my to-read list these holidays), I clearly haven't been reading anything with a high enough level of mental challenge, as I'm actually starting to look forward to the work.

Not the getting up early, I should note.

I was asked to come into work for a bit this afternoon to do a couple of bits and pieces that could not wait (client needed it by tomorrow). Work will make this time up to me. I also went in last Sunday for a couple of hours (unpaid) to clear my desk some, since it will be crazy-busy when I get back on Monday.

Haven't done much handwork, but have watched a bit of M*A*S*H and random other tv, and read a lot of fic (been working backwards through my delicious account reading anything on it that takes my fancy and deleting some of the to-read tag).

Spent half an hour on the Terrace on the way home today, what with traffic, and got home to find the weather had turned to a light misty attempt at rain. Nonetheless, I refused to be put off my plans for dinner (barbeque) and went ahead regardless and it was good.

Dinner consisted of shrimp in a Cantonese marinade as a starter around 7.30pm for [ profile] maudlinrose and myself, since [ profile] tamarillow was working until 8.00pm; and for mains, once she got home, edamame with a ginger/rice wine vinegar and sugar/sesame oil dipping sauce, chicken on a stick in a thai coridander marinade, mushrooms lightly bbq'd in the remains of the shrimp mariade, plain white rice, and a green salad (well, lettuce, red capsicum and blueberries) with an asian style dressing. We have some leftovers of all except the shrimp.

The Cantonese marinade was perhaps a bit overpowering for the shrimp, but tasty nonetheless - I think it would be better if done as a stirfry and egg noodles mixed in at the end. The edamame dipping sauce is something I really like. The thai-coriander marinade tasted very strongly of the lime juice that was the base and I'm quite glad I added the extra teaspoon of sugar. The other flavours were more noticable when the outside was turning black - something to keep in mind. The aisan style salad dressing tasted a bit strongly of fish sauce (a key ingredient) and I will be interested to try it with a salt-reduced fish sauce when we've finished our current bottle of the stuff.

The various recipes came from a couple of Annabelle Langbein's cookbooks.

I have just finished a mug of hot chocolate which I adulterated with caramel flavouring, about half a teaspoon cinnamon and a quarter teaspoon each of mixed spice and powdered chilli. It was good.

Walked into town most days this week for various reasons and here are assorted pictures:

click for the pretty )
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I have had a lovely weekend down in Christchurch. Spent much of Sunday sewing, and saw my brother on Monday afternoon. He has a new girlfriend, a girl whom he flatted with for the last couple of years. They're in different flats now, but obviously know each other quite well. I had actually met her before (he took me to meet her again) and so have our parents. He was actually in Nelson staying with her and her parents for much of the weekend.

The amusing thing is, they sort-of-but-not-officially got together about three weeks ago, which would put it when Mum and Dad were overseas... Except for my sister's wedding and engagement, every time something changes in one of my siblings or my love lives, it's while my parents are overseas. Doesn't happen everytime my parents go overseas, but everytime there's a change in our love lives (emotional or official), it's while they're not in the country.

The tips of my forefinger and middle finger on my right hand are quite sore from all the hand sewing I've been doing. I have finished sewing the topmost binding on this corset, and one of the halves has had the cane inserted about a quarter of the way across. It'd be more, but I need to get the cane. The plan is to have it ready to wear on Friday. If I get the cane and lacings from Goldings on Marion St at morning tea, then I can thread the cane and maybe start the binding on the bottom at lunch, finish the bindings and be laced into it in the evening. Plenty of time. :)

[ profile] thesane who does crazy amounts of handsewing and is the one who instructed me on how to make this thinks I'm mad. She's probably right.

There was an amusing incident in the lift at work at morning tea today. I was taking one half of the corset down with me to stitch the binding while chatting. Said conversation ensued:

Workmate S: Is that your blankie you're holding?
Me: No, it's half of a sixteenth century corset.

*stunned silence*
*guys peer over my shoulder to see*

Workmate S: Are you making it then?

