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The food show was at the Westpac Stadium this weekend and I decided that the best time to go was after church today. [ profile] tamarillow was in Tawa for lunch and [ profile] maudlinrose had to write an assignment, so I went by myself. It was quite a different experience compared to going with someone and I missed being able to share the experience. I think it meant I moved faster—I tended to get impatient with the crowds at some of the stalls more easily and I was done in about two and a half hours.

The only thing I wish I'd gone back for was the smoked garlic carmelised balsamic vinegar. I did taste an even better caramelised balsamic vinegar, but it was about twice the price, even at food show prices.

I resisted pretty much everything we already had in the house. The only thing I didn't resist was some of the Cow Collective yoghurt, because they were doing 3 for $10 and it tastes amazing. I got the black plum (probably my favourite flavour), the mango, and plain.

In no particular order, I also bought sheep's milk parmesan; basil pesto, sun dried tomato pesto, tomato and olive pesto (3 for $10 again); 3 flavours of harvarti in one block; a very sharp cheddar for [ profile] maudlinrose; 2 packets of feta-stuffed pepperdews and one of olives in balsamic vinegar (another 3 for $10); and a bottle of scrumpy. I also took away a card for the Doctors rieslings (since they'd sold out), and a free Sunday Star Times.

And if I see Piako lemon curd frozen yoghurt in the supermarket, I want to buy some. They didn't have any containers for sale, but were doing mini-ice creams for $1. I had a cone and it was really good. I was quite disappointed that they didn't have any containers for sale. [ profile] tamarillow will be interested to note that they also do feijoa.

[ profile] maudlinrose made us a beef roast for dinner—I'd forgotten how good roasts are. It's been ages since we last had one. They suit the cooler weather, and after the cold snap at Easter, it just hasn't been cold enough. I don't even have flannel sheets on my bed, and I usually put them on the last couple of weeks in May! I have lit the fire tonight and the lounge is snuggly warm.

Am making progress on the meta-data. Some of them are rather annoying to find the meta data for, and I solved this by deleting the annoying ones (Buffy & Angel novelisations which I will never read) and all the Anne Rice. For some reason, a search for Anne Rice also brought up Crown of Stars by Robert Jordan...

Food Show

May. 16th, 2010 06:58 pm
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[ profile] tamarillow and I went to the Food Show today. We got there around 10.00am, about when it started, and left at 1.20pm, having circled the entire stadium once, and gone back to get some very cheap fair trade chocolate.

Between the two of us, we walked away with a very full bag containing:

  • three kinds of hummus for $10;
  • five kinds of deli meats for $10;
  • three kinds of yoghert for $10;
  • three kinds of loose-leaf tea for $20;
  • three kinds of cheese (one of which I was given for going back for a bottle of wine);
  • a pottle of philadelphia light cream which was free;
  • caramelised balsamic vinegar drizzle;
  • a small packet of speckalas (which I should really learn how to make);
  • a small bottle of Indulgence, a 2009 autumn wine;
  • five blocks of scarborough fair fair trade chocolate; and
  • 2x good beeswax and sponge for shoes/wood polishing

Then we came home, with aching legs from standing (but not feet because we wore sensible shoes), cleaned up the kitchen, and I had a cup of tea and watched an episode of White Collar, and then I had enough energy when I made my second cup to put together a tomato soup base, and then the rest of the soup, so we have tomato with white bean and chorizo soup for dinner (with cumin and garlic and smoked paprika for the other flavours), and my preliminary taste tests suggests that it will be awesome and not too plain tomato-flavoured.

Later: dinner eaten, and it was awesome, with a dash of philadelphia cream cheese to cut the tiny amount of chilli a little.


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