Was asked multiple times why I was making it and what was it for. I tried explaining - once - that I'd started a costume from a book, changed my mind and was finishing the corset anyway, and would do another costume from a different time period, but gave up and just said it was for a costume. Which then prompted the question of would I actually wear it.

No, I'm just making it for the hell of it.

[ profile] thesane said that's why she ususally does simple crossstitch at work.

I suppose I should really work out what I'm going to wear tomorrow and pack it into my gym bag. I probably shouldn't wear sandals, but I'm not certain I have any decent shoes that I want to wear in wet weather. I need to get my boots fixed.
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The flight down was on one of the Airbus planes, which is the biggest plane I've flown in within New Zealand. Six seats a row, lots of rows, not enough space to crossstich in (I checked that I was allowed the scissors before I went through the x-ray scanner) and small children. One of the said small children said something rude as we were leaving the plane, and later, as I was waiting for my bag said small child and mother came up to me and apologised. That was surprising, but appreciated.

I was met by [ profile] thesane and her partner who took me back to their place and fed me dinner, which was good lasagne. We then watched Barbarella: Queen of the Universe, which I fell asleep partway through. I'm sorry about that because I was quite enjoying it. I might have to watch it again at some point and stay awake for the entire thing. Jane Fonda's character seemed to loose her clothes at any excuse.

They have a lovely house with three fireplaces that they can't use, this being Christchurch and a library/music room with lots of books, a piano and a harp (clearly the important things about the house) and a lovely garden with increasingly less ivy.

Today was spent wandering around town. We visited lots of fabric stores, some bookstore (saw a copy of Redeeming the Lost by Elizabeth Kerner, which I would have bought if I hadn't read it before. Instead (at a different bookstore) I picked up The Excalibur Alternative by David Weber, which I enjoy somewhat more.

I am now in possession of five metres of blue wool which which I am to make a Daughter's Day festival dress with. I understand much of the next two days will be spent making the corset and possibly starting the dress. I am sure it will be fun, and [ profile] thesane is planning to get me to enjoy plain-sewing. But then I get to do stupid amounts of embroidery, which I'm quite looking forward to. It will, at least, be transportable.

I keep wanting to make a hardanger or some other form of cutwork or a pulled thread altar cloth.
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Just to be clear: I support the bus drivers stop work meeting. They are an extremely important part of the Wellington region transport network and should get paid accordingly. I am aware that they chose the time for this meeting (10.00am to 2.30pm) to prevent inconvenience to as many people as possible. I am also aware that they advertised the meeting.

Which doesn't stop me from being peeved because I'm still cold from waiting at the busstop for an hour and a half and missing a meeting I'd set up for 11.00am. No one mentioned the stop work to me, and since it's my primary means of transport, it kinda screwed me up. Fortunately, I've been able to reschedule everything for tomorrow and have just swapped my plans over. Hopefully, tomorrow will be sunnier and thus nicer to go through the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary.

...on the other hand, it meant I read about 200 pages of The Neutronium Alchemist by Peter F. Hamilton. Which, in combination with forgetting my cellphone is how about an hour could pass without me realising just how long I'd been waiting.

I will make a warm lunch and maybe turn the heater on. I'm missing the warmth of Tauranga already. Yesterday was nice; it was warm and windy and not too hot. Today the cloud still hides the top of the hills across the valley and there is a definite chill to the wind.

Finished reading The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchet last night. My copy is a compact Discworld book, which means it measures about 9cm x 7.5cm x 2cm and is in about size 8 font. Not my favourite Pratchett, but still entertaining. And I like the Luggage. Am more pleased that I brought The House That Sailed Away back down with me. While I only purchased my copy when in high school, it still entertains me.
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I have emailed off my registration form for the Ultimate Beach Tournament this weekend. I am glad that I'll have another two days after to recover. Not entirely looking forward to running on sand - I went down to the thing on Wellington Anniversary day for a bit and found that running on sand killed my ankles.

Have been productive today. Cleaned and tidied some of the house, although I didn't finish doing my bedroom. Too many books lying around for that. Made an appointment at the dentist for Monday (I wonder how many fillings they'll say I need) and a couple with gyms to have a look around for tomorrow morning. Went down to Ian Galloway park and threw a disc around for a bit with [ profile] mashugenah, [ profile] atomicsusan,[ profile] house_monkey, [ profile] adrexia and S. S. and House_monkey came up for dinner, which was nice, and then things were done to Jack and Greta so they kinda talk to each other now.

Tomorrow afternoon I am planning to go to the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary and have a wander through. Of the three things kinda on my list to do these holidays (Wilton Bush and the Egyptian exhibit being the other two), this is the one I want to make sure I do the most. It will be good. I'm looking forward to it.

I appear to have left my togs up in Tauranga, unfortunately, as I got a text from Mum telling me this morning. I don't think I'm going to need them anytime soon; regardless, it's still time they got replaced as they're wearing rather thin.

Booked tickets to Christchurch for Easter last week. I shall go down and spend time with [ profile] thesane and do whatever with her and also spend some time with my brother, who flies up north on the Sunday or Monday, I believe. Or so is the current plan, as I understand it. My brother's plans have gone through several revisions already, so I'll know what's happening closer to the time.

I'm glad I spent a week up with my parents. We went to Matarangi in the Coromandel for the weekend, it being Auckland Anniversary weekend and my parents having a house there, and the most energetic I got was going for two swims in one day. Admittedly, once I get around to getting in the water, particularly surf, I can stay there for hours, but the waves sucked and I don't like having to choose between seaweed touching my feet and good waves. Other than that, I read (mostly books out of the roof which I carted down here), I crossstitched (got inches of my dragon done), I slept, I ate, and watched a couple of DVDs.

After we returned to Tauranga on Monday, we watched the Biggles movie, which I gave to Dad for Christmas. I was expecting it to be really bad, but apart from the plotholes one could fly a Sopwith Camel through, it was really quite fun. While I often see what's happening in books in my head, I rarely see character's faces and to that end, it was quite neat having a different interpretation of it. But why, oh why, couldn't the writers have done something about the two most obvious plotholes: one, Biggles and Algy don't meet Ginger until after WWI and Bertie joins them in WWII and two, if Biggles and the main character are "time twins" and are bound to come to the other's aid when they are in mortal peril, why does this only start happening after Biggles has been on the front for two years! Enjoyed it much more than Sky Captain.

Have a pile of books to update in my catalogue. I'd estimate about a third of my McCaffrey is down here now. As well as all my Elizabeth Moon (Deed of Paksenarrion and prequals only). I don't think I can be bothered just now though.


Jan. 24th, 2007 01:32 pm
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Since I left Wellington yesterday morning, without hassle since the cloud was more in Wilton than Kilbirnie, I have read on of the three books I brought up with me, purchased another, wandered through what there is of downtown Tauranga, done a few rows of crossstitch, thrown a frisbee on the beach and seen the comet with my own eyes from my parents backyard! And that was just yesterday.

Today I slept in, despite the heat, went for a walk and then for a swim. The swim was absolutely delightful - still, clear and just the right temperature. Very relaxing. Have done very little since then.

[ profile] maudlinrose, could you check my Tamora Pierce to see if I have Cold Fire, Bk. 3 in the Circle Opens series. Am also getting recipes and ideas off Mum to play with, some of which I might use, some I won't. They like our pesto, though.

Had a very good Kapcon - played a lot of increasingly silly games and enjoyed myself thoroughly. The LARP went well, which was a relief and have only heard generally positive comments and the occasional constructive criticism for future LARPs. Have a idea for another one, but I think it'd be better as a May one and not til next year.

I hear that it was an absolutely horrible game of Ultimate last night. I'm very sorry and I hope that no one leaves over it.

The latest [ profile] sga_flashfic challenge has hit me with an idea and I think it's time to go find a pad of refill or something and start playing with it.
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Having had a busy couple of days (Bardsley Christmas 25th, Allis Christmas 26th), we are heading off to the beach shortly. The house at Matarangi has been there for 12 days, so I'm looking forward to seeing it for the first time. I didn't get many gifts this year - the aunts and uncles don't have to give them to any of the cousins 21 and over. But I got what I wanted mostly - dice, books, cds, and my phone, of course, so I'm quite happy.

I'm taking my phone with me to Matarangi, of course, but I shall be otherwise uncontactable until I return to Hamilton on the evening of the 30th. I'm back in Wellington around 11am the following day.

...I'm going to have to do grocery shopping when I get home.
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Have been reading random things on my parents computer since it grew dark enough that there is no longer glare on the screen. Mostly PotC fic that I haven't read for a while (there is no new fic, where is the fic?), but also random HP stuff, and the occasionaly FFVIII piece, all of which I've read before.

Was up around eight or so, since Mum wanted to go to the supermarket before it really got busy. As it was quite bsuy enough at nine o' clock in the morning, I didn't mind too much. Ever since I went shopping by myself on a Saturday afternoon at the Wakefield St. New World, I find that my tolerance for crowded supermarkets has lessened some. It's easier when I'm with another person, so today wasn't too bad.

Oh! I have finished the first quarter of my dragon crossstitch! I said I wanted to have that pattern piece finished by the end of the year, and I've gotten it done by Christmas, which pleases me. The quarter I've done is all the none-blurry stuff you can see in my icon. So I made my brother and Mum admire it, and then I pulled out the next pattern piece, which I'd had the foresight to bring with me. And gah! The amount of stitching on it is amazing, and I have no idea where to start with it! I almost wish I'd been organised enough to have stuff for the blackwork sampler I want to do. I'd also like to do a Tree and Dragon crossstitch or blackwork piece, but the pattern making software I bought a few months ago won't install on my computer, and I don't have the patience to work that particular one out by hand. One day.

The weather here has been - interesting. Mum calls it blustery with showers, but really, there isn't that much wind, although it's been winder earlier in the week. Branches on the ground, and the like.

There is a new (been there for a year) second hand bookstore on Grey St., with the largest SF and Fantasy section I've seen in a second hand story outside of Bizzy Bees for quite a while. Mum left me there for ten minutes or so while I scanned the shelves rapidly, and I eventually walked away with three Charles de Lint books for $26. De Lint isn't enormously high on my priority list, but there was nothing there that was, and I had either read or owned quite a bit that was there, since it was a lot of the older stuff. It was a nice discovery, and depending on how much time I have to spare tomorrow, I may go back there with my wallet and check things over more thoroughly. Or not.

My sister has obtained herself a new (and good) job at the Hamilton City Council HR department. She's really stoked about this, since it's the area she wants to work in, and it was a long shot, but she got it! I'm very proud of her. Around 37k to start with, which will be very nice for her. She can (and will, since she has more willpower than me) save a lot of money.
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So today, I had an easy day at work, finishing by two, a fun shuttle ride out to the airport with [ profile] maudlinrose, and the day was absolutely gorgeous. And then I came to Hamilton, and was completely startled to find that it had been raining on and off all day, and was about to start raining again. This would be fine, it's just that after such a lovely day, I completely and utterly hadn't expected it to be raining in Hamilton.

The house looks lovely - everything is painted, and the carpet, a nice brown, feels wonderful under bare feet. The house interior looks so modern! The Christmas tree is real, and as always, I love the smell of pine. It hasn't quite sunk in yet how long I'm actually on holiday for, but no doubt it will at some point. Mum has already claimed me for errands tomorrow, so I'll be doing a bit of running around, and no doubt on Saturday as well. We went out to see the lights in Harrowfield. They were pretty.

Everyone is going to bed now. My brother is exhausted from playing taxi late last night for some reason, Dad is tired from work, and Mum normally goes to bed around this time, I believe. Which means that I'm wide awake, and feeling vaguely like being sociable, but actually can't be, and can't be online, since the computer is directly opposite my parents bedroom door. I guess I'll have to go and watch E! or something until I feel tired enough to sleep. Or I have books, but I was planning to save them for the few days I'm at the beach.

But it is good to be on holiday, and have a break from both work and Wellington for a while.


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